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Another First

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A story about my first time going down on a guy, which also introduced me to the fun of public nudity


My senior year of high school was a blast. For most of my life until that point, I'd been a bit of an art geek. When it came to senior year, and I knew this was the end, I came out of my shell and became something of a party girl. I never went too crazy. I always kept myself someone under control, but I allowed myself to have real fun for the first time in many years.

After the school year came to close, and as we reached the end of the summer, I became a little more daring when I went to parties. One time I got a buzz off cheap bear, saw a pool, and, as I didn't have a swimsuit, stripped down to my underwear and jumped in. Others did the same. Eventually, there was a dare made for people to get fully nude. I'd like to take credit for it, but I can't, and I also can't say I was the first to accept the dare. But once one girl stripped, then another, I joined in and spent the next couple hours at this particular party completely naked. When I did finally go home, I wasn't even wearing my own clothes.

It made me so horny being naked in front of everyone. I was a little embarrassed the next day, after I sobered up. But then, at the next party, I got myself pretty damn drunk and off came the clothes. And let me tell you, I don't think I'd ever been hornier than that night, just casually walking around this party completely naked. When I got home, I went right to my room and fingered myself to a very intense orgasm.

The last party of the summer, and the last time I've ever seen most of my old classmates, was a great way to end this streak of craziness. I had maybe two beers before the clothes came off again. A boy I'd had a crush with the whole year was there, and boy did I make it clear I wanted him to look at my body. After a night of flirting and teasing, he finally got me alone in one of the bedrooms.

A minor detail in this- I was still a virgin by this point. I wouldn't lose it until college. And, despite the fact that I'd had a few beers and was completely naked and horny and sitting right next to my crush, I couldn't bring myself to go all the way that night. He was surprisingly cool about this. We made out for a while. And then I decided I'd still give him a treat for being so nice.

I didn't warn him as I went for his belt, unbuckling it then unbuttoning his pants. He grinned and asked "what are you doing?" I smiled but said nothing, pulling his pants off. His hard cock was tenting his shorts. I kissed it through the fabric. My pussy was gushing at this point, and as I slid his dick out of his shorts with one hand, the other went to work rubbing my clit.

I'd never seen a penis in person at that point, let alone an erect one. It seemed so big, I wondered if I'd be able to fit it in my mouth. I started slowly, kissing the side, kissing and nibbling his balls, all the while my fingers were rubbing my clit. Finally, I wrapped my lips around the head. Then slowly, gently, I moved my head down onto it, taking as much as I could into my mouth. It felt strange, but I liked it. I sucked as I pulled my head up, moving my tongue around it. He moaned- I knew I was doing good work.

As I continued to suck and lick and feel that hard, warm thing in my mouth my other hand was working my clit hard. But, before I could cum, he sat up and announced he was about to as well. I wasn't sure I wanted to swallow, so I took his dick out of my mouth and aimed it at my chest. Thick streams of hot cum landed on my tits. I giggled like a little girl, but it was the first time I'd ever seen that happen in real life.

The boy, being the cool guy that he was, lead me to the shower. He got naked and went in with me, helping me clean his cum off. He then returned the favor by eating me out (another first), and I had the most intense orgasm I'd ever had to that point.

It was the last time I'd ever seen him, but not the last time I'd ever get naked or give head. But that's just being an adult, right?



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