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An Eye Opener

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A few years ago I was relocated by my job to a city where reasonable cost housing was hard to find. A person in my office to be had just found a good place and offered me his room in an apt he shared with three other guys. 'No problem' I thought a place to stay while looking for the right place. I was introduced to the other three having absolutely nothing in common with any of them but still 'no problem' We were just sharing an apartment and each had our own bed room with a common kitchen and living room.

Over the next couple of months I got to know two of the guys while watching TV in the living room but one of the guys I had only seen about twice just in passing. I had however heard him a lot. He had a secret with the ladies which amounted to several times a week of VERY loud sex from both him and especially his lady of the moment with near screaming orgasm on her part and moaning/shouting on his. The other two guys said to just get used to it as it happened on a regular basis so I just resigned myself to the fact and was not too upset since I had met a nice girl at work (who eventually became my wife) and was having sex often enough so the noises from next door didn't drive me crazy.

One night I was home reading and on the way to the bathroom noticed that the door to my sex driven apartment mate's room was open and he was sitting on the edge of his bed watching TV by himself. We started to talk and he invited me in to share the TV. We talked about general life in the apartment, restaurants and things in the area where we lived and general stuff. After a while the conversation turned to him and he said it was unusual for him to be home in the evening and more unusual alone. I said,' Yeah!!' and that I heard him a lot and he must have a good trick with the ladies. He then moved to the door of his room and closed it. He then took off his pants and dropped them on the floor showing me the biggest dick I had ever seen in my life, not that I had seen many. It had to be about 6'-7' soft. I'm about 6' hard and I was impressed. He came back toward me and stopped about two feet away and started rubbing the head and massaging his balls with an occasional stroke. It started to grow (what a surprise). In about three minutes he was completely hard and about as big around as a beer can and at least 12' long. I was speechless from both the situation and the size!!

Next he put his hand into my sweat pants and started to fondle my already mostly hard dick and took my hand and put it onto his dick moving it up and down. I couldn't even get my hand all the way around it he was so big. There was no stopping things then!! Within a minute we were undressed completely on the bed rubbing, stroking and fondling each other. I was still amazed that I had a dick in my hand that I couldn't even get my hand around and was completely enjoying all the new sensations. He reached under his pillows and pulled out a big towel and put it between us and we kept on going. This went on for maybe 15 or 20 minutes and I heard the familiar loud moaning that he was about to cum. He grabbed me tight around the shoulders and pulled me toward him just as he shot a huge load onto the towel - about six squirts some of which went all the way up to our chins. This was enough to set me off and I shot off all over the place too adding my moans and cum to his, not as much as he did but then I didn't have that equipment.

We lay there for a bit with him playing with me just a bit and neither of us got soft so we started again. This time he put his back to me with my dick between his legs and my arm around him stroking that massive dick of his while he moved his legs in a stroking motion on my dick. Hands and legs kept going and after a while the breathing and moaning changed and we both came all over again sliding our cum and sweat slick bodies back and forth against each other. We used the towel to clean up and stayed naked on the bed watching TV with occasional rubs and strokes but we had both done our thing and we weren't really getting hard any more, just sort of enjoying the moment. After a while I got up, gave a final squeeze, picked up my clothes and went back to my room. Being pretty sticky I figured a shower was in order so grabbed my towel and headed off to the bathroom. Guess who was on his way in too?? With a smile we both went in together and he and I had another round in the shower.

We never really saw much of each other after that since he was back in his regular life style and I found a good place to live a short time later. I still put my hand around my arm every now and then and think how it was to have a dick in my hand that I couldn't even reach around.



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