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My male friends sister always picked on me .


I had 2 male friends who lived a couple of blocks away. The had a sister Anna and she was my age and always would find a reason to teas me and start a fight of a sort. I usually just ignored her and her brothers would also.

This day I was running late and when I arrived to there home the guys had left to play bill at he park.

Anna was for some reason being very nice and was home alone. At 13 in those days it was no big deal neighbors were our sitters and we knew everybody .

It was very hot and Anna offered me an ice cold lemonade.

Come on in and cool off she said.

Well as I was finishing my lemonade Anna started as usual teasing and back to her normal self.

I was done and said thank you but I must leave now.

But Anna was between me and the door.

As I tried to get by her some how we started to wrestle.

I was only 95 lbs. and Anna was 120 I would guess, much bigger than me and very well built with huge tits 3 apples a good bunch.

I was being pushed back and loosing ground as our hands were locked in our struggle.

Some how she got her leg under me and down we go, Anna is now in top of me as I struggle to squirm loose.

I was trying my best to get loose with out resorting to violence or inflict bodly harm on Anna.

I flipped in my chest trying to roll lose and now she has me in a bear hug, and I can feel her huge breasts on my back.

As I continue to squirm somehow I feel her grip move to my waist as I almost escape, and then her hand grips my package, oh no I was apparently hard in all this excitement.

Anna was not letting go at all and had a death grip on me especially in my hardon.

I was fighting a loosing battle Anna was too strong and not letting me go.

Anna said what do we have here, a hardon?

I was very embarrassed and then Anna said let me see it.

I said ok thinking I was going to get loose and escape, I need to get on my back.

Ok said Anna as she quickly got on my legs, Damn no escape, I was excited and knew that I was faced with compliance or a possible fistacuff , Anna was a very hard hitter and a Tom boy known not to back down.

So I had to drop my shorts and undies and her eyes were fixated on my crotch, she had this grin on her face of delight.

Then Anna asks to touch my hard penis. Boy I was scared and said ok but be nice, oh I will be very gentle you look so nice.

Anna was a very good looking girl but her brothers kept everybody away and she did not help things being such a Tom boy.

I was very excited and leaking lots of pre cum as Anna commented during her exploration. I was loving her hands on my hard penis, it was more exciting than me jerking off.

Anna was driving me crazy and I needed to release my built up excitement I said I needs relief. Show me Anna says as I go to stroke myself. No Anna says as she wraps her hand removing mine and I show her up and down.

I had plenty of lube as I was leaking like an open faucet.

123 and boom what an orgasm in her hand.

At 13 it's really fast .

Anna was smiling with this huge grin wow,cool she sad as I shot steams of cum up to and over my face.

Oooooohhh man what a relief Anna had me so charged.

As I lay back trying to get my composure back Anna says want to see me?

Umm sure I say, as she removed her top and bra revealing those huge breasts.

They were huge and very round, as I get on my knees she drops her shorts exposing her huge black hairy puss. Oh wow.

I was still hard as a rock facing her solid healthy naked body and reached for her boobs, very nice and firm the first I had ever touched.

I was fixated on the breasts and hen she guided my hand to her crotch, as my hand reaches her mound she spreads her legs causing her lips to open as she guides my fingers to her very warm wet inner lips.

Ohh. Easy like this softly she says, ok great thanks for the guidance I thought not knowing how a girl wants to be pleased.

I could not believe how soft her skin was in side her lips.

We are both on our knees as I am carefully masterbating her she grabs my shaft and gives me a couple of good jerks and oooohhhh boy another good cum shot all over both of us.

We were there for what seemed hours and I remember at least having 5 orgasms leading to a huge headache later.

Anna and I played our games all summer and for a very long time becoming lovers in to HS. Looking back I think Anna kept a lot of girls away from me when they showed interest.

I cannot complain Anna was and still is my best memories.



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