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Anal Adventure

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I have always seen myself as a straight man, not gay. Despite the fact that I have 'experimented' with friends when I was younger, these experiments included nothing more than touching another friend to orgasm, I know it sounds pretty gay but I do not consider it that way. I have had my fair share of female partners along the way as well, well ok one.

I anxiously awaited my eighteenth birthday as the day I could finally enter the porno store, I had one picked out and every thing. The day after I drove up there, and my hands shook the steering wheel violently with nervousness I played my favorite Tool song to calm my nerves, '4 degrees'. Upon entering I heard the moans of the video tapes playing on the screens all around me scenes of women riding monster cocks filled my senses.

I made my way to the magazine section of the store and started browsing older copies. Man oh man did I pop one, I sat down to hide it and pulled the magazine over myself, it faded after I read some of the corny comics.

Setting the magazine aside I caught a glance of a woman. The store is directly adjacent to a nude bar, and I knew by the way she dressed that she had just come from there. She had on a white thong which came up to her hips it was practically as thin as a sewing string, it dipped low to her crotch and hugged her vulva so tight that I could make out a clear 'camel toe'. Her top was see through only up close but it was a low cut bra none the less revealing more cleavage than I was used to at private school. She was chatting away with the store clerk they were obviously friends or some thing.

I mustered up the courage to go up to them and talk because I was interested in their convo of the newest porn movies. I figured that a beginner could use the help. She broke off her dialogue in order to beckon me to follow with one finger in a come here motion, just as I said, 'excuse me sir.'

The store clerk looked at me and said as best as I can remember, 'you better follow her son.' so I did. We went deep to the back of the store where the toys were located. 'you ever stick any thing up there' she asked bluntly. Even though I had experamented when I was about 15-17 with things like carrots, ice cubes, candle sticks, and my finger, I lied and said no, I'm a virgin.

She reached up, her breasts were amazing from this close, I couldn't stop staring and I had a huge erection. She pulled down from a high rack a vibrating butt plug labled, 'beginners vibe' it was about 3/4 of an inch in diameter and roughly 4 inches long. Then she reached across to another rack and removed a box labled 'vibrating butt plug, 2inch / 6inch' it was clear and you could see the motor in the middle. I just nodded as she explained that she used the smaller one to work up to the bigger one, which she now wears on stage when she dances topless.

She casually shoved each of them into my arms and turned I just watched her ass jiggle back and forth as she waddled off mentioning 'I'm wearing it right now.' I quickly followed this true woman to the front counter which she stepped behind grabbing a bottle named 'Anal Ease' she stepped down saying to me use about a dime size of this and work it into your butt, it will feel weird sorta numb, then put some of this, she held up a bottle of 'Wet' on yourself and on the toy. When your ready crouch down and put it into yourself slowly and in a twisting motion. I made the purchase and walked out to the car a bit confused at what I had just bought.

I got home late around 10 and everyone was asleep, so I stepped into the bathroom and ran the water. I opened up the larger plug knowing I could take it after all I had put a fairly large banana up there about a year ago, it was alright but I had a feeling this would be better. When I was in the shower I used an empty shampoo bottle filled with warm soapy water to pump water into my butt, then I would sit on the pot and push the water out just to make sure I was clean.

With one finger inside spreading around the lube I used the other hand to work some onto the plug. I squatted down and stroked my anus till I felt it dilate to fully accept my finger easily. I then put the plug up to my ass and gave a slight push, I was surprised by how much I was able to accept on my first attempt. Using my finger as a marker on the toy I pulled it out and saw that I had taken a little more than 1/2 of it. Confident I used a little more lube and pushed the thing up till it hurt, figuring that this is the point of no return I decided to bear down and bite my lip as I forced it in completely.

My senses were dulled by the force of which it shot in, I felt like pushing it out but I took it like a man and held it in. I noticed the cord and the battery holder and realised I had no batteries in the bathroom.

Without dressing I opened the door and looked around. I stepped out cautiously one foot after another I crept into the hall, down the stairs and into the kitchen, bare ass naked, plug in my butt, erection spilling pre cum down to the floor. Each step was like an earthquake all, starting deep inside my butt and running down my rectum to my anus which was throbbing and leaking lube, it was wonderful. I grabbed out some batteries and slowly made my way upstairs inserting them as I walked. As soon as I popped in the last battery the thing sprang to life shooting pulses of exctasy up my ass deep into my body up my spine to my head then back down. My anus was shocked and in a spasm the whole plug shot out of my butt and down the stairs.

It was sitting there vibrating all over the floor perhaps waking my whole family and there I would be, naked on the stairs fully erect penis dripping all over the stairs and an anal toy humming at the landing. I stood frozen in my spot my butt was convulsing I felt my anus contract and expand as if it was breathing uncontrollably I felt lube drip down my leg, I wanted that thing to be gone. I heard a door open and I ran downstairs grabbed the plug and in one second jammed it into my butt once again. I frantically searched and luckily found a towel which I covered up in. My mom came down the stairs asking what I was doing, I said I needed to get a bottle of soap. What seemed like an eternity was actually more like 20 secounds of awkward silence. Somewhere along the line my erection slipped through the folds in the towel the feeling in my butt masked the cold air wafting on my wet shaft and glans...I saw her staring at my waist, I glanced down, saw my penis, did a double take then covered up, and quickly went up the stairs with her following behind me. I walked up looking like a cowboy from the girth of the toy probing my ass still humming away. She asked two questions, one being what is that humming noise which I dismissed as being the pool next door, the other question was harmless and I don't really remember all I know is that I pulled it off. Saying goodnight, I squeeked from the pleasure I shut the bathroom door. I looked in the mirror and showed myself my butt with the toy lodged deep inside nice and snuggly humming away, I looked sexy. I bent over and pulled it out and noticed my anus was gaping wide open and the lube was pouring out, not wanting to make a mess I did the first thing that came to my head and shoved the toy up to my asshole and pluged myself up, however I used too much force and the toy slipped inside me once again. It felt so wonderful and right that I took it out once more to reveal my gaping anus. I felt so grown up and proud that I was using an adult toy. I fucked my hole with it for a good five minutes, pulling it out and shoving it back in really fast then once again slowly then fast again. I felt like cumming from just the excitement. It felt like a chore to keep quiet, I felt like moaning and groaning out loud. finally I stuck it deep inside, and turned up the vibration all the way which made me keel over and made my knees give way.

Wanting to feel more full I used my left hand to insert three fingers along with the toy, I grabbed my penis with my right hand and began to jack off. It felt amazing and I knew that when I came it would be magical, and it was. I shot more cum than I could imagine, I felt better than I could imagine, and I just kept on going, twice more, each time taking longer for me to cum than the previous. On my last go I took my fingers out and took the toy out of me then I began to rock the plug again in and out of my anus to the motion of my hand on my penis. I felt myself grow harder, I noticed my erection angle was increasing, I pumped on my penis harder as it got thicker with blood. I was conditioned with the rythym of my masturbation to work the toy in my butt harder and faster with each pump of my fist. Each time I pulled all the way out of my butt and shoved it back in deep with a screwing motion.

I came a good three times with this toy, in the shower I forced the rest of the lube out of my hole, I felt so gentle and warm with the water. I cleaned up well and went to sleep very satisfied.



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