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Another Day With Cousin Larry - - -

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Cousin Larry's time with us was winding down. He and his mother were returning home in two days so we had to make the most of his short time left. As I said in an earlier episode, Larry was sixteen and I had just had my fifteenth birthday. I had been jacking off for a couple of years but only ejaculating for about a year and a half. Being in a house of females, my privacy was limited to my bedroom in the basement so I was very careful and cautious when I entered into a solo jack off scene, until Larry came to visit. He opened my eyes to a lot I didn't know and as I said earlier, he is more street smart than I.
Being July in the midwest where we lived, this day started out to be a real warm one although thunderstorms had been forecast. However, the sky was clear and my idea was to ride our bikes (Larry had permission to use my dad's) to a little airport a few miles away. Both of us were into watching airplanes and wishing we could take flying lessons. It was neat just hang around where the planes were tied down and watch the landings and take-offs. We packed a picnic lunch and found a grassy knoll under some trees near the airport to eat.
The skies began clouding up and the ominous dark clouds were forming in the west so we decided we had better high tail it for home. Within a block of the house, we passed my friend Sonny's place. He and I were the same age but we went to different schools so we hadn't chummed around that much. The only times we had seen each other was during the summer recess from school. I do recall him telling me one day about his stay on his uncle's farm where his cousins taught him to jack off but we never had a session together or talked much about it after that.
Sonny was in his side yard putting up his parent's tent that they used when they were camping. Larry and I stopped and helped him finish putting up the tent and laying a tarp for flooring. He thought it would be a neat clubhouse and asked us to stay with him for a while. The sky was now really darkening and we could hear thunder in the distance. Rain started to fall so we covered the bikes with another tarp then got inside the tent. Sonny had a cooler with sodas so it was comfortable and dry. The rain began to come down pretty heavy and it was warm and humid. Larry took off his shirt and I followed. Sonny had already taken his shirt off before we arrived. Sipping on sodas, we talked of school, sports, flying, girls and eventually, got around to sex. Sonny and I admitted we had never had sex with a girl and would like to do it sometime for the experience but neither of us knew any girls that would go all the way or even had heard of any in the neighborhood. Larry told us his story of conquest and by the time he was through, we were all sporting hardons that were pointing straight out from our jeans. Sonny made the pretense of being very warm sitting inside the tent so began to take his jeans and shorts off. Then his shoes and socks and stood stark naked in front of us with his six inch cock at attention. He had a small puff of pubic hair around his cock and balls and you could see the hair on his legs beginning to turn darker. He sat down with his legs crossed and his cock sticking straight up and his ball sack resting on the tarp. With that, both Larry and I followed suit, getting naked. Larry's cock was rigid and he took great care not to sit on his ball sack as he squatted down.
Larry's cock was clearly an inch longer than either of ours and much thicker, too. He casually put his hand on the shaft and slowly moved up and down. Sonny and I watched for a few moments then each of us started the methodical up and down movement. Larry said let's see who can last the longest - - - so, we proceeded slowly. This was so erotic to me that I knew I couldn't last too long, but we all watched each other. A few minutes later, Sonny said he couldn't hold it back any longer and began jacking faster until a long stream of white, milky cum sailed out of his cock a good foot in the air and landed on the tarp in front of him. I could see a bit more had oozed out and down over his hand which was still wrapped around his cock. His cockhead was a deep purple as he still kept stroking his shaft for a few more moments. That was all I could take, and I shot a stream in the air of thick, white and milky cum. It, too, landed on the tarp in front of my feet. Both Sonny and I were spent and now looked at the massive cock that Larry was pumping in his hand. The length look like it was eight inches with a massive purple head. I was almost to ask Larry if I could put my mouth around it but he tensed, threw his head back, tightened his fist on the shaft, when a large rope of cum shot out and landed on is stomach. Two more ropes of white cum erupted out of his cock before it began to ooze out of the slit and down his fingers which were still wrapped around the shaft.
After a few moments of rest, Sonny offered us another soda since it was still raining outside. We stayed there talking now about sez, masturbation, experiences we'd like to encounter, etc.
The rain stopped and the sun emerged and steam rose from the ground. Larry and I thanked Sonny for the sodas and the good time, then took our bikes and headed home.
Larry has two more days so will see what happens in that time. More later - - -



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