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An Interesting Photoshoot

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An account of a nude photography session that turned out much better than expected.


I've recently thought more and more about posting ads on a well-known website, looking for some male partners for cam to cam sessions. Most sites that allow you to post ads like that suggest that you include photos of yourself, especially of your cock, to increase the number of replies. I didn't want to post the usual shot of myself reflected in a bathroom mirror, so I put my point-and-shoot camera on a tripod and used the timer to take photos of myself, some full-length and some closeups of my erect cock. But the results weren't very good, not much better than those bathroom mirror shots.

Then, on another website devoted to photosharing I came across a nudist group in a nearby city. One of the members indicated in his profile that he enjoyed taking photos of other nude men. I thought this might be a way of getting some really good pictures of myself to post in my ads.

So I e-mailed the guy and got a response about a week later. He said he'd love to take some pictures of me, and that he had a studio set up in one of the bedrooms in his home. We met at a coffee shop a few days later to check each other out and agreed on a day and time for the photo shoot. During the course of our conversation, he asked me what exactly I wanted the photos for. He said that information would help him during the photoshoot. I told him they were for ads soliciting webcam jack-off sessions. He nodded and assured me he could give me exactly what I needed.

When I arrived, the photographer immediately led me to his studio. There was a large colored backdrop, light stands and reflectors, so the guy was clearly skilled at photography. I undressed while the photographer made a few last minute adjustments. The photographer asked if I preferred that he remained clothed, or whether it would be alright if he was naked too. I told him he could be naked if he liked, so after he undressed we began the shoot.

It turns out both of us had average-size cocks, both cut, so I wasn't feeling intimidated. The photographer was in his mid-30s, somewhat overweight, with a VanDyke beard and a few tribal tattoos on his upper arms.

I started posing standing up, while the photographer took some full-length shots, then some close-ups of my cock and balls. I was semi-hard, slightly turned on by having a naked man watching me closely. I could see he was somewhat aroused too, with a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip of his cock. He also took some photos of me seated in an office chair, similar to the one in front of my computer at home.

The photographer suggested I stroke myself to get completely hard, saying photos of a real hard-on might get more responses. I used a drop of pre-cum on my cock and some saliva to bring myself fully erect. The photographer shot another series of full-length and close-up shots. By then the photographer was as hard as I was, and a drop of pre-cum was suspended from his cock by a glistening thread.

Then the photographer made a suggestion that took it to the next level. He suggested I hold my cock as if I were masturbating, just pretending to stroke it, since he was taking still photos, not shooting video. I was somewhat startled, but I was turned on enough to do as he'd asked. Despite not really jerking off, I felt myself getting close to cumming and had to stop after just a few more shots.

The photographer then made another suggestion and this time I was really taken aback. He said that an aerial cumshot would really set my ad apart, and that he had a video camera as well as the still camera he'd been using. He could set up the video camera and film me as I squirted. He said he would use some software to extract some still shots from the video, at the very moment I climaxed.

I was stunned and didn't say anything at first. He smiled and said that this was an ideal opportunity to see if I actually enjoyed jacking off while someone watched, either on a webcam or in person, and that there was no time like the present. What he said made sense, and I was so turned on by this time that it seemed stupid not to go through with it.

So he set up his video camera, turned it on and told me to start stroking whenever I was ready. The camera was set up so it had a medium close-up of my cock with some space at the top of the frame for what I hoped would be an impressive jet of cum. After about a minute of stroking, I shot my load into the air and continued to stroke my cock until nothing more came out. I was so focused on staying in frame that I didn't pay any attention to the photographer while I was masturbating. But after I came I looked over and saw that he was in the final stages of jacking off too. Since the video camera was running all by itself, he could devote himself to his own cock, not mine. Within a few seconds he came, spurting onto the studio floor.

After we had both recovered somewhat, the photographer played back the video and I could see that he'd been right to switch to video. He ran the video forward and back until he found what he considered the best frame to turn into a still photo. In the shot I eventually used, my cum was erupting in a hook-shaped rope, with a few blobs and drops flying alongside it.

I got dressed and shook hands with the photographer, thanking him for his excellent work. He assured me that he enjoyed the session as much as I did, and that if I ever needed more photos he was available anytime. Several months later, I realized I needed his services again, for a different kind of ad, but that's another story.



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