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Another Long Flight Home

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In the previous story, 'The Long Flight Home' the writer asks, 'Has anyone had a similar experience?' Well, I did.


I was on a morning flight from Anaheim to Chicago. I had just finished working a trade show and the plane was full of people I knew in my industry. I had an aisle seat and a very attractive woman the same age as me sat in the middle seat. She noticed that all the passengers boarding knew me and were giving me good morning greetings. This intrigued her as she wanted to know who I was and why half the plane knew me. I convinced her that I was a nobody and just knew a lot of people.

The plane took off and she and I had a marvelous conversation about everything; including sex. She was as animated with the sex talk as I was and kept up with me every step of the way. The more outrageous my talk became, hers became more. We talked about the lack of sex at home from our spouses and how we both had to wait until our spouses fell asleep and how we would masturbate in the bed next to them to relieve ourselves of the daily tensions. We discussed how we had to use stealth technique so we didn't wake up our spouses.

In her case she struggled to control her moans and orgasmic screams when she came. she told me that she is a loud moaner and a screamer when she cums and loves to be loud and vocal when having sex. She said when she knew for a fact that her husband was asleep she would lay on her back, reach into her panties and start caressing her pubic hair and vulva lips. She would get herself wet and use the lube on her clit until she had an orgasm.

In my case, it was me controlling the speed of my jacking so not to shake the bed. After knowing my wife was asleep I would reach into my underwear and start playing with my penis until it got hard. Then fantasizing about some woman somewhere; be it a neighbor, co-worker or my wife when she was younger, I would slowly start the jacking process. The easiest way to do this without shaking the bed is to just squeeze and rub the head. This takes up to an half an hour, but the orgasms are so intense that it's worth the effort. I usually come so much that I have to get out of bed to clean up or I won't fall asleep.

During the flight the heat broke and the plane got very cold. Blankets were handed out. (you now know where this is going). The flight attendant thought we were married because of our friendly bantering and asked us to share a blanket because there weren't enough to go around. We agreed and the fun began.

It started when I didn't have a place to put my right hand so I just rested it on her thigh. She boldly did the same to me with her left hand. Both of us were talking and moving our hands up and down each others legs. I got really bold and kept moving higher up her leg fully expecting her to stop me, she didn't! In fact, the higher I went, the higher she went until we both hit the magic finish line. I unbuckled and unzipped her jeans and proceeded to put my hand in her panties. She took a deep breath and spread her legs and allowed me to explore her pussy.

She did the same to me; unbuckling my jeans and pulling out my hard penis and started to slowly jack me.

Both our hands were busy feeling each other up. I tried to kiss her but she wouldn't let me. So we just continued to play with each other. She had a very nice hairy pussy that was wet with my touch. The best I could, in this tight situation, spread her wetness to her clit, like she told me she liked to do. I massaged her pussy trying to spread her wetness all over her matted pubic hair and her very hard clit, until she started to breath heavy. She clamped her legs together on my hand and told me to push hard on her pussy. I pushed as hard as I could and tried to continue to move my hand to stimulate her. She stifled her orgasm and came. Her bedroom training paid off.

At this point she continued to jack me off until I came. When I started to leak pre-cum, she rubbed it on the head of my dick and used the technique I told her about in our earlier conversation. I came like a fire hose all over her hand and the airline blanket. I was breathing heavy with my orgasm when the flight attendant came over and asked me if I was OK. She then saw the stain on the blanket and said,' You're OK', but not in a nice way. When we departed the plane she gave us both a dirty look. :-)

Anyway, as we landed I asked for her phone number. she said no and that when we got to baggage claim I was to ignore her and act like we never met. Her husband had come to meet her at the airport and I saw her and him leave never to see her again. Too bad, she's been the object of my masturbation thoughts at least 100 times.

The funny thing about this story is it is 100% true, yet when I told my friends about this they said I made it up. Sometimes truth is more unbelievable than fiction.



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