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Annie and My Gun

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These are true recollections of my first teen experiences - they now provide great fantasies for my mid-aged masturbation


My first proper girlfriend was Anne-Marie, or Annie, as she was called. Annie was born in England but both parents were Spanish, so she had long black hair and deep shiny brown eyes that entranced me. We kind of fell for each other and started dating, movies, walks by the sea and across the countryside, etc.

Soon we were experimenting with kissing and I could feel she had passion and was hot for more. My first advances into her panties found a hot, soaked, fat, hairy cunt that delighted me and her nipples were surprisingly long and hard. I later also saw that her cunt lips were full and dark.

I found it was not hard to get her panting and coming on my hand, her hips thrusting like she was on a bronco. So exciting because she was normally a shy girl. Of course I wanted more.

But she was quick to tell me that there could be no intercourse because she was under-age and, more importantly a Roman Catholic who wanted keep her virginity for marriage.

I asked her if she wasn't excited to try more and also explained that I always felt bursting with excitement when I was with her and that it wasn't fair to get me worked up without release. She asked what I meant and explained that a man's excitement built unbearble pressure in his balls that felt wonderful whe released. She was sorry for me and asked how she could help. So one day when we were alone in her house we settled on her bed and I stripped off to show her how to wank me.

She had never seen my cock before, only felt it through my trousers. She was wide eyed with excitement. I showed her my full balls and how to masturbate me. She reached across and helped me with her little hand. My cock reached huge proportions and was like steel. I could tell she was enjoying it and took my hand away. She was kneeling on the floor as I sat on the bed, my legs spread wide, her head just level with my cock. I was in Heaven and told her so, she smiled.

After no more than two minutes I could feel my balls tightening and told her I was going to spray my sperm. She concentrated hard, staring at my cock as if waiting for a magic trick. And then I blasted like a rocket, semen shooting high in the air and falling down across her head, then another and another, ropes spraying her cute face.

I was worried that she be grossed out and run squealing, but she just sat there wide eyed and then broke into a smile at her own achievement. That was the start of a wonderful 3 years of totally uninhibited masturbation wonderland.

We took every chance to make each other feel good, indoors, outside, day, night, clothed or not. I remember once we were on holiday with her parents in Wales and we were all out walking by a stream with her other relations. We went ahead and found our way onto a large rock in the stream. As we gazed at the countryside my hand slipped straight up under her light cotton dress and between her legs to find she was wearing no panties. As usual she was soaked. I slipped 2-3 fingers inside and she was soon moaning as her relations approached about 400 meters away. Ahead of us was open scenery and I carefully lifted the front of her dress right up to her waist as she spread her legs wide to the countryside. We didn't kiss, just carried on pretending to talk as her body started to shake and she went through several orgasms. No one knew a thing as we stood up to greet them as they called from the bank.

We loved taking risks with her parents close by, I think it was her Catholic upbringing making her feel a thrill. On one occasion in the summer we were relaxing in her parents pool with her mother sunbathing nearby. As she talked with her mother about some shopping she slipped my swimmers down just enough to grab my aching cock and started to wank me right there in the pool. It was all I could do to keep a relaxed face. And just as her mother was getting up to walk past us to the house I came violently, ropes of semen floating up to the surface.

Our favourite though, was to masturbate in front of each other, me with just a T-shirt on and she with a light skirt, stocking, suspenders and no panties. She would lie there on the floor, legs spread, fingers playing like flames across her engorged cunt, as she watched me standing above, cock in hand and balls hanging full. She would come maybe 3 or 4 times before I told her I wanted to 'sperm' her. At which point she would pull her legs back and wide, to show her full hairy cunt as I sprayed my semen all over her from face to cunt. She would orgasm again, whining loudly as I told her how messy she looked. Afterwards she always insisted on leaving my spunk on her cunt as a memory, some kind of perverse romantic notion.

I often wonder if she has fantasies about those days, would love to meet up with her again!



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