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Another Excellent Circle Jerk

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For a little background, see story below.


I got home to the apartment I shared with my two college roommates, Sam and Ryan. As I described in an earlier story, both are well built college guys: Ryan sports a cut 9 incher (no lie), and Sam a respectable 7 incher that's pretty fat. Sam was kicked back, buck naked in the recliner, reading. Ryan was coming down the stairs. He, too, was naked, with his Johnson swinging side to side as he walked. His balls made a slight sound as they slapped against his thighs.

It occurred to me that it was 'Naked Tuesday/Laundry Day', so the nudity was nothing strange. We go naked around the house every Tuesday-many other days of the week, actually, but on Tuesday, it's 'required'. Actually, Ryan is naked more than he's not. Naked Tuesday usually ends up in a circle-jerk that night, and this one seemed no different, especially since Sam yells at me to bring a towel after I put my clothes in the washer.

I walked back in the living room, naked, too. My cut, 7-inch unit was already at full wood, the mushroom head already getting red. This was a good thing, since the roommates had started without me. Sam was still in the recliner as Ryan was straddling him. Ryan was joking with him to '...go ahead, stick it in....I know you want to!...' Ryan taunted him as he ground his ass over Sam's crotch. This was never a part of our mutuals-jack off's only, so I know Ryan's was just teasing.

Ryan dismounted the recliner, sat back on the floor, and lubed up. I sat down next to him and lubed up with the Vaseline I kept under the couch. The other two prefered KY. Sam got down and sat next to Ryan.

We were facing and close to each other, legs bent at the knee and spread apart as much a possible. With a vengeance, Sam grabed my prick and started stroking fast. I returned the favor and grabed Ryan's ample cock. We stroked this way for a while, switching dicks every now and then.

Sam was good but Ryan was better as he moved his fingers up around the base of my helmet in a circular motion, then rubbed the sensitive area between my ass and balls. I simply repeated whatever he did on whoever's dick I had. It didn't take long for the first orgasm. We always had more than one, with 4 being the record so far.

I felt the cum rising and arched my back, pumping aganst Sam's fist which was stroking and squeezing my aching pecker. I was the first to go; I squirted a rope of thick jizz across my thigh and on Sam's arm and hand, the rest onto the towel. Ryan was next as he jizzed a thick stream up to his chest, then another. Sam yelled - he always does - 'I'm coming'- as he exploded onto his stomach and then hit me square in the balls. None of us ever stopped stroking until the others lie back and chill out.

I didn't take long to regroup, and we were all hard again in a few minutes. We decided to do a 'stand-up' for the next round. Sam hosed his dick with more KY then playfully poked it against Ryan's ass crack. 'I know you want it!' he jokes.

The stand-ups usually worked like this: one guy gets jacked by the second while the third rubs his ass, balls, and thighs and nipples.

The rubbing is really more physical stimulation than it is erotic. I was first to get jacked this time. Sam went at it like he's on a deadline. Wow! it feels good! Ryan gave my balls a workout, too. In no time, I was there again, shooting two spurts onto the towel.

Ryan was next and I was the jacker. Holding that huge cock was so different from stroking mine or Sam's, and, somehow, Ryan produced very little pre-cum, so he had to lube it a lot. After about 5 minutes of stroking and squeezing his shaft, concentrating a lot on the humongous mush room head, Ryan thrust forward with a huge rope of cum all over Sam's shoulder, then hit me on my ass.

We cleaned it off.

It was now Sam's turn, and Ryan was the jacker. In less than two minutes Sam announced 'I'm coming' and nailed Ryan on his right nipple, then on the left. He came a lot more than Ryan and I did.

We all collapsed on the floor, the smell of dick and cum engulfing the room. Get a partner, or not, just enjoy your Jacking and Jilling!



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