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An Exciting Memory

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This story is about an evening that completely out of the blue transformed into an unbelievable, amazing occurrence! It happened in my last year of the high school. In the winter I went by myself for a week to Val d'Isère in France to ski in the Alps. One evening after we've been at a night club I and four other girls of my age (18 - 19 years old) continued the night chatting in the room of two of the girls. None of us knew each other from before, except from the two girls that lived in the room. All girls except me were from UK (not the most excellent skiers i can tell you..).

None of us was exactly sober.. And we kept on drinking beer... I don't really know how it happened... We sat in a ring on the floor, talking and giggling. The actual topic was about boys and how geeky they were. When Amy said:

- 'For instance... do you know they use to compare the lengths of their dicks in the changing rooms? Isn't that totally ridiculous?'

We all laughed and giggled! Cathy cried out:

- 'Like we girls ever could do such a goofy thing!'

- 'Of course we wouldn't! We have no dicks!'

- 'But', Jenny said, 'it would be kind of fun though...'

- 'What do you mean?' I asked.

- 'Well... we have no dicks, but we have... ah, you know!'

- 'No, explain!'

Remember we were pretty tipsy by now...

- 'We've got clits, haven't we? Wouldn't it be fun to see who's the biggest...?'

And believe me or not...! After much giggling and some feeble objections, easily overruled, we all agreed. After some hesitation we all had pulled up our skirts (three of us) respectively pulled off the pants and removed the panties.

- 'B..but...', stuttered Eve. 'How... I mean... you know... something must be done to get the clit big...' She blushed...!

And she wasn't the only one blushing... But Jenny, being the proposer, explained calmly:

- 'Of course something must be done! Don't tell me you've never masturbated! All you have to do is to rub your clits; they'll grow, believe me!'

We all laughed out loud in a somewhat nervous way... And we started to caress our clits! We sat, as I said, in a circle and all of us had parted our legs widely... I don't know about the others, they were probably straight... but I for one didn't really had to do anything to make my clit grow and stiffen! For me it was enough to watch the other girls! But of course I couldn't refrain myself from touching my clit!

We all started to pant and some of us moaned loudly! At that point Jenny ordered us:

- 'Stop! Now it's enough! If you come you risk your clit will shrink again... Let's see which one's the biggest!'

We all looked around... I knew my clit was above average and I soon found out that mine was bigger than Eve's, Cathy's and Amy's clits! But Jenny had a really big clit... I was totally excited looking at the other girls throbbing clits... it was just amazing!! And now we had to find out who's clit was the biggest, Jenny's or mine! It was so thrilling... I so much wanted to win (I always want to win, no matter what...!)! Cathy found a straw to measure our clits with. Eve and Amy were so aroused that they've started to touch themselves again!

Cathy crawled in between my legs. She seized my clit between two fingers.. I couldn't help it; I let out a loud cry! Then she placed the straw at the side of my clit, which was risen almost an inch out from its hood. With a pen she marked the length on the straw.

Then she moved herself in between Jenny's legs. And now bear in mind that we had drunk a lot of beer...! Because when Cathy seized Jenny's clit, Jenny gasped and involuntary she let go of a gush of pee! The pee hit Cathy right between her thighs.. on her bare pussy! Cathy cried out but didn't move. Instead she leaned a little backwards and parted her thighs some more, obviously in order for Jenny's pee to hit her pussy more accurate! She looked a little disappointed when Jenny managed to stop the flow... We others almost laughed our hearts out and I felt a short gush of pee leave my pussy!

When we calmed down a little, Cathy went on with measuring Jenny's clit.. Well, looking at her clit now, it was obvious.. It was at least a quarter of an inch longer than mine! I leaned over and hugged her to congratulate to her victory!

By now all of us was so aroused, so downright horny that a veritable masturbation orgy followed! Both Jenny and I peed uncontrollably when we came in earthquaking orgasms!

The morning after we all put a generous amount of money together and gave the cleaning woman. She was very nice and promised that she wouldn't tell anyone...



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