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I was working late one evening with a female colleague on a project. Her name was Ann and is about the same age as me. As we were getting ready to leave Ann put on her jacket and there was a large pink ribbon on it for breast cancer awareness. She commented that she is a big supporter because she is a cancer survivor and only has one breast. She then froze and said she didn't really want anyone to know about this and was sorry she just blurted it out. I said don't worry about it your secret is safe with me. Sensing her uneasiness I said unfortunately things happen and I am glad you are OK now. Ann said yes but it bothers me because of my self image. She then went on to say that she was glad she was married because at her age no man would be interested in her. Who would want to have sex with an old woman with only one breast. I said your crazy, you are good looking, intelligent, and fun to be with. If I wasn't married I would date you and have no problem having sex with you.

Ann said I don't believe it, and I said really I would. She said thanks she would love to put it to the test, but having sex is out of the question because we were both married. She said she felt uncomfortable, and I agreed. I then suggested maybe we could do something else, and she said what do you have in mind. I was really embarrassed but finally got up the courage to say we could masturbate together. All people masturbate at some time and that isn't like having sex with someone else. Ann said sounds odd, but also sounds exciting. She suggested we go to her home because her husband was out of town on business for the week.

We drove to her house and when we got there we proceeded to the bedroom. I suggested we both undress and proceeded to do so. Ann on the other hand only got naked from the waist down. I said that's not fair and she said she was embarrassed. I said what are you afraid of I am standing here naked looking at your vagina don't worry it's OK. She then removed her blouse. She had one beautiful round breast with a dark nipple. On the other side there was no breast just a small scar. I told her she was beautiful, she said no I'm not. I said my penis think otherwise and I brought her attention to my rapidly growing erection.

She then laid down on the bed and spread her legs and started rubbing her clitoris and fingering herself. I was in heaven as I stroked myself. Just then she said darn she left her vibrator in the car, but I could use something else and left the room for a minute. When she returned she had a large cucumber. it was 10-12' long and about 3' wide. She proceeded to almost stuff the whole thing in her cunt, I was in awe especially since Ann is a small woman just five feet tall and about 100Lbs, but obviously in possession of a very large vagina. To put it in perspective 12': is 20% of her height, the thing must be all the way up her middle somewhere. She then handed me a paper cup and said when you come you can use this so you won't get your semen all over the carpet. It wasn't long before we were both coming. Ann then got up and put on a robe and said I should get dressed. She then offered me a glass of wine before I left, I said sounds good. She took the paper cup and said meet you in the kitchen and left.

I got dressed and went out of the kitchen.

Then I got a real surprise, on the table were two glasses of wine and a plate of sliced cucumber and some dip. I started sipping the wine and said is that the same cucumber she used before and she said yes. (what a clever way to eat pussy) I said OK took a piece put some dip on it and said it was good. I said I am curious as to what she did with the cup of semen, and she smiled and looked at the dip.

So here I was drinking wine munching on cucumber infused with vagina juice dipping it in semen dip. I said what gave you the idea for this? Ann said that one of her favorite things is to kiss her husband after they have had sex together. She loved the thought of exchanging love juice's as they kissed. This is to kissing what oral sex is to masturbation similar but no touching. I said interesting and had another piece of cucumber. It wasn't bad but the idea of it was giving me an erection. It didn't take long for Ann to notice, and said I can't send you home like that. She then opened her robe and showed me her vagina and said you know what you need to do. I unzipped and came again in no time.

I then said its getting late, good night see you at work tomorrow. Since then we really haven't discussed this incident, but every time we see each other we both give each other big smiles.



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