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Another Level of Orgasmic Intensity (2)

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Read part 1 first submitted on the 26th


Right now I'm so horny I can feel it from my penis - all the way up inside me all the way through my throat mostly due to what I did last night. By describing what I did - you'll learn the tips that can take what I described before to a whole new level of super-intense multiple orgasms. Bear with me through some facts first before I get to those tips.

First off some facts: I feel this way because there's no other way that compares to prostate orgasms via stimulation, in order to get in the best 'sexual shape' of your life. Strengthening of the muscles surrounding the prostate - which has almost everything to do with an orgasm, is both good for your health, and vastly improves your ability to maintain an erection and have more intense orgasms - like never before.

In the health aspect, many doctors administer prostate massages when a man gets older to alleviate enlarged prostate, and as the best preventative to prostate cancer. The prostate produces the clear fluid in semen - which over-time the tiny pathways where the semen flows from the organ to the urethra - can get clogged. Milking the prostate is the only effective method of 'unclogging' the millions of microscopic blockages. The swelling can cause difficulty urinating so 'milking the prostate' not only alleviates that, but almost always as a direct result cures the impotence (inability to maintain an erection) that come with the swelling. In other words: prostate stimulation, milking, and prostate orgasms all are very very good for a mans health down there.

On the sexual side - a prostate has almost everything to do with the mechanism for orgasm. So, having multiple prostate orgasms by directly stimulating, strengthens those muscles surrounding the organ like absolutly nothing else can. The stronger those muscles are - the harder you'll be able to get, the longer you'll be able to last, and you'll greatly increase the intensity of future traditional orgasms.

The great thing is - even if none of the above were true - the physical feeling of a prostate orgasm makes having one, way way beyond the trouble of creating one.

Now back to my story. (Here's where you'll have to read the first one to understand) - Using the 8' end of a broom-handle (I cut one off) - wrapped in three condomes (tied in a knot on the end with lube on the inside of each condom layer) - I lubed the outside and slowly inserted it into my rectum like I described before, and started doing the 'squeeze-pull out - reinsert method' describe in my last entry. I was in the shower (after taking a crap) so even if there's a little mess it'll all go down the drain. Once I got close to good prostate orgasm and could feel that wonderful feeling building up - I started the pumping method. Just a simple in and out - varying the speed. In order to do this you can't use the same angle as before - just go straight in and out with only enough of an angle to where you barely hit the prostate through the wall of the rectum - while still being able to insert up to a whole 5-7' worth.

That felt absolutely wonderfull. I started out slow and gradually built up speed. This built up the potential for the intensity of the orgasm I was about to have. Adding to that method, I'd stop every once and while (with the device halfway pulled out) - and squeezed as described earlier as hard as I could, relaxed, and resumed the in and out method.

The main nerve that brings feeling to your penis runs between wall of the rectum and the prostate - going a little deeper, and in an out - stimulates that nerve and the prostate - building up your intesity potential of the prostate orgasm you're about to have.

For awhile, I alternated between going in and out, squeezing, and doing the slow pullout at an angle / while squeezing method. As I got to the point I was about to explode - I went to the fourth method, I started going in and out as fast as I could but not nearly as deep (about 1' to 1-1/2') while contracting as hard as I could - holding my device at a sharp angle (at a forward angle just tapping on the beggining of the prostate when it's contracting). The orgasm was earth shattering. I was breathing heavy - sweating, a little lightheaded and in awe after I relaxed from the orgasm - smiling like hell because I knew the next one would be twice as intense!

I then switched devices - going to the aneros. Used as instructed before, I was instantly rock hard again. The orgasm from that came not more than two minutes after the first one! This time - since there was a little urine in my bladder and a lotta cum build up - fluid shot out like a rocket! Wow did that feel wonderful. At this point - I started stroking my cock during the orgasm and for a few seconds after - careful not to induce a traditional orgasm. I always used to use a hands off the penis approach until I was good enough to trigger multiple prostate orgasms - and - could control stroking my cock - only doing it a little bit and not yet having a traditional orgasm (as it would finish you off and end your fun).

Mind blowing orgasm after earth-shattering orgasm I had. I found myself out of the shower in the bathroom, leaned over the couch in the living room, on the floor of the bedroom, in a chair, standing up, using all differnent variations to those 4 methods and everything in between, and using a variaty of different shaped devices, some that vibrate some that don't - I had well over 20 orgasms and was feeling a super-afterglow - still hornier than ever before in my life, yet too physically spent to go on. That was last night - today I'm still incredibly horny from the whole ordeal. Which brings me to another tip: This isn't something to do everyday - or everynight - especially as a beginner but also because you wanna have a life outside of spending hours on orgasms - and just cause you'll be sore - that said - every once and a while go at it the next day - rarer still - 3 days in a row. It'll be an experience lemme tell ya....

Well - since this is getting too long and I haven't even gotten into supplements, prep, and my newly found super device of devices (cost 300 bucks) I'll end by listing the tips and techniques I used.

1) The push pull from my first entry

2) Lubrication

3) The in and out method

4) The rapid in and out at an angle method

5) The in and out- pause to squeeze-resume method

6) Semen build up

7) Setting and mood

8) Device

(not in any particular order).

To learn how to go another level - read (3 and 4) which I'll write in a few days!!! Enjoy.



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