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An Understanding Friend

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A little more about my friend and co-worker


We were on a short work-related trip and this occured on the last night before we were to return. Although 'C' partied a lot in her early 20's (like most of us), since she married and became a mother, those wilder days were far behind her. As luck would have it, we were invited out to dinner by our last client. Since I don't drink and had to drive, I could politely refuse the client's offers of cocktails. However, as I was quick to point out, 'C' didn't have to drive and moreover, this was one of the rare chances she got to really relax without having to worry about her husband and kids to take care of. She hesitantly accepted a drink, which eventually led to a few more. I could immediately see her become less inhibited and I was glad to see her relaxed and enjoying herself. Only a little later did I begin to feel myself getting aroused. When the dinner and conversation had slowed, we all headed to the door. Just then, a popular slow song began playing and I playfully asked 'C' to dance once with me. The client smiled and said his goodbyes. I expected 'C' to decline, but she consented, 'Just one dance, I have to get some sleep.'

We began the dance and I was embarrassed that I almost immediately began getting an erection. Although our bodies were not exactly snug to each other, inevitably, my hard penis began pushing into her crotch area.

'You know, you REALLY have to get a girlfriend or something' she said out of the blue.

'Sorry' was all I could reply thinking she was referring only to our present situation.

'Every time I see you or work with you, you ALWAYS have a hard-on. You really should take care of that' she continued in a somewhat concerned tone.

My heart dropped because I now realized that she was aware of my arousal all those times I thought I was being very discreet. I wondered if she thought I was some kind of sex fiend or something.

'I know, I know, but you shouldn't be getting on me because you're married and you get to take care of it every single night' I answered.

'All you single guys know NOTHING about being married' she readily exclaimed. 'With work and the kids, sex is the last thing on our minds.'

I was incredulous. 'I know you're both busy, but I still can't believe 'D' doesn't want to do it every night.'

'I'll tell you now, we DEFINITELY DO NOT do it more than once or twice a month since 'A' was born.'

As we had begun talking about sex, I had unconsciously begun rubbing against her and my hands had moved from her hips to near the top of her wonderful round perfect ass.

'I still don't understand it' I said almost in disbelief.

The song ended and we eventually left and returned to the hotel. We were in front of her door when she said with a giggle, 'Well, have fun taking care of your problem, see you in the morning' as she glanced down at the bulge in my pants which I thought she had forgotten about.

I closed the door of my room and quickly stripped and jumped on the bed, frantically dryhumping as I thought about how it felt rubbing against her a few minutes ago. I was rubbing against the sheets and truly on the edge of erupting, when there was a knock on the door.

I think my heart stopped for a second as I raced around the room trying to find my boxers and my shorts as well as a t-shirt. I couldn't find my boxers in my haste, so I looked through the peephole and saw 'C' standing right outside. Knowing I couldn't keep her waiting all night, I opened the door slightly, trying to hide my tent behind the door.

'Well, can I come in?' she asked with a smile.

'Uh, I guess so, what's up?' I inquired.

When she entered my room, her eyes widened as she saw my clothes strewn around and the bed and sheets messed. 'I'm sorry, should I come back later? she said like she was genuinely concerned that she had interrupted me in the act of masturbating.

'No, I wasn't doing anything' I said rather guiltily.

'I'm really sorry about teasing you about not having sex' she said with some concern.

'I mean, sex with a girl' she rather awkwardly added.

I looked and felt even more like a freak at that moment and I stared at the floor.

'I am sorry, I consider you a friend and I shouldn't have made fun of your personal life.'

She came up to me and hugged me very tightly. We embraced for quite a while and I again felt my penis harden in two seconds flat. My erection was way harder than it was when we were dancing, but she didn't pull away at all. It was feeling so good, that I couldn't stop my self from squeezing her butt and grinding against her. She passively let me grind for a bit, then gently pushed me away at my chest, although our crotches were still against each other.

'I think you know we can't have sex, right?' she said looking up into my eyes.

My eyes dropped sadly and I let go of my embrace.

'But I'll do this' she said as she reached out and started rubbing my hard penis through my shorts.

'I know how hard it is for you and I guess I feel a little guilty because I have seen you getting so hard around me and I know I must have been the cause.' she continued as she pulled my shorts down and put her small hand around my penis again.

'Truthfully, I have thought about you at night sometimes when I have seen you with an erection at work. I get turned on thinking about you getting so hard and excited about me. I never knew someone could get so horny thinking about me, especially me being a mom now with three kids.

Am I making you feel good?' she asked.

It was too late. Before I could answer, I ejaculated. Several ropes of semen shot out and some got on her shirt. A lot more poured out and was all over her hand. I was practically convulsing as her hand slowed and my cum slowed to a trickle.

'I don't know what to say' I finally said to her as she was wiping her hands with my bed covers.

'You don't have to say anything' she said as she kissed me on the cheek and turned and left the room.



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