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Animal Lust

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It was my cousin's wedding near niagara falls, so before we went to the wedding my mom and her sister wanted to take me and my cousins to see the falls. we stayed in a great hotel, me and my two cousins, who are all boys, in one room, and the adults in the other. The night they went to the casino, my 17 year old cousin, was looking at the pay per view porn previews. We were all interested, and it seemed awkward that we all knew. I was 15 as well as my other cousin. My oldest cousin asked us if we masturbated, we said yes. and he asked if we masturbated with other guys, we said no, in a slightly disgusted way. He said it was perfectly normal, and not gay at all. 'Guys just like sex, men just help each other get off.' he said and I quote. I remember those words so clearly. He asked us to masturbate him, and in return he would jerk us off.

He laid down in the bed and stripped to his tighty-whities. He told us to rub his cock through his briefs and his chest. I rubbed his hairless chest, and my cousin, lee, covered the dick. He kept saying, 'yeahhhh, yesss uhhohhh yes.' with his teeth not separating. He got completely naked and me and Lee switched, I grabbed his, roughly 6 inch penis and began pumping but it felt awkward. I needed to be from behind so it would be similar to how I touch myself. I told him the idea and he said we should all get naked! We both were excited and rushed to do so. I got behind him with my almost six inch dick touching his ass, which really got me turned on. My right hand went around and pumped his penis, while my left rubbed his chest. It's weird but I knew thats what he'd want, because I wanted it. I'm not gay, I just really connected with the whole, guys like sex no matter what thing. Lee kind of grinded his 7 inch dick between my stomach and his back, it was unreal. The whole thing would turn anyone on.

He came so much, all on the clock and headboard. He suggested he shower off, we could help. I know this sounds so perfect, and we could never imitate the same feelings of complete animal lust again. Ever. He told us to wash his body and we did, keeping in mind we were all athletic people, with slight abs. I was facing him, with my back to the wall, and my raging erection. The shock of the cold tile made my body tense. He suggested Lee push up on me, it seemed like forever that we grinded. We stopped momentarly, when my older cousin said, keep going. It was then that we noticed he was sitting naked in front of the foggy mirror, with a hard penis again. Lee is very good looking and it was that time I had the undying urge to kiss him, I kissed him, and our dicks rubbed. We made noises and breathed deep. 'Mmmmhhhh'-type noises, with the h sound, that is nationally known as sexual pleasure. I licked his nipples and he continued the mmmmhhh. My other cousin got back in the shower and kissed Lee. We got out, with raging, blood flowing erections, just throbbing. We dried one another off and went to the bed, where me and Lee lay on our backs side by side. We turned only our heads and kissed, with tongue, making that ever so arousing 'mmmmmhhhhhh' breathing deeply noise. He began to rub our dicks, pumping hard at the same time, the breathing got deeper but we still kissed. We came, so much, like never before, and not as much since. We all got under the covers together and just rubbed naked bodies on each other.

We could never match that night. We got together more telling our moms we wanted to play video games, but really were just waiting til night. And my many porn channels. It was no longer as perfectly magical, just sexual. Relief and hope for another perfect night. With new things added that can't be mentioned. Just think about it boys, you want to be sexual, why not with a buddy you trust.



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