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Annual Visit to the Doctor

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The events of this story took place a few weeks ago.

Love the site by the way!


I looked at the calendar of appointments on the freezer door one day and saw that my mom had made me one with Dr.Ander's (our gynecologist) for a few days later. Life continued on over the next few days as normal.

On the day of my appointment, I was feeling extra horny. Whether it was the thought of someone else being so close to my 'girl parts' (as my granny called them), or maybe it was the sexual chat we girls had, while changing after P.E. class.

Anyway, after school let out, I hopped on my bike and rode to the doctor's office. I walked in and let the nurse at the desk know I was there then sat down to wait.

Not long after, I heard my name get called. I followed the nurse down the hall and she led me into the exam room. She jotted something down on the chart and then opened a cupboard, handed me the paper gown and told me to change and then stepped out.

I quickly changed and held the gown closed. There was a cool draft or maybe it was the coldness of the table; either way-my body was tingling.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and the nurse reappeared. She informed me that the doctor was running behind schedule and would be with me shortly. She also told me that Dr.Ander's had been called to the hospital for a delivery, but that her partner, Dr.Edwards, was taking her patients. She left, again.

A few minutes past, there was a quiet knock on the door and the doctor entered. Oh, I thought I was going to die. The nurse never said that Dr. Edwards was a man and it looked like he was maybe only 30.

He looked at the chart and then at me and first asked if I wanted the nurse in the room. I said, 'No, it's ok.' He asked me if I had any questions for him. I just shrugged and said that I didn't.

Then he told me he was going to begin the exam. First, he examined my breats for which I had to lie on my back. As he was feeling and touching them, I felt more aroused and secretly slid my hand under the gown and touched my clit and pussy. He didn't know or seem to notice; he just reached across and played with my left breast. He said something about, 'All seems good up top,' and made a note before putting the gloves on. I quickly pulled my hand away as he walked to the end of the table.

By then, my clit and pussy were on fire and just a touch in that area would set off an orgasm. I was red and he asked if I was OK. I said that I was and squirmed around a little. As he pulled the stirrups up, he told me to slide down to the end of the table. I did, and he placed my feet into them. The thought I had was, 'Here I am; a
shy 16-year-old, and a strange doctor is about to play with my pussy.'

I felt his fingers touch the lips of my pussy and my clit. Then he placed one hand on my abdomen and the fingers of his hand went into my vagina. He only felt around around for like two to three seconds but my body tensed and my pussy contracted in orgasm. I lay there mortified for a few seconds after, and he calmly said something about 'how if that happens to a women, it means she is very sexual and it is a normal occurance.' He tossed the gloves into the garbage and wrote something on the chart and left the room. I got dressed and raced out of there.

But, wouldn't you know-for the next few hours, I was even more horny and had four solo sessions and orgasms. Maybe I'll go see him for my next appointment, or atleast fantasize about him and about that exam table being used for something else other than an exam of my 'girl parts.' LOL



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