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An Understanding Girl To Help Out

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Great things do happen now and then


A few years ago I needed a hernia operation. The day before cutting time I was checked in to a center where they performed these and other related type operations but it was not a regular hospital. It was a real nice place almost like a hotel.

The procedure had been explained to me so I knew what to expect. I was told to be in my room between certain hours and to be ready to be prepped for the next day. I knew prepped meant that someone was going to come in and shave me down there. I normally keep my testicles shaven and then trim very short around my penis anyway because my wife likes it that way.

It had been a few days since I shaved myself and I was quite excited by the thought of being touched by a stranger. I certainly wanted a lady to do the job.

I made sure I was bottomless under the sheets and that my shirt was open as I layed waiting to be shaved. The entire day I was thinking about this and as the time got closer my excitement grew along with my erection. I wanted to masturbate but then the excitement would be less. Still I did not know if it would be a man or woman. My thoughts were that if it was a guy then he was going to see and touch my cock and I could not do anything about it.

As I waited with my erection going up and down for about an hour, finally the door to my room opened. A young lady came bouncing in and with a friendly smile said I'm Tarra and I'm here to prep you for tomorrow. I was so happy to see it was a lady and I knew my erection would now stay. Tarra was tall and skinny with short brown hair and no make-up and an accent that I cannot place (I should have asked).

Even though it was just me in the room she pulled the curtain around. She said, ok I need to put this under you on the bed. It was a rubberish sheet she pulled from the closet beside my bed. She stood there waiting so I pulled back the covers and stood up with my cock about half hard. A drool of clear precum dripped down my leg and I wiped it off without her noticing. She layed down the sheet and said, ok lay back down please. I did and she layed another small sheet over my cock area now. As she got her shaving tools out I began to get very hard. I juat thought, enjoy it while it happens.

She started with some small talk while she got ready then she said ok this won't take too long. She pulled back the small sheet revealing my fully erect cock. She said, oh don't be embarrassed it happens often and it makes it better to shave you off. That made me even more excited now that she commented on my erection.

She lathered on some sort of cream and as she did she picked up my hard cock to hold it out of the way. Wow this was great I thought. As she shaved with one hand she held a grip on my cock. I was shocked when she ever so slowly kept moving her hand up and down my hard cock. This kept me very hard and the precum was quite a lot now.

It only took her about four or five minutes and she was done. She layed my cock down very gently and dried me off again picking up my cock with very gentle strokes as she did so. She then sat straight up and said to me in a low soft voice. You should take care or this now (putting her hand on my hard cock for a second) because you will be in no shape to do it after the operation. She then said if you are quiet I can do it for you. I could not believe what I was hearing and I knew I could not let this chance go by. I just said, ok if that's alright with you. She said nothing more and reached in her smock pocket and pulled out a tube. She squeezed a large gob of this clear jelly on her hand and spread it over my erect cock. She put her finger to her lips and made a shhhh noise.

She slowly slid her hand up and down my shaft and after about 40 strokes picked up the speed. She asked if it was ok and I just shook my head. I wanted it to last for a long time but it was only about two minutes before I felt my orgasm building. I tightened up every muscle and Tarra knew I was about to cum so she again said shhhh. I felt the build up and then I came hard. I quietly shook and twitched while squirting cum all over her hand. My orgasm lasted a very long time and my body kept bucking every few seconds for about a minute after. All the while Tarra kept my cock in her hand until I smiled and said thank you so much for helping me. She said it was her pleasure as she started wiping my cum off her and me. I could feel extra pain inside but did not care.

A moment later she was gone wishing me good luck.

I layed there thinking of what just happened and thought she must have done it to others too. What a great girl she was.



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