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Another Event With My Cousin

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Another event that happened with my cousin.


About seven months had passed since I had that event with my adoptive step-cousin that I'll call Alice. Since then we hadn't been alone at all and heck, we hadn't even said two words to each other. Then one day I had gone over to my aunts house and she told me I could watch a movie in the upstairs tv room. I picked out a good movie and went upstairs to the room. When I walked in I found that Alice was sitting on the couch using her laptop. She looked up and smiled. I muttered about being in there to watch a movie but I don't think she really heard me. I put the movie on and sat down on the couch next to her.

She eventually put the laptop away and we sat there not speaking to each other. It was a small couch and there was a glare on the tv so I shifted slightly to the left to try and see. It did not take long for me to realize that I could just glance down and see her breasts. It began to make me hard and very embarrassed. I tried to hide it but I think she noticed it. 'Am I turning you on' she whispered to me. I was shocked and not knowing what to say I said 'Well kinda'. She leaned a little closer to me and we sat in silence for another several minutes. It took me a while to notice that she was shifting ever so slightly closer until she was practically on top of me.

She took the remote and muted the movie. 'About what happened, you know... back a few months ago,' she said. I replied with a yes. 'You do know what I was doing right?' she asked. I replied with another yes. 'Do you ever, you know, do it too?', she asked again. 'Sometimes. I suppose like once a week or once every two weeks,' I said. She turned (Causing her breasts to bump my shoulder making me get even harder) 'I can't ever go that long! I do it once a day.' This statement made me even harder which caused her to look down at my crotch. 'You know I've never seen a boy naked in person,' she said, reaching down and putting a hand on my leg almost right next to my hard on. 'Have you masturbated this week?' she asked. I shook my head. Her face suddenly got very red, 'Want to... do it right here.' 'S-sure' I stuttered.

I stood up and took off my shorts, then hesitantly took off my briefs. 'Wow,' she said,'Could I uh touch it?' She said with her face turning a brilliant red. I nodded, now feeling more confident. She reached out and felt it then stood up. 'Well then,' she said with a grin,' Aren't you gonna get started?' I grabbed my dick and started slowly stroking it. I was so in to what I was doing that I didn't even notice her removing her shorts and panties. She lay back on the sofa and spread her legs and started slowly massaging herself. 'You could sit down if you like,' she said the red having now vanished from her face. I sat down next to her while still slowly stroking. That is when I noticed that I was sitting next to a girl masturbating who is about two and a quarter years older than me.

She stopped masturbating for a second and said,'Can I ask you an honest question?' I said yes. 'What do you think of my boobs? I mean no guys at school ever check me out at all. I think they are really small and don't look good.' I looked at her shocked and said,'Well I think they are wonderful, they may not be the biggest but they are shaped so well and look really good.' She smiled. 'Would you like to see them?' I nodded. She took off her shirt and her bra. My head and eyes were locked on these two masterpieces. 'You let me touch you,' she said,' Do you want to touch them?' I didn't answer I just reached out and touched her boob with my left hand. At that I point I came onto the coffee table.

She chuckled and continued masturbating. I pulled up my pants and got a towel to clean up and came back just in time to see her writhing, all ready to cum. I walked over to her moaning twisting body and felt her boobs again. And watched as she came. We both cleaned up afterwards. We then sat down and finished the movie. Then shortly after I left, as I was sitting on the sofa she rolled on top of me and gave me a long kiss. Then whenever I came over we would sit up in the tv room with the door locked and chat but we never did masturbate again, although we did try something else years later... hope you enjoyed my second event that happened with my cousin.



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