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'An Unexpected Turn On'

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When I was twenty nine, I ended up moving to a quiet suburban neighborhood in Connecticut from New York City. I found a very nice apartment belonging to an older senior couple in their seventies conveniently located near my new job. I am a tall, very well built, athletic, straight, white male who has never had any problems meeting women. One warm weekend early in the spring, I decided to go out onto my deck to get some sun when I heard Harold, my landlord calling out to me from across the back yard. He was a little, wirey old man with white hair and an opinion on just about everything.

He made his way over to my deck to chat as he noticed I was wearing only a pair of small gym shorts. I recall feeling a little self conscious since I really didn't know him all that well yet. He began commenting and complimenting me on my height and build, especially my well muscled legs, arms and wide shoulders plus the fact that since I have fair skin I should be careful of the sun. I began to feel more relaxed as we chatted and his compliments kind of gave me a bit of a rush down in my stomach. He then suggested that I could lay out nude if I wanted since the back yard was pretty secluded. After I went back inside and for the rest of the week end, I kept thinking about his suggestion and being that I come from a pretty conservative family it seemed kind of taboo.

The next weekend came and another nice, warm day was at hand. I decided to go out on my deck completely bare assed that Saturday morning to do some stretching. I was amazed at how freeing it was to be naked outside when I heard Harold's high pitched voice calling to me. He quickly came over to my deck before I could go to grab my shorts. I decided to play it cool though a little embarrassed as he approached. The look on his face was a combination of surprise and delight as he saw he standing there wearing nothing. He began chattering away nervously to hide the awkwardness of the situation. As we talked his eyes scanned my body from head to toe, again complimenting me on my physique only this time also remarking on the amount of hair I have on my legs and forearms as well as the thickness of my dark brown bush. I felt that rush starting again only this time stronger. I decided to do a little stretching and flexing to make a better display of myself for him.

He sat down to admire me as I felt my cock beginning to swell a little. For some reason, I felt really masculine and confident in front of him, He confessed to me that he was very happy I decided to take the apartment because he really liked my looks and that I was a 'big, strapping young man!'. At this revelation, my semi hard cock became a full aching boner! I then asked him if he liked seeing my muscles and would he like to feel them? His reply was a very definite yes! I then told him he was welcome to see me in the buff and enjoy my body whenever he wanted as long as we could keep it strictly between us. He readily agreed as I headed back into the apartment with him following me like an excited puppy. He loved the size and shape of my cock, especially the way my head flares out nice and wide. I couldn't believe how hot I was letting this old man look at my raging hardon! He sat down on the sofa as I again assumed my position in front of him. I began to flex my cock as it twitched, my pee hole gaping and oozing clear liquid. I then began to rub just below my slit to make the head expand even more for him. He watched intensely, fondling my large furry balls as I began to jerk my big, throbbing penis just a few inches from his face.

I continued for a while jerking and stopping just as I got to the edge. I would take the head and tap it on his chin and under his nose until be asked me if he could see me cum. I asked him where he would like me to unload and he just closed his eyes. I began to ejaculate with an intensity I had not experienced before, spurt after spurt after spurt of my thick, hot sperm hitting his face forcefully, running down in gobs then onto the floor. It was like six or seven pulsations before I was done and feeling extremely light headed.

I reached over and handed him my shorts to wipe his face. There were no words between us for the rest of the day. I felt guilty and a bit uneasy about what had happened that morning until I saw him the next day his usual chipper self. When I realized how happy he was about what had happened, as we talked I began to get another hardon that felt like it was going to split in half and ended up squirting for him in three more hot sessions that day. It was the beginning of a truely amazingly erotic summer, one I will never forget.



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