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An Exciting Birthday

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My girlfriend I'll call Erin, is very sexual. I'll tell you another time about some of the things we've done together. Right now my girlfriend is in Paris, in fact she just text me to tell me she's in line for Moulin Rouge. Erin wears the sweetest little thong panties. For my birthday she invited me to go to her home she she wasn't there, and told me do whatever I wanted. This was earlier in our relationship when we had only masturbated together over text. It was very exciting.

I went in the front door and left a trail of clothes down her hall to the fridge where she had left me some beers, I took one out and opened it. She was near by so I text her a pic of my clothes in the hall. Next I went in her room, as per my request, there was a pair of her wet cum soaked panties on the end of her bed. I picked them up. I put them to my nose and deeply inhaled they were heavenly. Next I licked them. Mmmmmmm. I sat them down. Next I went to her laundry room looking for more dirty panties. There was no hamper in there. I looked in the dryer and found a load of clean panties. I should tell you, Erin is about 5 foot 6 with an amazing ass and perfect small tits. I'm 6 foot about 180. I reached in to the mother load of panties. Erin loves sexy panties and here was a whole pile of them. Many thongs are one size fits all. I don't have a panty get fetish but I decided to try one on.

The first pair weren't one size fits all so I couldn't get them on but the next pair were. I went to the full length mirror in her room and checked them out. The panties were hot pink. What I saw was my hairless package shoved into a little patch of fabric only big enough to just cover a slit with a clit. With some adjusting I managed to cover my cock and most of my sack. Erin has told me she likes to masturbate through these panties. They're so soft and feel good on her clit. I gave it a try. God she was right. I then tried on a few more. The last pair were the same type of panties only they were leopard print. She had told me she purchased them to send me a sexy pic of her. I left them on. I then went to her closet.

She told me before I went there that she wanted me to touch the fabrics of her dresses. I slipped off the panties and dropped them on the floor. Then I took dresses off their hangers and rubbed their fabrics over my body. So good. I then looked down. There was her dirty laundry with many pair of dirty panties with dried cum in the crotch. The mother load. I touched I sniffed. I tasted. Next I put on her bath robe. She had told me how soft and wonderful it was. She didn't lie. It felt good on my skin, my cock. A month or so before this event, Erin had sent me a pic of her in a bubble bath. So next I went to her bathroom and filled the tub with very warm water and bubbles. Took off the robe and got in. How exciting. I sent her a text of my legs poking up out of the bubbles. We text back and forth for a while. She said she was parked at a parking terrace near by and sent me a pic of her masturbating in her car. God she's amazing.

After my bath I dried off and went back to her room and crawled into her bed. I knew she keeps her vibrator in the bedside table. I got it out. I don't think I've ever even touched a vibrator before. I turned it on. I held it next to my cock. Hmmm. Good but not amazing. I started stroking. It was wonderful to be in her bed. I'd seen many pics of her in various stages of undress and her masturbating in this bed and now I was. I closed my eyes and stroked thinking of her and what she does here. I text her again and told her what I was doing and sent her a few pics. She's told me sometimes she puts her vibe in her ass. I rolled over and slipped it into my ass. Not earth shattering. Not bad. A little weird but I didn't hate it.

Erin had one request and that was she wanted me to cum in her sheets so she could get in bed with it. I suppose she wanted to do the same things with my cum that I'd done with hers. After stroking for 20 minutes or so, I did just that, I came a big load there where she sleeps. After laying there for a while just enjoying being in her private place, I finally got up. And reluctantly got dressed and left. I text her as I left thanking her for the best birthday gift I ever received.



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