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Annual Masturbate-a-thon

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I have attended the annual San Francisco Masturbate-a-thon a few times. I would have thought the first would be the most exciting, but they have been getting better year after year. The last one I attended a couple of years ago was just great-one of the best times of my life.

I got there right on the dot of opening time. I believe it was 3pm. Having become used to the drill, I had no problem getting an empty bag from the 'coat check' attendant, filling it with my clothes, and handing the bag back in trade for a wrist strap with a number. So, now, there I was in a sort of hallway, buck naked, with a couple other naked people nearby, and about six clothed people, as well. And it seemed more or less natural.

I went into the main room, and there were already perhaps six people laying or sitting on various sheet-covered furniture lazily stroking themselves or just talking with each other.

Later in the evening, there were about 50 people in the room. Perhaps 40 men and ten women. There was a stage and a poll, and the bolder ones would come up from time to time and do a little dance, or offer some kind of impromptu entertainment. Later in the evening, some porn professionals, celebrities if you will, came up on the stage and did a little bit of a show-perhaps a poll dance, or they'd put their clothes back on to do a strip show. One celeb tried to just stand there and jerk off while talking to the crowd, but he couldn't really get it hard, so after a bit he left the stage. A couple of amateurs came up after that. One young, thin blond woman did a pole dance. An one point, she was sort of upside down on the poll with her legs over her head, and I had a clear view of her open bottom. Her hole was more pink than brown, small, very, very attractive! I almost came on the spot.

The rules are simple: Don't touch anyone else, only yourself. You can have sponsors who will donate to charity based on the number of minutes or hours you last, or the number of times you orgasm. Or, you can just sponsor yourself. Or just pay an admission that goes to charity, and enjoy yourself. There is even a 'voyeur's' section where people pay to just sit and watch. Personally, I can see how that would be a turn on, but it just seems to me it would be so much greater to participate. Perhaps they are just too shy. Too bad.

You do get breaks. A bathroom or snack break for five minutes every hour.

On one of my breaks, I stopped stroking, and decided to walk past the voyeurs through a narrow hallway, to the bathroom. It was slow going, because the hallway was filled with a bunch of naked and clothed people. At one point, I bumped slightly into a clothed woman. And guess what part of me bumped her? Right, my hardon!

And here's the cool thing: Both she and I took it as entirely natural. No big deal!

I wanted the evening to last as long as it could. The first year, to my great surprise, I lasted almost 8 hours. Not the record, which was 8:20, but close. This year, I lasted only 5 hours. In the fifth hour, I was talking with a fellow who had a beautiful totally shaved hairless pubic area, chest, belly and legs, (while we were both stroking ourselves of course), and commenting on two pretty women about ten feet away who were looking into each others eyes and seemingly having orgasm after orgasm, I just lost it, and spurted all over the place. I tried to stay a bit longer, but my mood had shifted. It had been a wonderful afternoon and evening, but it was time to go.

Because I live so far away and have so many other activities, I can't go every year, but I have certainly had thoughts about sponsoring my own masturbate-a-thon in my own city. I'm not really an organizer type, so it will probably remain a dream. However, I'm thinking how great it would be to have a regular, perhaps weekly get-together at my house. That's something I could handle organizing. Wouldn't it be something to have an affair somewhat like a dinner party, but with masturbation instead of conversation (actually masturbation and conversation) as the after-dinner activity?



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