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Anonymity & Innocence

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Anonymity and innocence
I love this site. It seems to work for me when nothing else will. My boyfriend thinks masturbation is embarrassing; he will not let me watch him and he expresses no interest in watching me. In fact, the few times I've tried to engage him in watching me, he's either yawned or left the room. Not the best feeling. Talk about a let down.
So my masturbatory life remains with me. I'm 33, 5'6", 120lbs, long natural reddish brown hair, dark eyes. Men have always found me attractive and I've never really not had a boyfriend. Every time I've found myself single, it seems the world will not leave me alone until I've claimed a boyfriend. Male friends come out of the wood work to profess their love and try convince me that they are my true suitor. I realize that I shouldn't complain about this but as a result, I've never truly been alone for a good length of time. Lately- I've come to realize that I've built up a considerable resentment towards men + their neverending selfishness when it comes to their own sexual desire. I'm a very smart woman and apparently beautiful and this combination leaves the smart men I'm attracted to stricken with the desire to conquer me. They develop some strategy for holding on to me that involves some sort of sex game. Keep her on her toes. Always make it so she want more. Some such nonsense, that quite frankly I've grown sick of.
My friends are mostly gay men and very strong women. Even they have disappointed me with the occasional sexual pass. Women have excited me in the past and I've had a few Lesbian experiences, the memories of which often re-surface in the throws of my most desperate orgasms. These days the only way I can really get off is by reading about the experiences of others. The story of being a girl at camp and asking another girl to come into her sleeping bag + lead her hand to her throbbing wet pussy. That sent me into an amazing orgasm. The story about going to a jack off club where men stroke each other off with no strings attached. Wow- that worked.
Anonymity and innocence seem to be what really does it for me. Both are attributes that I don't have the luxury of enjoying. Thanks for filling the void, SOLO!
-very truly yours-



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