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An Experience With Gram

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This happened a week ago and I thought you readers might enjoy this true story. I am eighteen years old and live with my parents and grandmom (Gram). I will be off to college at the end of the summer.

Now Gram is a very attractive woman and has maintained her good looks and nice figure up to her present age of fifty-nine. She just recently moved in with us after selling her home in another state. She lost her husband about a year ago. Last week my parents were going out to dinner and a movie and Gram and I ordered pizza. After eating we decided to watch a movie on TV. I took a shower, got into my pjs and Gram was wearing a nice robe.

While watching the movie I glanced over at her to say something as she was leaning forward to reach for popcorn. The front of her robe opened slightly and I got a good view of her breasts and nipples. Her nipples were huge and quite long. It was a tremendous turn-on for me and I continued to look over every time she leaned forward. Her breasts were full and very white and soft looking with a much darker areola. I quickly developed a total erection which I desperately tried to hide in my pjs. This was tough to do considering I had no undies underneath the pyjamas but I kept my hands in my lap. I maintained my erection for at least a half hour while we watched the movie and talked.

Then, when I reached for a glass of soda Gram turned to talk to me at the same time. She not only noticed the erection but also a dime-sized stain on my bright red pjs. I quickly put my hands back in my lap but Gram slid over next to me and asked me why I was hard. I was truthful and told her that I could see her breasts and nipples when she leaned forward. She smiled and told me she was flattered that she could still get a young man hard. She asked me if I liked what I saw and I told her most definitely.

Gram then took my hands out of my lap and unsnapped my pjs exposing my erect penis. She then stood up and took off her robe exposing her beautiful breasts and a partially shaved pussy. I was now completely turned on more than any of my past girl friends has turned me on. I had never seen nipples like hers. they were so long and totally erect. Gram then told me to lie on the couch and said she would be right back. She came back from the kitchen with hand lotion and some paper towels. She then slid down my pjs and began to trace lines around my balls and penis with her fingernails, never actually touching my penis. My head was propped up on a pillow and I could see a big drop of clear fluid coming out of the tip of my penis.

After a few minutes Gram began to stroke my penis and then stop and squeeze the head and then start stroking again. She would then stop and begin to lightly pinch all over the head of my penis with her fingernails. It hurt just slightly and served to further stimulate me to the point where I thought I would explode. Next she had me turn over and she proceeded to use her fingernail to play with my butt hole. Then she would insert the tip of a finger into the hole with a bit of hand lotion. She moved her finger in and out, in and out for at least five minutes. I had never been stimulated like this in my brief adult life. I was now nearly pleading with Gram to make me cum.

At last she had me turn back over on my back and she began to stroke me again except this time she went faster and I quickly felt the wonderful sensation in my groin area and the pit of my stomach that told me I was getting ready to cum. Finally, I had a tremendous orgasm with cum all over Gram's hand and my stomach and chest. Gram tenderly cleaned me up and then asked me to suck on her nipples. I was only too glad to respond to her request. While I sucked she proceeded to finger herself to a shuddering orgasm.

Gram then put on her robe and I changed pjs. I asked her if we could ever do this again and she said we could but I had to give her my word that this experience would never be shared with family or friends. I have had sex with several different girls since I was sixteen and have been masturbated by boys as well as girls and I have never had a physical experience this intense. I would love to read any similar experiences you readers may have had.



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