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And You Thought I Was Lying

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Me and my best friend


Me and my best friend have always been pretty open with each other. (Well I can't say always... since we hid that we liked each other for a long time... but she has a boyfriend now and that doesn't really have to do with anything.)

It was just another night, the usual. I got online and chatted with friends like many other teens my age... nothing much eventful. We had a typical conversation, going over the day, how school was and the other junk. I had to take a shower, so we both just put up away messages and took a break.

When I got back, she was still showering... jeez girls take forever... so I just waited. After waiting for about 10 minutes of boredom, she returned with a random 'OMG GUESS WHAT?!'

I didn't really have a clue, not much could have happened just taking a shower I guess. She typed 'I THINK MY BOOOBS GOT BIGGER!'

I just laughed to myself and replied with a 'oh, cool' To be completely honest... yea I already noticed. Kinda hard not to look ya know? they HAD gotten bigger since I first met her... only about a year ago actually. I kinda looked at her boobs quite often, it's just nobody noticed. See, this is the kind of stuff girls usually tell other girls, but I guess I'm an exception. She just went on about 'I put my hand on my boob, and I can't cover the whole thing anymore!'

Me, being an average teenage boy... started getting ideas and thinking about what the scene looked like, my best friend feeling her 'lady lumps' HAHA. Before I realized it I had a raging hard on. I jokingly, yet not really joking, said 'Come on! Stop I'm getting a boner!!!'

We laughed and she was like 'No you liar! You're a good boy!' We laughed some more. I was really turned on thinking about my best friend's boobs. I mean, she's beautiful...

After the boner remark the subject of masturbation came up. I'm generally a shy person, and I wouldn't usually say anything much, but with her I guess its easier to make words come out of my mouth. I wasn't even sly or smooth or any of that hiding hinting stuff... I straight up asked, 'do you masturbate?'

There was a short pause, then she replied 'I think all girls do... they just hide it...' I don't know if it's possible but I swear my boner got bigger. Here I was thinking about my best friend's boobs, imagining her masturbating. I couldn't take it anymore, and I whipped it out and started stroking. She asked when was the last time I masturbated (haha see how you don't have to ask guys if they masturbate?) and I told her every day, more or less. Sometimes several times a day, and if I was really horny (like I was at the time) about four or five times times a day. She didn't believe me... haha!

Still half-stroking and typing I asked her what she would say if I told her I was masturbating right now. She's like NO WAY! If only she knew... I asked her why. Apparently, I 'wouldn't do that' and I'm 'typing too fast' and I wouldn't be able to stroke and type at the same time.

You know over the years of watching porn, my door has never had a lock so I had to be aware of everything. So I learned to multi-task. You know, with the stroking, the porn watching, the listening for footsteps, the hand ready to mash, and the other hand ready to zip up my pants... yea much to do.

So here I was playing with my hard PEE PEE, still hinting at what I was doing while she was still in disbelief. I guess jokingly she said 'Well, what if I told YOU that this is really turning me on...'

Well that was it, I blew my load all over my shirt... my black shirt... you know how hard it is to get cum stains out of black shirts? (Oh well it was worth it). So now I could concentrate back on the conversation.

After my little session, I gave her this site address and told her to check it out and told her about all the awesome stories here. She asked if I ever posted before... haha I told her no. However I think I have, don't remember it was a while back... but she said she would come to the site. By then it was way past my bedtime (yes.. a 15-year-old with a 10:00 bedtime, sad isn't it? So I said bye, then said, 'guess what? I wasn't joking' and signed off and went to bed.

Once I got into bed I kept thinking about our little conversation. I thought about her masturbating while I was, and I was hard again. I couldn't sleep so I stroked myself to three orgasms before falling asleep.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story.

And HEY BUDDY if you're reading this... you have to post your own story k? Love you! I still wonder if you thought I was lying?



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