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An Older Man

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Three years ago I moved out on my own. I guess I am fairly attractive but only had a couple of boyfriends. I had had sex before but at the time my only sexual outlet was masturbation. My job was just OK and I often had trouble paying my rent. I started to frequent a local tavern nearby once or twice a week and got to know quite a few people of all ages. I knew I had a nice figure but rarely did any of the guys hit on me or even ask me out. The only one at the bar who seemed to pay a lot of attention to me was an older man named Pete. Over a period of months I would sit and talk to him for hours. We discussed our personal lives, sports, politics, religion and even sex.

I told him a lot of things about myself and the troubles with my family. He told me quite a bit about himself. He was divorced, had two daughters and three grandchildren the oldest of which was 20, almost my age at the time. He was 62 then and only saw his daughters and grandchildren twice a year since they all lived on the west coast. He knew I had money problems and often bought me drinks and sometimes dinner. Twice he lent me money to pay my rent and I made sure I paid him back right away. I had only known him for about four or five months when he invited me to move in with him saying I only had to pay him 50 dollars a week. That, I could easily afford.

He had a small two bedroom house but very nice and well taken care of. Right away I would constantly see him in his underware. I didn't mind and he just told me he was always in his boxer shorts when at home. He asked me if it offended me and it honestly didn't at all. My bedroom was very nice and even though I did have my own tv I would watch many of the shows or movies with him in the living room. I made dinner for him as often as I could and he would also cook often or order us take out or get pizza delivered. I would be in my PJ's most of the time in the evenings and I did know at least he found me attractive.

I knew he looked at my body often especially my breasts when I had my PJ's on without a bra. Since he was in his boxer shorts I saw he had an erection many times but never said anything and tried not to look at it. The first five or six months I was there I saw him naked twice and I know for sure he saw me naked one time. I was very comfortable around him and he never tried to have sex with me and never invaded my privacy. In the summertime he golfed every Saturday and sometimes went away with friends for a few days to golf. I was often alone during that first spring and summer for days at a time.

One Sunday I was naked in my bed masturbating. Pete wasn't coming home until Monday. I had music on and didn't hear him come in the house. I had just had my second orgasm when I realized he was standing in the doorway watching me. I screamed and he did apologize and walked away. I was embarrassed and stayed in my room for a couple of hours. When I finally saw him in the living room I didn't know what to say. I told him I was sorry and that I didn't know he was coming home early. He apologized again also but later admitted he watched me for five or ten minutes. Later that night we talked about it again and even though it still embarrassed me we did laugh about it.

The following week we were having dinner and talking. We began talking about me masturbating and I admitted doing it frequently. He said he did also and that after he watched me that day he has masturbated a few times picturing me doing it. Then he said he was going to walk away that day but he hadn't seen a naked woman in many years, especialy one as young as me. He had been divorced for 18 years and, like me, had few relationships.

That night, he in his boxers and me in my PJ's we watched tv together. At one point I noticed him looking at me and saw he had an erection. I never said anything to him before but that night I told him I could see it. I'm not sure if I said it to embarrass him but I think it did and he hid himself with his hands. Then he just said that I make him horny all the time. Both of us began laughing about it when he told me he wished he had video taped me the day he caught me masturbating. After that we talked about it often over the next month or two. He would often compliment me about my figure and began asking me if I masturbated lately and I started asking him the same thing. Sometimes we said yes and sometimes no. He even began telling me how he can't get a full erection and its probably because of his heart medicine. The details we told each other at times were very personal stuff but for some reason neither of us were embarrassed by the conversations.

We were both sitting on the sofa playing Scrabble one night. I glanced over at him and saw he had an erection and told him to go and jerk off. We both laughed when I said that and then he started telling me how hard it used to be and that now it never got real hard. I could practically see his penis where the fly of his boxers was open a bit and told him so. Then I just asked him to let me see it. He hesitated for a moment and I could see he was blushing a little. However, he did stand up and pull his shorts down. I just sat looking at his penis and he just said 'sad, isn't it'. I'm not sure if it was because I felt sorry for him but I just started to jerk him off. He was right about it not being real hard but I was able to have him cum in a few minutes as he stood there.

That was the start of it and it continues today. A few nights after that first time I let him mastubate me also. It has progressed to where we give each other a massage and we continually see each other naked. He never gets a full erection but his penis is a decent size. We masturbate each other a few times a week and many times he just wants to watch me do it to myself. He never cums more than once a night but has me orgasm many times. He loves to hold my breasts and is very good at masturbating me. I try my best with him but sometimes he is unable to cum. I have allowed him to shave my pubic hair many times and he begs me to let him. I actually shaved his pubes a few times this past year and he always laughs when I do. When I do shave him I also masturbate him and he always cums so he started having me do it more often lately.

I have two dildos but he doesn't use them on me often. He prefers to use his fingers and also penetrates my anus sometimes. I never did that to myself but now wonder why I never tried it before. It does stimulate me more and I climax more often. I have dated a few guys and had sex with them over the last few years but continue having fun with Pete.



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