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An Examination by More Than the Doc

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Hope we can take another doctor story. All these stories of late, brought back a pleasant memory, that took place years ago.


Around the age of 26, started noticing nervous feelings (maybe the life style then)? Wondering if something was physically wrong, decided to confront mother,(Mom at the time was a practicing RN).

Mom was working for a lady doctor at the time and must have spoken to the doctor of my situation? The next day a visit was scheduled to an office way across town.

Leaving for office visit an hour early, must have passed building up three times before finding correct address.

Entered building and noticed all ladies in lobby. Walked to nurses station and gave name. After a little scolding for being late, was given some paper work to fill out.

Following turning in paper work was escorted to a small cubicle by a nurse, and was told kinda rudely, or so I thought, to remove all rings, watches, clothes, even underwear, slip this gown on and return to the nurses station.

Not wanting to further upset this nurse, quicky undressed and slipped gown over head. Walking past all the ladies in the lobby, thought I heard some oohs, gasping? Stepping up to the nurses station, was told by a different lady to please be seated in the lobby and the nurse would be right back.

Had to walk in front of all these ladies again, to find a empty chair. Sitting down in this gown reminded me, of a girl trying to sit wearing a very short skirt.

Glancing around lobby noticed some of the ladies seemed almost sexually flushed? Maybe it was just myself but, these women looked as if they had just read a erotic sex scene in one of them womans magazines?

The same Nurse as before, called name and told me to follow her to a exam room. Seemed as all ladies in lobby were giving me bright smiles and watching my trip to this exam room?

Entering room, was told to sit on exam table that was covered in paper. Nurse asked a few questions, filled out paper, checked blood pressure. Was instructed to remove gown, sit back down on table and the Doctor would be seeing me in a while. Upon leaving the nurse pulled door with such a force, it bounced back fully open.

Here I am, no clothes on, facing hall door that is wide open. I'm not getting up, that stern nurse told me to sit here and wait for the doctor.

A few ladies walked by door, they looked in door, yes they saw me naked. The looks on there faces were kinda hot.

This place, I was quickly finding out, was very busy. In the short time period of about fifteen minutes, before the doctor finally arrived. There had been very many ladies that had acually looked in room and saw me undressed.

One lady, nicely dressed, maybe a business lady, did a double take. Looked into room, stopped, looked down at my cock, smiled, another lady bumped into her, looked into room, saw my cock, both ladies walked off laughing.

I was not doing enything wrong, was able to expose nude self to a constant flow of, nicely dressed mature older ladies! How hot is that was that.

This story goes on, I'll try to be brief.

The doctor came in room looking like, she had read the same erotic story, or heard about it, as the ladies in the lobby.

Oh yea the door was closed.

Upon the exam, doctor held balls, looked at cock, asked to turn head and cough. Took a few x-rays.

The nurse arrived just before x-rays, maybe to help? Walked me to an x on the floor, that's when it happened! There was a big mirror in far corner of the room, this gown had no back to it! I was actually looking at my own ass, cock, balls and everything! I had exposed myself in the main lobby of a very busy ladies clinic! Not just once but, thinking about it, numerous times!

Finished exam, held back closed on gown this time in front of nurses station and through lobby, dressed and went home.

Laying in bed at home, remembered look on ladies faces. Started masturbating, orgasmed with such a force, first three jets of cum shot over my shoulder. Had never shot that far ever, usually the amount is just a lot. Aiming cock straight up in air, was like a mini volcano erupting, shot after shot of the creamy white lava erupted into air. What an orgasm and what an experience!!!

Happy jilling Mature Ladies!



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