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Another Massage Parlor Story

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My hometown has a massage parlour that takes a unique approach, one that has a definite tie-in to masturbation.

In my experience over the years, visiting parlors in different parts of the country, you usually have a set up that centers around a massage table and decor that mimics a non-sexual massage setting. You are attended to by a lady in a sexy outfit or she may be topless or nude. You may get some kind of rub down, even a good one, before the gal goes on to the main event. Usually at least a hand job, and in some areas you can get more on a graduated price scale. Some places have a rule against touching the girls, but usually it's part of the deal. Let's face it, often the women act somewhat bored, if not standoffish. Still, all in all, it can be a kick and I have had visits that were worth jacking off to afterwards, especially if you were taken care of by a friendly, attractive gal.

The parlor I like is set up differently. It has several small rooms that are furnished and decorated like a small livingroom with a TV, video player and a collection of porn movies and magazines. Each room has a small, comfortable couch. The staff are composed of attractive, twentyish women. There is a waiting area set up the same way where you can meet the girls and decide who you'd like to go down the hall with. If there is a wait, you can relax, chat with the girls, watch a porno flick or look through a sexy mag. Taking your cock out and masturbating in the waiting room isn't appropriate, but they don't mind at all if you rub yourself through your pants if you want to.

My first visit was on a weekday afternoon. There were only two girls there in addition to the receptionist. They were both pretty. One was a little overweight so I chose the slimmer girl although her breasts were rather small. She was wearing a short silk robe that showed off her shapely legs and ass. I liked the way I could glimpse her titties as she moved around, her robe was tied loosely. She was about 25, 5'6' and about 120 pounds. She had shoulder length, light brown hair, a little curly, and a nice smile. She looked like she could be a college student or a young housewife.

We went back to one of the rooms and sat on the couch together while she explained the available services. She put me at ease right away. She said that full sex was not allowed because of local ordinances, no oral or intercourse, but we could both be nude and touch each other as much as I wanted. I could put a movie on and/or look through the magazines. What I liked best was the next part. She told me, 'If you want to play with yourself while your here, that's fine, and there's no limit on orgasms, if you can cum ten times in an hour, I'll be glad to help you!' The way she said it was so nonchallant and friendly that I started getting hard right away.

I said that sounded great, we did the money thing, she told me to get undressed and pick out a movie if I wanted. She left for a moment after offering a soft drink. I undressed and looked through the movies. I selected one that advertised a lot of facial cumshots and put it in the VCR. I was sitting on the couch, nude and rolling the tip of my cock with my thumb and first two fingers when she came back in the room. She smiled, took her robe off and hung it on the same clothestree as my stuff. She had nice b-cup tits and her nipples were hard. She was wearing a sexy white thong. 'Glad your not shy, I like to watch guys masturbate. Do you want my panties on or off?' I told her off. She stepped out of them facing me. Her pussy hair was trimmed short, not shaved, and I could clearly see the line of her slit with her inner lips just barely peeking out. Her clit didn't show itself until a little later. She looked lovely.

She sat down and snuggled up next to me, and began stroking my thigh while looking right at my cock which I was still slowly manipulating. I put an arm around her shoulders and she slipped an arm behind my waist. I rubbed her thigh for a few moments and moved it to her pussy. I ran a finger along her slit and found it quite wet. I found her clit and gave it some attention which brought it right out into the open. She replaced my hand with hers on my cock and gently stroked me. We watched the movie which had got hot right away.

Testing the waters, I began talking about the action on the screen and she picked up on it right away. I won't go into all the dialogue, but she knew all the right words and it was very erotic. I was fully erect in minutes. As the first cum scene approached I was leaking precum and she used it as lube. On the movie the guy jacked off all over the actresses face. My girl giggled, ran her tongue around my ear and the side of my neck, and whispered in my ear, 'Sexy, huh?' I agreed.

I straddled her hips, kneeling on the couch and took aim. I stroked off and shot five or six large ropes of cum onto her lips, chin and cheeks. It dripped off her face onto her chest in a very sexy way. She used her fingers to wipe most of my cum off her lips, then looked up at me with a coy smile and licked the rest off her lips with the tip of her tounge. I didn't miss the chance and brought her fingers to my mouth and cleaned them off. She said she liked that.

I got off three more times that visit. On her face again once, the last two where pretty dry. We both masturbated later and she had two genuine orgasms. Once on her own, once at my hand.

I've been back one time, on a weekend night. The scene was much more lively with more girls there. I've been jackin while I wrote this and need to finish off without the keyboard in the way.



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