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An Evening With My Buddies F. & M.

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"An evening with my buddies F. and M."
One spring evening in 1942 the phone rang at my house. I answered, and my good friend, P., asked if I was doing anything special. F. came from a well-to-do family, his father a prominent local doctor. He had an older sister away at college. He and I were both 16 at the time and attended the same high school.
"No, I'm not doing much, what's up?", I answered.
"Oh, my folks are out tonight, and M. is over here, so we were kinda wonderin' if you'd like to come over and play with the electric trains" he explained.
Although it was, in fact, true that he had a terrific Lionel model train set-up which his father had built for him in the basement of their big house, and I very much enjoyed playing with it, I could guess immediately that, with his parents gone, P. was strongly hinting that he had something else in mind; another delightful evening together with our good friend M., doing what we enjoyed most: masturbating together. I had no homework, and anyway it was a weekend, so how could I refuse such an exciting invitation? In addition, since I hadn't masturbated for almost a week, I was feeling rather horny, to say the least!
I often jacked off in bed at night, but had to remain quiet when I climaxed, since my father's bedroom was right next to mine. I usually kept a handkerchief between the mattress and the box spring which I used to catch my cum.
"Sure, I'll be right over", I answered excitedly. Telling my dad that I was going over to F.'s house to play with the model trains, I set out across the vacant lot at the rear of our house. His house was at the other end of the lot, less than two blocks away. I tried to imagine what we might be doing tonight as I hastened up the steps to the front porch and rang the bell.
A long stairway led directly down to the front door, and, as I looked through the window, I could see that F. was coming down the stairs to meet me. I gasped at what I saw: he was completely naked!
As F. opened the door and stood in front of me I saw, to my utter delight, that his cock was completely hard, standing out from his somewhat "pudgy" body, straining and throbbing. F. had a very nice complexion, sandy hair and pink cheeks. I was totally enthralled by the sight of his erect penis and, without hesitating an instant, knelt in front of him, taking his youthful 5-3/4 inches into my mouth, and sucking him off for two minutes or so. I hadn't even stopped to take my jacket off yet!
"Oh, man, does that feel great", he said, "M. is upstairs; let's go up and join him." I needed no further encouragement and, removing my mouth from his penis, I started up the steps with P. in front of me.
Reaching the large guest bedroom over the double garage, I greeted M., who was also totally nude and stretched out across the big double bed. M. was tall and skinny, a little gauky, not terribly good looking, and a bit awkward, but what really always caught my attention was his enormous cock, which I thought was a real monster. Quite thick at the base, I estimated it to be close to seven inches long and compared to F.'s and mine, it had to be the biggest penis I'd ever seen.
Just then I felt a wonderful sensation as F., standing behind me, reached between my legs and began to fondle my balls through my clothes. "Come on, take your clothes off", he begged frantically. I needed no further encouragement, and began peeling off my jacket, my shirt, pants, and, finally, my jockey shorts, which were by now bulging quite noticeably with my rapidly swelling penis.
Finally stepping out of my shorts, my cock stood out from my slim body, and my balls hung deliciously underneath. Seeing no reason to leave my shoes and socks on either, I took them off as well. Now, completely and totally naked, I stood proudly in front of P. and M., trembling with anticipation and increasing excitement. They looked at me with smiles on their faces.
My erect penis is about 6-1/3 inches long, nothing out of the ordinary, and as was the case with almost all of us boys in my generation, I was circumcised as well. I had been masturbating for the better part of three years, and enjoyed the fabulous sensations which my stroking produced.
Upon seeing my stiff, hard cock in front of him, F. immediately dropped to his knees, and guiding my cock to his lips, exclaimed: "This is in return for your nice job downstairs". The sensations were driving me crazy as his head bobbed slowly up and down on my rock hard cock, and his hands gently fondled my balls. I was trying desperately not to cum yet since I knew the best was yet to come!
"Hey, is there anything you guys can do about this little problem?", M. asked from his place on the bed, meanwhile pointing his enormous beauty at us. We laughed and walked over to the bed. P. decided to lie down next to M. and began playing with him, stroking his bloated penis head with his left hand, while M. returned the favor and began jacking him with his right hand.
As P. and M. lay together on the bed, their legs touching the floor in front of me, stroking one another, I had an idea. Sinking down onto the floor at the edge of the bed, and kneeling comfortably in front of M., I slowly began licking his legs, beginning at his knees and gradually moving my mouth up the inside of his thighs. Automatically M. spread his legs apart as I reached his glorious ball sack. I took each ball carefully in my mouth and sucked gently on them as M. groaned in total delight. Now I slowly lifted F's hand from M's cock, and replaced it with my mouth. At the same time, I gripped F.'s hard tool in my left hand and Jacked him.
"Oh, yeah, that's terrific", M. hissed at me through clenched teeth. This enormous monster with its bloated head was simply too much for me to take entirely into my mouth, but I did the best I could to engulf the mighty organ. My young mouth was only able to swallow about 5-1/2 inches, but that was it, and what I lacked in penetration I tried to make up for in warmth and tongue action, often twirling around the rim underneath the head and sometimes quickly flicking my tongue back and forth across the tip of his cock. (It's called the "butterfly flick", something one of my girl friends later became rather proficient at performing on me!)
Now it was P's turn to receive my attention, and, removing my mouth from M's beautiful, but almost too enormous cock, I slowly moved my head across his hips and unto P's. front and transferred my sucking action to P. At the same time, my right hand came up and began to stroke M.'s huge cock. I always found P. was a bit more comfortable for sucking and I had less trouble getting his whole 5-3/4 inches into my mouth and pushing right down to his skin as my nose snuggled against his stomach hair and my chin nestled in his balls.
I continued to move back and forth between F's. and M's glowing erections, meanwhile alternating hands as well: as I sucked one boy, I jacked off the other one. Both of them moaned in response to my expert sucking and stroking, as they lay, totally at my pleasure, in front of me on the bed. This continued for per- haps four or five minutes, as I enjoyed the slightly salty taste of their cocks, each of which had a different feel and sensation. Soon, I began yearn for some attention of my own. My penis was straining and my balls ached. Something really had to be done about my condition.
"Hey, guys, how about me? I feel a bit neglected", I complained, standing up in front of them and exhibiting my rock hard cock, which was beginning to jerk up and down as I became ever more aroused. Laughing, both P. and M. sat up on the bed, and fitting actions to words, began to tenderly use their mouths in all the right places: as M. sucked my penis, F. jiggled my balls in his hands. Then they would change places and as F. sucked me off, M. hung his head over the edge of the bed and took my balls gently into his large mouth, one by one, and sucked hungrily on them.
After standing in front of them for less than five minutes, barely able to continue remaining vertical anymore, I gasped breathlessly, my heart racing: "O-0-0, man, is this ever great, but guys, I can't take it much longer ... man, oh man, take it easy, I can't held out much longer, I don't want to cum yet ....
Sensing that I was about to lose all control, they reluctantly released their mouths from my cock and balls. Incidentally, we never did cum in each other's mouths, though I've since wished I could have experienced it, at least once. Normally we either masturbated in front of each other, or, better, gave each other a nice, slow hand job.
"Wow, guys, you're just terrific, but I don't want to shoot my load quite yet. I've got a wonderful plan to help us cum off together", I finally said after regaining some semblance of control over my body.
"P., before I tell you my plan, have you got some of that nice cold cream from your mother's room that we used last month?", I asked.
F. went down the hall to his mother's room to get the cold cream, while M. and I passed the time by slipping into a 69 position and sucking each other's engorged cocks. Man, was that ever a great sensation: to be sucked by another boy at the same time I was sucking him off!!
Returning in a moment with the cold cream, F. observed rather sarcastically: "So this is what you do when I'm out of the room. Looks great, guys", and he then attached his mouth to M.'s balls while I continued to suck M. for a couple of minutes. However, I had other things in mind and it was now time to rest up a little as I explained what I wanted to do. Relaxing on the floor for a few minutes, I now presented my mutual masturbation plan to them.
'Let's sit here on the floor against this cedar chest at the bottom of the bed, and do it together but this time, let's do it a little differently," I explained.
"I want you two to sit on either side of me, and as I use both hands to jack both of you off at the same time, I want you both to jack me off. I want each of you to alternate jacking me off, or, if you want, you can both jack me off at the same time, one of you stroking my cock at the bottom of my shaft, and the other stroking the tip, but moving together. In any case, the one rule should be that we are not allowed to touch ourselves in any way. The only way we can cum is to have the other guy bring as off. You guys get what I mean?"
Both of them thought this was a terrific idea, and as the three of us sat down on the floor, leaning back against the cedar chest, P. took the lid off the Pond's Cold Cream, and put a load of the slippery white cream on his right hand, before passing it to M. who took a generous supply for his left hand and placed the jar on the floor between my legs. Since both my hands would be engaged in masturbating the two boys, I needed to supply both hands with cold cream.
"Let's be real careful about cuming", P. advised, getting into the spirit of my plan. "If anyone feels like he can't hang on any longer, he should warn the guy who is jacking him off to slow down and even stop. Let's see if we can shoot our loads as close together as possible".
M. and I both agreed, and as I sat in the middle of this lovely "circle jerk" (except it wasn't really a "circle"!), I slowly brought both my hands down over the heads of the two lovely cocks on either side of me: to my left was F.'s more diminutive 5-3/4 incher with it's bright pink head and slim shaft, and to my right, M.'s mighty 7 inch beauty, capped by a bloated, deep red hood which reminded me oddly of a mushroom. The cold cream was slippery and terrifically arousing.
At that same moment, F. brought his right hand down over my hard penis, followed by M., who used his left hand. They both stroked downward, but after a few downward strokes they changed so that they both were stroking upward. They alternated their strokes in this manner as they together expertly masturbated me. The sensations were unbelievable: two young boys (16), both of whom were servicing my hard cock!! We did not really attempt to stroke together in any kind of synchronized rhythms; we merely set our own pace as we felt most comfortable.
It was extremely arousing to see their eyes glazing over, to hear their increasing growls of lust and pleasure, and to realize that 1, alone, was responsible for causing these extremely pleasurable sensations, just as they were the complete masters of my penis. As they lovingly stroked my cock, I felt as if I were in seventh heaven, moaning and groaning. I couldn't believe I was so lucky as to have two such fine young friends. And I couldn't believe the happiness and pleasure that this simple act was giving us all. We were happy and content with each other's young bodies, grateful to be able to enjoy each other so intimately and selflessly.
Because of all our earlier sucking and jacking, combined with the very slippery feel of the cold cream on our rock-hard tools, we were already fairly close to our climaxes, and in less than five minutes, it became all too apparent that all three of us were getting close to our orgasmic release.
"Oh, man, uh, stop, please stop right now! --Oh, stop. -otherwise I'm going to cum!!", F. implored me huskily, sucking in his breath through clenched teeth and struggling mightily to control himself. Since I was stroking his penis, he had no way of controlling his sensations, so I immediately stopped my pleasuring of his little beauty, as we'd agreed to do. I'd never remembered seeing it quite so alive, nor felt its gorgeous hardness so dramatically before. M. was still able to maintain a modicum of control, though I sensed he, too, was having a difficult time maintaining himself from letting loose as well.
"Just breathe deeply and slowly, through your mouth," I started to instruct P. Suddenly, foundering, I began stuttering, "and-uh-uh-uh-uh, r-e-l-a-x-x, as I sensed that I, too, was now at the edge! These two young men were doing me slowly and oh-so-expertly, and their twin stroking of my engorged and slippery penis was leading me to dizzying heights of ecstasy as I sensed I was about to lose complete control of myself.
"OK, guys, gadzucks, oh, yeah, I can't hold on much longer ... please stop now, please, please", I begged hoarsely. "Guys, remember our agreement ... I'm going to cum if you don't stop..., come on guys, please stop, please." Since both my hands were involved in jacking them off and their arms were over mine, there was no way I could make them stop by pushing their arms out of the way.
It became immediately apparent that my pleas were in vain, as P. and M., looking at each other, smiled wickedly. Their stroking became more intense, each one matching the other in pacing as their hands alternated, one after the other, beautifully stroking and caressing my rock hard cock.
OH ------ YOWIE, *J-A-C-K ** M-E ** O-F-F!!!, I'M STARTING TO CUM --- NOW, HERE I C-C-C-U-M-M.... I cried out ecstatically, totally losing all control of my flailing, spastic body. I floated in space as their supple hands expertly manipulated my boiling cock, bringing me over the edge, and I spasmed joyously, spurting a large jet of warm, sticky semen up and out of my raging cock. Now, as M. continued to masturbate me, stroking my glistening, slippery penis, F. reached down and spread cold cream over my balls, tenderly fondling them as M. finished me off in a stupendous, crashing finish!!!
In the meantime, my own hands were busy, almost on auto-pilot now, continuing to masturbate those two beautiful cocks, covered with slippery cold cream and just aching to explode. As I rode the crest of my own mighty orgasm, I regained just enough control to concentrate on bringing them off as they, in turn, milked the final drops of semen from the head of my rapidly flagging cock.
Since he had already been stopped once, F. was able to maintain some control until he heard M. call out to me: "OKAY, OKAY, OH MAN, THIS IS GREAT, I LOVE IT, I'M CUMMING, YEAH!!! YEAH!!!, I'M CUMMING N-0-W. I'M CUMMING, DO IT!! MAKE ME CUM! PLEASE, PLEASE, DO IT TO ME, JACK ME OFF!!! E-E-E-E-0-0-0-0-!!!
In that same instant, voila, F., let out a load grunt, and sucking in air, also begin to climax! Quite amazingly, I was causing both of them to cum in the same instant!!! My hands were in perfect sync as I began to bring both boys up over the edge, stroking up and down, up and down, the slippery cold cream lubricating their engorged shafts!! The air was rent with moans, grunts, groans and shouts as both boy's bodies flailed about, their legs suddenly stiffening in front of them, their cum juices preparing to spurt from the ends of their spasming cocks!!
Now I knew exactly what I had to do, and turning the thrashing, jerking penises of both boys toward me and continuing to stroke slowly and intensely, I caused both of them to shoot directly onto my face, shoulders, neck and chest. I was in paradise as their ejaculations spattered onto my nude body!!
All three of us now slumped down onto the floor as we continued to hold on to each other's shriveling, exhausted cocks, slowly stroking the intensely sensitive heads until, covered with our juices, we lay totally spent, our lust satisfied, quietly resting and enjoying the exquisite results of this beautiful experience.
Reaching over to where he had conveniently placed a box of Kleenex, F. gave each of us several sheets. Since we had pleasured each other, it was only natural for us to want to clean each other up as well. Tenderly I cleaned F's penis, while M. cleaned my balls, cock, chest and arms, and F. cleaned M. After wiping each other's ejaculations off our flushed bodies, we then cleaned up the floor where the precious fruits of our orgasm had spilled, and flushed all the Kleenex down the toilet.
Slowly, almost reluctantly, we dressed again. It had been one of the most rewarding, delicious evenings in recent memory. Refreshed and relaxed, the three of us went downstairs for some milk and chocolate chip cookies.
I thanked F. and M. for a glorious evening and, as I stumbled out the door to go home, heard the approaching car of F's. parents coming up the driveway. I wondered, as I walked shakily home through the vacant lot behind my house, if F.'s father and mother had any inkling as to what had gone on in their house that night.
Coming in through the back door of my house, I noted that my parents had already gone to bed, and I went directly to my room, totally satisfied and at peace. Tonight I needn't take care of myself, because I had already experienced the most terrific evening I could imagine! I undressed and, before putting on my pajamas, took one last loving look at my most prized possession: my penis! Putting on my pajamas, I climbed into bed and was soon in a deep, restful sleep, already dreaming of our next masturbation session. --Anonymous



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