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And Since Then?

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Well, sort of FM.


Since last week, that wonderful day, when daddy and I finally did something. (well, almost)..

The next day was a bit tense in the morning. We avoided eye contact and were very careful around each other. The evening, though was fine and we were back to our old selves. He didn't mention it and neither did I. I figured we both needed a little space around it, but I wasn't going to allow it to become something we could both pretend never happened. It DID happen, and it was important for both of us. So, I left it till last night to have a talk with him about the future.

We discussed his need for, as he put it, 'a woman's scent' to get him off, and I told him I didnt have a problem at all with him using my knickers as and when he needs to. Then I took a deeeeeeep breath and said 'I have needs too, you know.' I told him that jilling off was ok, but sometimes I needed more too. He suggested I buy a 'toy', but I said, it's not the same. (Sounding as if I knew something about it... never used one!) I said, It's not the same for girls. I need to feel that I am a sexual being.. sexual enough for someone to want to be with, to touch. Sometimes I just want someone with me when I masturbate. I left the sentence hanging in the air. It seemed to roll around the room with an almost physical presence.

Finally daddy took a breath and said. 'OK, Kate. I don't mind being in the room with you if you need company, and maybe if you need me to touch you that's ok too, but we must never EVER even think of doing anything more.' Well, I wasn't having that! 'Daddy, can you look me in the eye and tell me that when you smell my (and here I decided to use the word he has been avoiding) cunt, that you weren't thinking of fucking me, or eating me out?' Now, I found out that a man can blush so hard it hurts too! (hehehehe) Bless, he said 'Well, ok. But fantasy isn't reality.' So I said, look, you know I have seen you rubbing one out into my knickers AND smelling them AND licking them, and you have now smelled me for real, well, when I masturbate I think of your cock, spunking into my knickers, but also I DO fantasize about you fucking me. AND I get off on it. In fact, I am horny right now.

Its obvious that daddy has a problem with actually fucking me, but as we sat there in the lounge, I let my legs open and slipped my hand into my knickers. He got his cock out and we started to masturbate slowly. Then I said 'Daddy, come over here, kneel between my legs.' He did as I asked and then I said 'Please, put a finger in me.' I thought he may refuse, but I felt his touch and moved my own hand away. He started to finger fuck me just the way I like it and I asked for a second finger in there. DAMN that hit the spot.. literally! I felt a gush of wetness as I came and I may not have actually squirted, but I sure as hell flooded! Then it was my turn. I sat forward, knickers off by now, but knees spread real wide. I grasped his cock and started to jack him. He knelt upright like he did before in the bathroom and after a while said 'Oh, Kate, I'm going to cum' I felt his cock twitch and made damn sure I directed it to my mound again, AND lower. When he finished, I was covered in his creamy sperm. We both looked down between my legs. I said 'There, its not so bad is it?'

That night, I slept in his bed with him. Nothing happened, but we cuddled up and I felt him get hard during the night. I tried to maneouver him into the right place, but it didn't happen.

Still, we now have an 'arrangement', and I think that will have to do for now. There may be more, but something is telling me that I will have to wait a while for that. I DO know, without a shadow of doubt that I want it though. Is that bad of me? Probably, but you know what? I really don't care.



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