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Andy Shows Me How

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When I was 12 years old, a good friend of mine, Andy, and myself were hanging out one hot July day. Andy was a few months older than me; he just turned 13. After being outside all morning, we decided to go to Andy's house and cool off in the basement. When we got there he said he wanted to take a shower to wash the sweat off. His house had a shower in the basement. He told me the shower stall was big enough for both of us if I wanted to join him. He also said nobody would be home for a couple hours. I was slightly curious to see what his dick looked like and he was probably thinking the same thing and that's why he asked me to join him. I didn't want to pass up this opportunity, so I agreed. I think most guys that age are curious.
We went over by the shower and Andy turned on the water to warm it up. We started stripping down. When we got to our underwear, we sort of hesitated and pulled them off at the same time. We just looked each other over for a few moments. We were pretty much the same. Neither of us had hardons. Our dicks were about 1-1/2 inches with medium-sized nuts and no pubic hair.
I told Andy the running water made me have to pee and he said he did too. Since there was no toilet in basement, he said we could just pee in the shower. We stepped in the stall and faced each other over the drain. We started peeing at the drain when Andy aimed his stream at me and was peeing on my dick. I didn't know what to do, so I just aimed mine at his dick too. We both started laughing and started to soap up when we were done peeing.
While we were washing off, Andy asked me to wash his back. I did and then he said he would do my back. He did my back and then surprised me by working his way down and did my butt too. Now, he really shocked me and worked his hands around to my front side as he stepped in closer. One hand gently massaged my pecans while the other started to play with my penis. I could feel his soft little dick pressing against my butt crack. My dick was now getting hard in his hands and I could feel his growing hard against me from behind. It wasn't long before my cock was completely hard in his hand. Andy started pushing and pumping my slim 4-inch cock.
I'm not gay and I didn't expect any of this to happen, but I think all of this might have been a plan he had been thinking up. At this point I didn't care because it was feeling real good. Now, I wanted to see what his hard cock looked like, so I stepped away and turned around. He was pretty much the same size as me hard, maybe slightly longer.
We were standing there with our hard peckers pointing at each other when he said he needed to jack off. I was very naive at this age and told him that I had heard the expression before but did not know what it meant. He looked a little surprised at that but said he would show me. He took a hold of his dick and started stroking it like he was doing to me and said you do that until you cum. Again, I had to admit to him that I didn't know what cumming was. Now he looked kinda excited to show me and asked if I wanted to make him cum so I could see what he meant. I said sure.
He told me to stroke his cock like he was doing. I reached out and took a hold of it and started in. It was weird at first, touching someone else's dick, but I kinda liked it. We were still facing each other so he grabbed my pecker and started stroking me at the same time. I could not believe how wonderful this was feeling and that I had never done this to myself.
After a few minutes, Andy said he was real close to cumming. He let go of my penis and encouraged me to keep pumping his dick. Andy put his hands behind his back and slightly pushed his hips forward. I kept stroking him when he said watch my dick, here it comes. I looked down and watched in amazement as his pecker started shooting spurts of white stuff out towards me, some of it landing on me. When he was done, he said that was one of the best cums he has had so far. Then he said it was my turn to enjoy my first one.
Andy reached out and started stroking my still-hard penis. Again, I couldn't believe how great this felt. I was really enjoying what he was doing and asked him how I knew when I was going to cum. He told me not worry, that I would feel something I've never felt before, even if I don't shoot anything. Andy was right. After a couple more minutes, my legs and balls started to tingle. My cock felt like it was harder than ever before. My heart was pounding and muscles at the base of my penis tightened up. Andy must have been able to tell by the look on my face and told me I was almost there.
He was right. He kept pumping my pecker with his fist when all of a sudden my cock let loose rope after rope of my own virgin cum. The feeling was awesome. My first time was a gusher, hitting Andy way up on his chin and chest. He was covered in my cum. Andy looked amazed at the amount of cum I had and told me he has never shot that much. He said I must have had a lot built up waiting to be released.
After I came down from this natural high, I thanked him for showing me how to get the most awesome feeling I've ever had. I asked him how often a guy could do this. He told me whenever I wanted, but warned me not to do it too much or my dick would get chafed and sore. He said he did it once a day.
We washed off, dried up, put our clothes back on and relaxed in his basement for while till I had to go home. That night I of course had to try jacking off by myself in bed. It was the same wonderful feeling but not as much cum this time. I was officially hooked on masturbating now.
Two days later, Andy and myself were out in the yard throwing a ball around, when we ended up behind the shed jackin off. This time we just watched the other do it to ourselves. We would get together two or three times a week and ended up jacking together almost every time. Most of the time we would jack the other off. We did a lot of exploring each other's peckers. I enjoyed observing our dicks and balls getting bigger and pubic hair growing in over the next couple years.
We didn't get together to jack as much later on in high school when we started dating girls, but we still did it together occasionally. Today, twenty years later, we still jack off together a couple times a year when we can. It's not as easy to get together alone like that with both of us being married with kids. But, we do manage to do it and I'm glad we do. I would recommend it to any guy. Having a good buddy to jack off with is a good break from the norm and a lot of fun.



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