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Another Level of Orgasmic Intensity

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In response to a similar contribution posted 18 April 06


I like most males on this planet have always wanted to make my sex life better and find ways to improve my orgasms-whether alone or with my wife someday (not married quite yet).

Throughout the years I've tried many a different homemade devices anywhere from a ziplock lubed up with the zipper part cut off and folded back, tucked into a folded towel in between mattresses-to making a contraption that attaches to a vacuum hose for suction, and everything in between.

Key discoveries that ended up in my ability to reach super intense / full body, multiple orgasms.(yes honestly like 20 till you're so exhausted you gotta stop ONLY cause you can't go on-cuz the higher the intensity of a workout-the shorter the amount of time you'll be able to keep it up at that pace). These key discoveries along the way included, edging (stopping right before orgasm), proper lube (astro-glide-ky-for some things-petroleum based for some things and lotions for still other things...), semen buildup (wait a few days), setting (alone time and in the mood, and most recently-perhaps most importantly-prostate stimulation / milking. All of these things must be mastered before you'll ever get near (no-one will ever reach) your most extreme potential for pleasurable physical feeling during orgasm. Things didn't get interesesting until I discovered prostate stimulation. That's the story I'll focus on here.

I first came across an article some 2 years ago about a medical device designed for prostate health that ended up becoming super popular because of it's potential to produce mind blowing orgasms over and over again (the aneros). Instantly interested, I went to their website and read some testimonies. I just couldn't believe what these men were reporting about the type of orgasms the human body can give you via stimulating the prostate. Heck I didn't even know exactly where the prostate was -much less than know how to-or even that you could-stimulate it.

So I did some experimenting. Just learning that the prostate could be reached and stimulated about 1-2' into your rectum and towards your front at a 45 or so degree angle-I decided that I'd skip trying a finger and go right to using some kind of device to do the job. Using my creative device inventing abilities-I searched around the house to discover that the handle of the backscrubber hanging in my shower was the perfect shape and size to try a little prodding up there. So-I got some condoms, wrapped one around the wooden handle, poored a bunch of astroglide inside of another condom and slid that one overtop of the other (the one already on the handle). That way they'd slide on each other and you'd have less friction on your asshole.

So I had the device and now only needed to apply the technique. I waited for the application of the condoms and the beginning of my adventure until a few days of semen buildup-and after a good ole shit so there'd be no crap in the way (pun intended). I read you gotta be careful with insertion so I really took my time. I was a bit squeemish and like the other guy that wrote about prostate stimulation April 18th-I'm not gay at all either-but TRUST ME-IT'S BEYOND WORTH IT-It's like you can take all the best of the bestselling books and call them 'must reads'-well, this is a 'MUST DO'. Anyway, lube up really good using your thumb or pointer finger apply a water-based lube to your anus and try to push some into your rectum. Again take your time with everything. I did that, then I put lube all over my device-relaxed my sphincter little by little and soon it was in. I made sure that it was in as far as it could comfortably go (go in straight) then began the technique. Basically it involves making sure you're hitting your prostate. Picture the device I had-I pulled the head of it to the back of me-making the handle inside me tilt forward. Next like I read from the testimonials I, all in one motion, pulled the handle out (not all the way-only going from 4-5' inside me slowly going to about 1-2' inside me (again at an angle)) AS YOUR DRAWING IT OUT-you need to squeeze your sphincter with all your might-contracting the same muscles you use when you're holding in a shit cuz the bathroom is far away and you really gotta go and then relax-I made that contraction as I was drawing it out-and my penis went from semi-hard to rock solid very fast. I listened to the advice to abstain from stroking my cock because this would prevent my ability to have a true 'prostate' orgasm. They are truly mind blowing orgasms-are often dry (not always but sometimes nothing comes out of your penis-sometimes you gush pre-cum)but the orgasms are a whole level more intense that a traditional orgasm via penile stimulation.

Anyway-after the first contraction and relaxing-I slid it back in to the starting position applied the same angle-and repeated. After only a few times (the instructions said be patient because if you've never done it before it may take you a little time to learn how to expand on the feeling you start to create-meaning if you never had a prostate orgasm it's hard to know if you're heading that way therefore you don't know if you're doing things right). But after a few times a wierd feeling started to develope. It started to feel really good. The instructions were to not move in and out manually but I later discovered that they were referring particularly to the aneros device and in an out can be wonderfull with other devices).

Before long I reached my first prostate orgasm. I was literally bucking wildly-my breathing was very fast, and the orgasm started in my prostate and radiated literally-intensly through my penis-lower abdomen-up to my heart and into my head-the waves were so intense-I was in awe. The best part was-nothing but some precum came out of me and it's the only TRUE way to have multiple orgasms. Just moments later you can and will be able to experience another but MORE INTENSE ORGASM then the last mind-blowing one. Before you know it three hours or more will have passed and you'll be physically exhausted.

There are many additional things you can do to expand on this and have a much better time-you can finish off traditionally but the only way you'll learn is a hands off the penis approach. I don't have a gay bone in my body-but there's nothing wrong with enjoying the potential pleasure you're own body can give you-I don't do this often because there are other things in my life more important to me than my own physical pleasure-however-I'm happy to say that I'm close to mastering that!

More to follow-I'll include my awesome experiences with other-better devices and methods. I'll name my next one the same title- number two

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