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An Unexpected Guest

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Over the years I have really enjoyed reading about your experiences on this website some of which have become regular inspiration for my solo activities! I wanted to share with you something amazing that happened to me very recently and which I cannot get out of my head.


My wife and I have two teenage daughters aged 15 and 19. Like most teenagers they are both out a lot with friends and tend to treat our home a bit like a hotel. The eldest one will often stay out at friends over night and because of her almost nocturnal lifestyle will often not appear at normal times during the day. Consequently we rarely know when to expect her to turn up and when she does she invariably has a collection of friends in tow.

A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday morning, my wife and youngest daughter had gone out early for the day on a shopping trip with my wife's sister. My eldest daughter, Charlie, had stayed out from the evening before so I was left in the house on my own. After a bit of a lay in, I decided to get up and have a nice soak in the bath whilst I could enjoy the peace and quiet of an empty house. With three women in the house I rarely get the bathroom to myself!

I had been in the bath for some time when I heard the front door open and Charlie called to say she was home. I shouted down to her that I was in the bath and would be out shortly. I then noticed another voice downstairs and realised she had come in with a friend. That put me on my guard because whilst she has some very attractive and well built friends (which I am a bit embarrassed to admit provide me with some very stimulating masturbation fantasies) I always try to maintain a sense of decency and respectability and I would certainly not want them to get the impression I am a dirty old man!

I was just finishing my bath and had pulled the plug out when I heard my daughter shout something about going to the supermarket and would be back in little while. She shouted something else which I couldn't hear above the sound of the bath water gurgling down the drain and then I heard the front door slam shut. As I stood drying myself I could just make out through the frosted glass of the bathroom window, her car going out of the drive and I was left in peace again. I sighed contentedly and finished drying myself, hung the towel up and stood looking at myself in the bathroom mirror. Although I am hurtling towards middle age I am still reasonably pleased with the way my body looks. In particular I always like how my cock looks when I have got out of a hot bath. It isn't big by most standards but when it has been in the warm water it has a very full and heavy look as it hangs down and my balls look big and heavy.

I finished admiring myself in the mirror, opened the door and walked out of the bathroom. I got two steps out on to the landing and stopped in my tracks as I came face to face with Charlie's friend Bethan who had just come out of my daughter's bedroom at the opposite end of the landing. She was inexplicably only wearing her bra and knickers and her tight little teenage body looked absolutely stunning. I was completely rooted to the spot and didn't know what to say or do. For what seemed like an eternity I stood there stark naked with my mouth open and my face burning with embarrassment. I suddenly realised that blood was also pumping southwards at an alarming rate. I could feel my cock beginning to get heavier and I realised this was soon going to get even more embarrassing! Bethan began to smile a little, nervously, and I realised I had to get out of there.

I darted for my bedroom door, which was right next to where Bethan was standing, passing only inches from her, and shut the door quickly behind me. My heart was pounding and as I looked down, to my horror, I saw my cock was rock hard and sticking straight up at me. I haven't seen it so hard in a long while. Bethan must have seen it in all its glory as I made my sharp exit.

I should say at this point that Bethan is one of my daughter's hottest looking friends, with the face of an angel, a superbly toned size six body and gravity defying size C breasts that look huge on her. She is known to her friends as Baps because of these prominent assets and is the regular visitor to our house that I have the hardest job to avoid staring at.

I sat down heavily on my bed and as the shock of what had just happened began to subside I started to nervously giggle to myself. I couldn't believe how aroused I was by this unexpected encounter and, at the same time, as I looked down at my still throbbing cock, I felt a little bit ashamed at my bodies reaction to it. This was after all a teenage girl and my daughter's friend. As I sat there naked and fully erect with my mind still racing it suddenly occurred to me that Bethan had come out of Charlie's bedroom in her underwear. Why would she have been half undressed in my house without my daughter there? She must have known I was there in the bathroom.....

Before I could even complete that thought there was a light tap on my bedroom door. My heart leapt and I stood bolt upright, with my cock still doing likewise! As I was desperately trying to think what to say in response to the knock, the door started to open. Bethan appeared in the doorway and stared straight at me. Her once angelic face had now taken on a very much more grown up expression and I found myself once again in her presence rooted to the spot with absolutely nothing to cover my embarrassment. Her eyes lowered to my cock which was now bobbing up and down in time with my pounding heart beat. A smile broke across her face and she walked straight across the room took my cock in her right hand, planted a kiss on my lips and gently but firmly pushed my chest until I sat down again on the bed.

My mind was reeling, this seemed so wrong and yet I felt more aroused than I could remember in a very long while. Bethan dropped to her knees in front of me with my cock still firmly gripped in her hand. With her other hand she slowly pushed my knees apart and edged between my legs until she was kneeling with her face inches from my cock. I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest and my cock was now so hard it was almost painful. She looked up at me with an expression that was now definitely more devil than angel and began to move her hand up and down my cock in a way that told me this was not the first time she had handled a man like this. She stroked my cock all the way up to the head and back down to my balls again, very slowly and with a slight twist that felt so good, all the time she never spoke a word or broke her gaze from my eyes. By this time I had no idea what to think or feel about this turn of events but I knew I was about to enjoy it.

Bethan lifted herself up off her haunches so her face was just above the tip off my cock and slowly drew back my foreskin to expose the full head of my penis which was by now absolutely purple. She opened her mouth and let a bead of spit slowly drip onto it then gently smeared it over the exposed head of my cock with her thumb before doing it again with a bit more spit this time. She then sat back again and re-fixed me with her eyes and started to stroke me with a more determined pace. It felt fantastic. She reached forward and put her hand on my chest again and pushed me back on to the bed. I put my elbows out so I was propped up a little and could good look straight at her, past my cock. She was now pumping me quickly and I could feel my whole body reacting to her hands. She had begun, with her left hand, to cup and squeeze my balls and encircle the base of my shaft with her fingers as she concentrated on stroking the upper shaft and head with her right hand. I knew I was not going to last much longer.

In what would otherwise have been an embarrassingly short time I began to feel my orgasm rising. She could obviously sense I was beginning to tense up and quickened her pace as I closed my eyes and let my head fall back towards the bed. Then the most intense orgasm powered through my whole body, the surging heat rose up my cock from my balls and lower abdomen and my hips began to jerk and twitch as my cock erupted.

The amazing sensation seemed to last forever but eventually it began to subside and I opened my eyes again and lifted my head to look down at Bethan who was now studying my cock. A surprising amount of cum lay in pools on my lower stomach and was running down the back of her hand which still gripped my now wilting shaft. A small glob of cum hung in the front of her hair which she looked up at out of the corner of her eye then looked at me and smiled again, this time quite sweetly. She then loosened her grip on me and laid my softening cock gently onto my stomach, stood up, leant over and kissed me firmly on the lips and walked straight out of my bedroom, still without uttering a word. I heard her go into the bathroom and wash her hands then come back across the landing into my daughter's bedroom and shut the door tightly.

I lay there for several minutes basking in the afterglow of one of the best handjobs I have ever received from another person and pondering what had just happened. I had no idea why Bethan had come to be in my house on her own, and in her underwear, why she had wanted to perform such an erotic act on a man significantly more than twice her age and without any apparent desire to have the act reciprocated. As these thoughts were going round in my head I was suddenly snapped back into reality when I heard the front door open and close and my daughter Charlie called up to me and Bethan that she was back. In a panic I quickly leapt to my feet and grabbed a handful of tissues to clean myself up then started hastily getting dressed. Just as I was about decent again I heard Bethan come out of Charlie's room and go downstairs. Seconds later I could hear the chatter of teenage girls again coming from the kitchen as they apparently prepared a late breakfast. Charlie called up to me to ask if I wanted any but I declined saying I had already eaten.

It was some time before I mustered the courage to go downstairs. When I walked into the kitchen to see them both standing there eating toast I must have looked very guilty and red in the face but Bethan (now in jeans and tee shirt) just greeted me as she always did with a cheerful 'Hi' and Charlie with 'Alright Daddy, good bath?' I kept the conversation to a minimum and went out to tidy the garage. A few minutes later Charlie called me from the back door to say they were off out again and would see me later that evening. I have to admit that once I was alone again I had to give myself another good wank thinking about what had happened that morning.

Over the last couple of weeks since that day I can't get the image out of my head of that beautiful nubile young girl crouched between my legs stroking my throbbing cock to an amazing orgasm and I have been wanking like a teenager thinking about it! I still feel guilty about allowing her to do it but then again I didn't instigate it. Of course I can't tell my wife about it which is another source of guilt I suppose.

In sharing this experience I hope it has helped inspire somebody else to get off while reading about it? After writing this I am certainly going to have to wank again!



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