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An Opportunity Too Good To Miss

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I love this site and read it every day when I have access to my computer. Masturbation is a lifetime sexual experience. It is there for your early sexual awakenings and is always available whether you have a partner or not and is something to comfort people who may have lost partners in the latter stages of their life.


I work in retail as a Regional Manager and visited a store within my region on a fairly regular basis. The Supervisor in this store was a young female, aged about 22. She was a beautiful girl, about 5 foot 9 tall, with a lovely figure and a pair of stunning breasts. She used to flirt a bit with me on my visits, but I never really read anything into it. After all, why would a young beautiful girl be interested in me for anything other than flirting? One day, in the store office we were discussing something and I remember asking her about her boyfriend (I can't remember what led to this). She told me she didn't need a boyfriend, as she had her vibrator. I almost choked on my cup of tea, but didn't pursue the point as it was not really the time or place.

Several weeks later, she texted my Company mobile to advise me of a small cash issue within the store. I returned the text by thanking her for letting me know and asked her how things were going with her vibrator. Things progressed and we used to text each other quite a bit, and she used to tell me about how often she used her vibrator. I always looked forward to these texts and they used to result in an instant boner for me whenever I read them. On one text that I returned to her, I told her I was staying away in a hotel one night and cheekily asked her if I could ring her up from the hotel and listen to her using her vibrator. I was surprised when she agreed, and couldn't wait for that night to arrive.

In the hotel, I texted her and asked if she was ready for me to call her. When she said she was, I stripped off completely naked and lay on the double bed in the hotel room. My cock was already rock hard before I even rang her up. When I called her, we began chatting generally and then it got round to sex. I asked her if she was horny yet and she said that she was and she was ready to get her vibrator out. She said she was naked and playing with herself. We were talking sexily and I could hear her moaning in pleasure. I asked her to put her mobile by her pussy and I could hear it buzzing away. This was such a turn on that I was ready to explode but had to keep edging to stop myself cumming. The pleasure was fantastic as I lay there stroking my cock, listening to this girl get more and more turned on with the vibrator buzzing away in her pussy. As she was getting closer to cumming she asked me to talk really dirty to her. When I did this, I could hear her moaning even more. When she came, she let out a prolonged moan of pleasure that was a delight to hear. At this point, I could no longer control myself and shot load after load of cum all over my stomach and pubes. The orgasm was one of the best, if not the best, I had ever had.

After this, we must have repeated this phone sex on about 10 occasions when I was staying away in hotels. It was always such fantastic sex and I used to look forward to it so much. I thought that this would be the furthest I would ever get with her and was happy with this situation. However, one day, I got a text from her and she asked if I wanted to meet her in a hotel, as she was covering another store about 20 miles from where I lived and the Company had put her up in a hotel for the night. I could not believe that this was happening but was so excited at the thought of being with her. Although I am married, it was an opportunity that I could not turn down. After all, at my age, even though I am in reasonably good shape, I may not ever get the chance again with such a young beautiful girl.

I told my wife that I was meeting a work colleague for a drink and she thought it was my male colleague who was working in the area. I just had to make up some excuse to get out of the house. I drove the 20 miles to the hotel. When I arrived, she was watching television in the room and it was a bit awkward at first, as we made small talk. My cock was already straining at the leash within my trousers and I suggested we get onto the bed. She stripped off to her bra and panties and I got down to my boxer shorts. She lay back on the bed and I got on too. We started kissing and I was grinding my knee into her panties and rubbing it against her pussy as we kissed. I could tell she was getting excited by this. After a while, she took off her panties and threw them onto the bed and she said she needed the toilet.

As she was having a pee, I picked up her panties and looked at them. On the inside of the crotch area was a big load of creamy fanny juice. I looked at this and smelt it and it almost drove me wild. When she came back from the toilet, she got back onto the bed and I started rubbing her pussy and clit. It was so wet and this got me turned on so much. I masturbated her until she had a great orgasm and I was also desperate to cum too. However, I wanted to save the moment for later. After she had cum and was laying relaxed on the bed, I asked her if she had her vibrator with her. She got off the bed and went to ger overnight bag. She pulled out a box and, from this box, removed a large 'rabbit style' vibrator. My mind flashed back to those nights when she had used this vibrator to masturbate to as we chatted on the phone. My dreams were about to come true and I was going to witness it at first hand.

I asked her to use it to bring herself off as I watched. She agreed and got down to business with the vibrator rammed firmly up her gorgeous pussy, with the little extension part buzzing away on her clit. I was kneeling on the bed to get as close to the action as possible. It was such a fantastic sight as I saw this beautiful young girl get more and more excited as the vibrator buzzed away at her pussy and clit. I could see the juice dripping down from her pussy, and making a wet patch on the white sheets. I was playing with my stiff cock as I watched this and was so desperate to cum that it was almost unbearable. I could sense by the increased breathing and moans that she was getting close and I was also on the edge. The beauty of this experience, compared to the phone orgasms we had shared, was that I could see the look of pleasure on her face as she got hornier and hornier. When she came, it was to to the sound of loud shouts and moams as her hips bucked under the pleasure between her legs. When she began to cum, I could no longer comtrol my own orgasm and began to shoot steam after stream of cum onto her legs and the bed sheets as I knelt over her. It was one of the biggest loads I have ever shot and the orgasm was fantastic.

We went on to do other things that night that we don't mention on this site and it was just a brilliant experience. It was an opportunity that was just too good to miss. After this night we had a few more experiences of cumming together on the phone when I was away in hotels and, after that, she met a bofyfriend her own age. She eventually left the Company and our night together was to be a one-off, never to be forgotten, occasion. This is an absolutely true story and I have never told anyone about it before, as I needed to be careful who I talk to with being married. However, I was quite proud that a girl, so young and beautiful, would want to have an experience with me that I have always wanted to get it off my chest. I hope you enjoyed the story and it would be great if other people reading it on this site were able to get turned on by it and masturbate to it.



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