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An Evening Stroll

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It's 11:50pm on a Thursday night and I'm restless. I know I should wind down for the night, but I am terrified of my own bed. It's been six weeks since my girlfriend left for the summer and in just one more week she will finally return...just one more week. My sexual frustration has built up to unhealthy levels, and the increasingly dirty dreams filling my head at all hours have made it hard to focus, hard to sleep...hard in general.

I decide to take a quick walk outside in the crisp night in air what is surely a feeble attempt at relaxation. I'm still new to the area having just moved in a few short months ago on my 24th birthday to take a new tech job in the city. As a result there are plenty of new places within the neighborhood for me to explore. I walk past one of the local bars and gaze in jealousy at the couples inside laughing together, flirting playfully even though they both know full well what they will be doing later.

I continue walking.

*Why does everything I see or hear need to remind me of the one thing I can't currently have??*

I take a left, past a few apartment buildings, then a right, and suddenly I find myself in a place I have not yet seen or explored. There's an upscale hotel on the street complete with a fancy looking courtyard and a swanky restaurant. The side of the building is almost completely dark, but on the far side of the structure there is one window emitting a soft glow. I walk down curious to see what the inside of these clearly expensive rooms are like...And then I see you.

My innocent investigation has resulted in a breathtaking view of you just as you stand up from the desk in your room. Your body is incredible, and my eyes cant help but roll over every inch, every curve of your beauty.

*I should go...but I can't. I need to see more.*

You turn and walk away from me toward the bed leaving me with a fresh look at you from a second angle. Your hair is laying softly on one shoulder and your sexy black dress is tightly hugging your tantalizing ass. Slowly, mercifully, you reach up behind you with one hand to grasp the zipper at the top of your dress.

*I really need to leave. This isn't helping*

Your zipper begins crawling down your back and I'm entranced. As your dress begins to slide of your body I am treated to the glorious sight of your perfect ass just barely covered by the lacy black cheek-hugging panties you are wearing.

Suddenly I see the reflection of a bright blue light from the desk near the window. You gracefully twirl around to grab your phone....

*Oh shit, I'm just standing here...in the open*

You see me. How could you not? I'm the guy who looks as though he has been frozen in time directly in the center of the sidewalk. A potent combination of fear and embarrassment surge through my body and I quickly look away. I try to pretend I am looking all over the place; up at the stars, across the street, but I take the opportunity to steal a glance back at your window.

*She is still staring at me! I should go before the cops get here*

But I'm just close enough to see your eyes, and they don't look angry. In fact, they look like mine do every time I look in the mirror. You want something, and I feel like that something might be me.

Your hand glides up and rests on your neck, your head tilts subtly to the side and I can tell you are thinking. Unlike you; however, I can't think, the view is almost too much. Your bra has your breasts pushed up and your cleavage is hypnotizing. The light is dancing off your smooth soft skin making you appear to glow like the most erotic firefly in the world.

Your head straightens up definitively and you posture drastically changes. I can tell you have reached a decision. You bend over the desk and begin to write something on a piece of paper.

*That arched back...that ass*

You press the paper to the window and display in large bold characters: 256

I feel my pants begin to tighten even more than they already were. My heart races, and the gears in my brain start spinning faster than they have in a long time.

*I can't go. I need to leave*

*I NEED to leave*

*I will not cheat*

*There must be a better solution*

Slowly, conveniently I come to a realization. There is no way I am going home and going to sleep right now anyway. I have to cum tonight and if I am going to get myself off thinking of this angel in the window I might as well get a better view while I do it.

The trip up to room 256 took less than 30 seconds. I'm not sure my feet even touched the floor in the lobby or on the stairs.

You clearly are just as excited as me because the door flies open before I even have a chance to knock.

We lock eyes immediately and my now statuesque cock continues to throb in my pants.

"I'm glad you came in for a better view" you slyly remark

I attempt to form a logical sentence: "I...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be a-"

"shhh" you interrupt "all I want is a fair trade, you stole a peek at me, I want to get a better look at you in return"

You step aside and guide me into the room before taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

"Well, take it off!" you playfully urge.

I'm still to nervous to speak, but begin by lifting my shirt off over my head. I see your eyes immediately begin to devour my body. I'm in great shape, and I can see you appreciate my toned abs, and seductive hip lines that seem to guide your glances down to my still covered package.

"Wow....keep going..." is all you are able to say

I undo my belt an pants and drop them to the floor leaving me standing in front of you pitching a tent.

"Please...I...want to see it" you plead

The power has shifted enough in my favor that I feel like bargaining: "well, it wouldn't be fair if I was the only one to get naked...."

I barely finished the sentence before you unclasped your bra and slid it off your shoulders. Your tits are perfect, and doing a wonderful job of displaying just how aroused you are at the entire situation.

Your hands manoeuvre up and each latch on to a handful of breast giving them a lustful squeeze while you lock eyes with me and bite your lip.

"I lost an article...your turn"

I'm not in the mood to argue and carefully guide my boxers down over my saluting 7.5 inch member.

We both remain locked in place, unable to decide what to do next.

Finally I make a move. I have always secretly wanted to let my exhibitionist side loose and put on a show for a woman. That urge; combined with the fact that I knew I could not give in to my desires and passionately take this beautiful women, led me to slowly wrap my hand around my shaft.

You let out what I can only describe as a cross between a gasp and a moan as I begin to slowly stroke my cock. My eyes are feverishly tearing through your body. Every sexy detail, every mesmerizing aspect of you is coaxing me closer and closer to the edge.

"Fuck..." well at least you were able to put together a whole word this time

Clearly my display has pushed you to a new level as well because you hurriedly push you panties aside and begin to gingerly slide your fingers up and down your glisteningly wet slit.

We stay like this, both drinking the other one in, slowly fucking ourselves into new realms of heaven for what seemed like an hour. The head of my cock began to loose its resolve and gave way to a slow trickle of pre-cum that seemed to grow stronger with each long pump of my fist.

Finally you can't take it anymore. I hear your breath begin to quicken an your eyes transform from an assertive confident stare to a look of pleading, almost desperation. It's as if you are begging for this orgasm to cut you free and release the overwhelming tension inside your body.

Your hips rock steadily back and forth as you begin to cum. I slow my pace to make sure I last long enough to take in the entire glory of what is happening.

Soft whimpers gradually turn into border-line cries as your orgasm hits its magnificent stride. Your free hand searches your body, squeezing, pinching, stroking anything it finds. Your head throws itself backwards and the grand finale sees the area just above your breasts shift colors as you seem to forget to breathe during the height of your pleasure.

Out of breath you glance up at me and the sight of your topless body fresh off a powerful orgasm is too much for me to take. My strokes grow quicker, my muscles flex and I teeter on the edge..

"I want your cum" you growl as you drop yourself down in front of me and present your perfect breasts

I shake heavily as my orgasm hits. Wave after wave of powerful convulsions send my load launching out onto your tits. The look on your face is one of pure joy. It's as if I've given you a priceless gift, when in reality, you have given one to me. My legs are weak and I am forced to rest my hand on your shoulder to regain my composure.

"That was incredible" I gasp as we both stand up and I begin to search for my cloths.

"I know" you reply "I really needed that"

At this point I realize I have left you a complete mess with the remnants of my orgasm still glazing your phenomenal chest.

"Oh, sorry about that" I explain "let me get you a wash cloth"

"No need" you retort "I have it covered"

You then casually slip out of your panties and use the crotch to wipe up every last drop before nonchalantly climbing back into them.

We briefly engage in a round of small talk as I gather my clothes and agree that while what transpired was fun, it should really end there. You walk me to the door of the room and release me back into the world making sure to leave the door open just long enough for me to sneak one last look at the stunning topless woman still marinading in my cum.

*did that really just happen*



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