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Another Aunt Story

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I have seen so many stories here about guys and their Aunts. I wonder if this stuff happens more often than people realize?


I was going to post a comment about a story I read here called Aunt's Christmas Gift, but instead of adding comments I decided to tell my one and only Aunt story.

I have a gorgeous Aunt who is 42 and single. I have always had the hots for her. She is my Mom's sister. I was at her house one day last summer. She has a swimming pool and she frequently told me to come on over and swim whenever I wanted to, whether she was home or not. So, one Sunday I drove over. She was home because her car was there. I knocked and she opened the door and I asked her if I could sun and swim for a while.

She let me in and said I could stay as long as I wanted, however she couldn't join me. She had laid in the sun way too long on Saturday and she had a hell of a sunburn. In fact, she said she was in quite a lot of pain. She was wearing a loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Her face was beat red, as were her arms and legs.

We sat and talked, and then she asked me if I wouldn't mind applying some medicated lotion to her back where it was burned. Of course, I didn't mind at all. She went to the cabinet and got the lotion and came back to the couch in the living room. To my HUGE surprise, she pulled her t-shirt over her head and she was totally topless. She apologized, but said I had probably seen a woman's tits before, but she needed this lotion rubbed into her back.

My dick started going BOING as I looked at her near perfect breasts and nipples. She laid on her stomach and I gave her a rather long rub down with the lotion, covering her back and the backs of her legs. She finally said 'Thanks' and she sat up, her breasts fully exposed to me. She took the lotion and started rubbing it into the skin on her chest. She had worn a very small bikini because I could see there wasn't much that was not burned on her front side. I watched as she rubbed the lotion all around her chest and worked it in around the fleshy part of her breasts that were burned. My dick was at full mast. I didn't really know what to do or what to say. I finally blurted out that she had gorgeous, beautiful breasts. She looked at me and smiled, and thanked me. When she was done she reached for her shirt again, but before she could put it on I knew I had to say something ... I said 'would you mind just stitting there topless for a while? Your breasts are so beautiful.' She smiled again and said 'you naughty boy!' I think about now she was noticing I had a good sized hard-on in my pants. 'Gosh. I love looking at those ...' I said. She looked at me in my eyes and said 'are you hard?' I just simply said 'rock hard!' I just kept complementing them over and over.

I was going for broke. I knew if I offended her she wouldn't really say anything to my Mom. She probably wouldn't want my Mom to know I saw her sister's boobs anyway. I just came out and asked her ... 'can I just look at you and jack off?'

She asked if I were serious and I told her I was ... and after a few uncomfortable long pregnant pauses, she said 'OK!' I stood in front of her and took my pants off so my extremely hard dick showed off really well in front of her face. I loved the look in her eyes as she studied it. I just stood directly in front of her slowly stroking my hard-on as she watched. After long minutes of begging, she pulled her shorts off too and leaned back on the couch with her pussy fully exposed and open for me. It was sooooo sexy! I jacked as slowly as I could devouring the view in front of me. When I was about to cum I asked her where I should squirt it ... she grabbed her shirt and kind of held it it front of her and I squirted cum all over her shirt as she carefully and closely watched it squirting.

When we were done we dressed and she said that shouldn't have happened, and it probably wouldn't ever happen again ... and it never has. It was wonderful and the highlight of my life!



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