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Another Fantasy

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Another incest fantasy


About a week ago I submitted a story about how I masturbated watching porn and described one of the fantasies I use. It was an incest fantasy. In that case I was so horny just from the act of writing it down that I didn't explain it all that well because I was stroking my dick at the same time, so will be more explicit this time.

I have several fantasies I use when I masturbate and many of them involve incest. This one involves a brother and sister, young teenagers on their own after school. The 15yo boy is quiet and rather shy, his 13yo sister, on the other hand, is more outgoing, bright.

It's a warm day and they're wearing shorts and T shirts. They're sitting in front of the TV when she gives him a shove, just to annoy him as younger sisters do, keeps it up until he turns on her and they end up wrestling.

The TV is still running in the background while they laugh and roll around, her top riding up almost to her breasts, his shirt pulling out of his shorts, his bare legs rubbing against hers. All that bare female skin and he gets an erection. It's uncomfortable, caught in his underpants and his balls tighten more and more every time she roll on top or under him, rubbing against it. He wonders if she notices. Often his hands or arm rubs across her chest, feelng the firm little tits unrestricted by a bra in her T-shirt. Now he's on top of her, lying between her open legs, his cock against her cunt. It's too much, he knows he has to get away or he'll cum in his pants. He tries to get up. But she won't let him and, laughing, rolls him over, sitting on his tummy, her bum on top of his hard cock, pinning his arms to the floor. Her top is loose and as she leans forward he can see her pink nipples rising out of her small tits and he can't help it, there's a slight movement of her bum and he empties his balls in his pants.

For a moment he lies there with her sitting on him, still now, his cock and balls, after shooting their load, still dribbling the last dregs, then he realizes what's happened and realizes the cum will be seeping through his shorts and onto hers. Horrified he pushes her off and somewhat subdued, she watches him jump up and head for the bathroom.

In the bathroom he pulls down his pants and is astounded at the amount of cum. He washes himself, his cock and his balls and goes to his room wrapped in a towel.

Later, lying on his bed he thinks about it. She must have known he had an erection, more than once her hand or arm had gone over it, it had pressed into her tummy and legs when they rolled around. When she was sitting on it it was against her bum. She must have known, but did she know what had happened? He slowly strokes his dick and soon pumps out a second load, all over his stomach, then cleans up with the tissues his mother always leaves by his bed.

Sometimes I've cum by this stage, often as I imagine him shooting his load in his pants, and other times as he washes his cock and balls.....

but sometimes I continue with the girl feeling the wet spot he's left on her pants. Sometimes I go further.

I've been stroking my cock while writing this and my balls are tight...I find it's very horny to write my fantasies down and might do this again. right now I'm going to lie back and finish masturbating, imagining that sweet little slit between the sister's legs and the soft cock of the brother resting on his empty balls.



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