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An Interesting Summer Part 2

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After Troy and I had fun down South, we found ourselves back home with a month to go before school. We were both going to be sophmores in High School. We both didn't have a lot to do, since neither one of us was working at the time. Since most of our friends were, we decided to hang out more than usual.

We had enjoyed our 'shower time' together, but had only jerked off a few times. We mostly just enjoyed looking at each other, and besides, we really didn't want to get caught. Troy decided that we should do a sleep over before school, since we went to different ones. I said yes, and we got together later that week. Troy had asked if another friend could stay, since he too was bored. I said sure, and saw them later on.

Troy's parents were really nice, and let us stay in the basement of their house, since it was cooler, and much more private. It was a small basement, but had enough space for the three of us to sleep and watch TV. After the three of us had dinner, we slipped downstairs to sit and BS. Troy asked me if we should tell Ian what we enjoyed doing. I was a bit hesitant, since I was a shy kid, but he said Ian is real cool about this stuff. OK, I said. Troy let him in our secret, and was instantly jealous. He said he had always wanted to do that with someone, but never had the courage to ask. Troy said why don't we show ourselves, and go from there? By now, I was starting to get hard, and was anxious to see where this went.

We all stripped to our briefs, and stood where we could see each other in the dim light. I am about 5'9, and really skinny. Troy was still in good shape with a runners build and about an inch taller. Ian was the tallest at 6 feet, and also pretty lanky. So we just stood there for a minute, unsure what to do next. Troy and Ian are both black, so it's hard to read their faces in the light. Ian finally said, let's strip. He pulled down his briefs, and so did Troy and I. I was pretty shocked at Ian's cock. It was pretty big at around 7 inches, and it was also uncut. He had very little hair, wich probably made it look bigger. Troy still had his really thick, but average size one, and I was a little bit bigger than him, with a normal thickness. Troy and I were starting to really get some hair down there, both of us having really fuzzy balls. I was really getting hard, and Troy's was standing straight out, also hard. Ian was just looking at us, and his dick was twitching and starting to stand up.

Ian said now what? Troy said he need some lube, and grabbed some lotion off the stand. He lathered up, and passed it to me. I did the same, and gave it to Ian. So there we stood all slick and hard, and not sure what to do. Ian just stepped in, and grabbed both of us and statred stroking. Wow! I reached for his massive unit, and so did Troy. We took turns stroking and massaging his balls. I was ready to spurt, and so was Troy. Ian said to come on him, and so both of us did. Ian just kept milking us, and finally he said he was ready. He bucked his hips, and let loose. He managed to hit both of us with cum. After that, we just stood there panting and covered in each others cum. Ian said that was fun, and I said it was. We grabbed some old rags and got cleaned up. We just sat around for a bit naked before we decided to try something else. That's another story



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