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An Old Friend

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I had an old friend from school who I hadn't seen in years. We occasionally kept in touch, which was sad, since he lived a mile from me at the time. He gave me a call one day, and asked if I had time to talk. I said sure, and he came over. We got caught up on old times, and were enjoying each others company greatly. He finally asked if I remembered when we were both younger and showed ourselves. I said yeah, why the question. I was really thinking to myself, it was still a good fantasy about 'what if' things had been better and we decided to jerk off. He finally got to the point and asked a couple of questions: Had I ever thought about doing that again, but with something more? Did I still trust him enough to do so? I said yes to both. He looked relieved, and I asked what was wrong. He said that he had always wanted to try it, but with only with someone he could trust. I told him I was still that person. We set up a time to meet at his new place, and called it a day.

Later on that week, I got off from work, and headed to his place. I didn't know what to expect, but was excited all the same. He greeted me at the door, and I came in. He asked if I needed a shower (since I worked outdoors most days), and I said yes. He pointed the way, and told me to meet him in the bedroom with just my briefs on. I said OK, and got cleaned up. I didn't tell him that I had taken to trimming and shaving my pubic area, but I figured what the hell, I'm not ashamed. I got out of the shower and walked to the bedroom, where he was waiting dressed as I. He is a tall guy at about 6'4' or so, and very lanky. I am 5' shorter and a bit stockier. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie, and I said sure. He had a small TV/VCR combo, and started a movie that seemed halfway into it. We both stood very close to one another, and watched a guy start screwing a gal with the biggest cock I had ever seen. He asked what I thought of the dick on TV, and I said it was huge! Nothing like seeing a huge shaved cock on the screen getting put into a girl. He said this was his favorite part, and not much later I saw why. The guy stood up and stroked himself all over the girl. By now, my own cock was straining to get out. The movie was done, and he asked if I wanted to watch it again sitting on the bed. Yes! I said. I told him that I needed to get out my shorts, and he said OK. I stripped in front of him, and let my member out. It stood at attention, and just throbbed. He did the same, and I now saw a good looking dick in front of me. I was pushing about 7' or so, and he was 6', but real thick. He also had shaved! I was really horny at this point. We both sat down, and were immediately touch thighs, since his bed was just a twin. He started the movie again, and he placed his hand on my thigh. I did the same, all the while keeping my eyes on the TV. He asked if he could touch me, and I said, only if I can do the same. We litterally grabbed each other, and started stroking. It felt so good to be doing this with a good friend. He dick felt great, and I was in heaven with his hand on mine. He started to moan and buck, and then he just shot everywhere. I was right behind him, and I too shot all over the place. We both just laughed, and said it was about time. After a bit, I went onto his porch to smoke (naked) and he followed me out. He said thanks, and asked if I would stay a bit longer, since he wanted to try something else. I said yes. The rest of the story to follow.



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