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An Erotic Summer Vacation

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I learned about sex the way most young boys do: misinformation from other boys and from looking at "dirty" magazines. Those magazines, which are quite tame by today's standards, featured bare breasts, an occasional bare ass view, and no pussy shots (even with legs closed). I stared endlessly at these photos, with a hard erection. I would occasionally stoke my prick, but no more.
The theme during this period (I was around 9 yo) was that I found a way to be bound at some point while scanning these photos. I had some pictures of women bound - the damsel-in-distress classic photo - and it greatly excited me. Acting alone, I was unable to bind myself so that I couldn't escape; rather, I would manage to wrap the ropes around my hands, arms, and legs and pretend to have been bound by someone else. Our house had a large walk-in attic with overhead beams. I would organize it so that I managed to tie myself up either sitting in a chair or standing with the rope draped over a beam and with my arms tied above my head. In either case, my pants were dropped to my ankles so that my prick was exposed. I would fantasize that someone had bound me and was forcing me to look at these pictures. I continued looking at whatever magazine scene was in front of me as I attempted to "free" myself from the ropes.
I watched my prick become hard and bounce around as I "struggled" to get free. Over time, I also began to notice that my prick's head would become enlarged as I continued to look at these photos.
This went on for quite a while until something fascinating happened one day. I had tied myself to a beam, with my arms stretched over my head, and was looking at a particularly arousing photo of a busty woman with large, erect nipples. (To this day, nipples are my favorite play thing while making love.) I had completely stripped before tying myself up (which was unusual) and my prick was feeling very "itchy".
As I looked at the photo and continued to "struggle" against the ropes, my prick felt itchier and itchier. Then the most amazing thing happened: it felt as if I was going to pee and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Instead of peeing, a strange milky, viscous fluid came spurting out of my prick!
There I was - bound with my arms tied over my head, nude, and helpless - and this "thing" happened to me. I was really scared! I had no idea what had happened, except that it was frightening, and that it was probably my punishment for being "bad".
Needless to say, I did not repeat my (by now, regular) attic bondage/strip sessions for many weeks.
After I was sure I didn't do something horrible to myself, I worked up the courage to return to the attic. The very first time back, I got the "itchy" feeling again. This time, instead of tying myself up, I fondled my prick. Lo and behold, the itchiness increased until this amazing fluid again came spurting out of my prick without my being able to do anything to stop it.
This time, I was more curious than frightened. I also found the spurting sensation to be very pleasant.
Thus began my masturbation career. I quickly worked my newly discovered masturbation activity into the bondage sessions. I would first strip, masturbate until I was ready to come, and then tie myself up and be "forced" to wait. I organized it so that I was bound near something on which I could rub my prick. The friction was enough so that I could tease myself, but not enough to make me cum. I would then manage to "free" myself, masturbate until I was ready to cum again, and repeat the bondage / teasing procedure. This continued until I could no longer stand it and then I finally allowed myself to cum.
So I learned that prolonging orgasm, with a lot of playful teasing, really heightened my enjoyment.
A very exciting aspect to my attic sessions was that one of the overhead beams was near a window. I would sometimes tie myself up to this beam and have my nude bondage masturbation scene played out in front of the window. The woman next door was a stay-at-home mom who had very nice and large tits. I fantasized that she also had large, erect nipples like the woman whose picture was associated with my first orgasm. I apparently had an exhibitionist streak, and the prospect of her watching me greatly added to my excitement.
Masturbation became a daily event in the attic. The attic bondage arena wasn't safe when my parents were home, mainly on the weekends, so I had to find other places (and ways) to masturbate. I needed visual stimuli (I mainly still do), and it was difficult to keep my growing supply of magazines / photos well hidden. Masturbating in bed was risky because of the tell tale stains that could be left behind.
The basement of our house was large with a number of rooms with dark corners that afforded good hiding places. I found a number of locations to hide my magazines and to masturbate. The most exciting times, though, were in the attic where I would fantasize that someone was with me and watching: either the one who had tied me up, or my neighbor who was watching me through the window. I liked being "watched" as I teased my prick and discovered ways to make it very sensitive. I fantasized that the viewer was giving me instructions on what to do and when to finally let go.
My prick's head became very sensitive as I got close to cumming, so it was fun to devise ways to tease it and hold off as long as possible to maintain this delightful feeling. What worked best was to wrap my thumb and forefinger just below the head and use alternating squeeze / release motions. I could keep this up for a long time, becoming progressively more aroused. When I did cum, I liked seeing how far my spurts would travel. The spurt distance was correlated with my degree of arousal.
I was a veteran masturbator by the time I was 13. It turned out that my male cousin, who was the same age and lived nearby, had amazingly followed a nearly parallel sexual track. We discovered our common interest in bondage and "playing around" somewhat by accident one day. After a number of fumbling attempts to talk about "it" during other times together, we finally broached the subject and talked very tentatively about "doing it" together. The "it", of course, was masturbation. Our curiosity - i.e., how does another boy do "it"? - was strong enough to overcome the embarrassment of someone else knowing you did "it".
We built up to this scary prospect in the only way we could manage - by putting it in a very "clinical" context. We went through an elaborately neutral description of the locations and ways that we each conducted our individual bondage and masturbation acts. It was as if we were two researchers giving papers on adolescent sexual practices. (I'm chuckling as I write this.) I showed him my attic and basement hideouts and described, superficially, what I did there. He showed me those areas in his house where he acted out his similar fantasies - bedroom closet, spare bedroom, areas in the basement, and a special hideout in a wooded area near his house - and he described his activities in an equally superficial way.
After much fumbling around, we decided to try "it" one day in my attic and, as "host", I would go first. This was my "first time" and I was scared, curious, and excited. I wasn't sure if I could expose myself to another person; it was embarrassing, and what if I was "different"? I had never seen anyone's erection other than my own. What did his prick look like? Was it larger, smaller or different from mine. If so, which prick was "better"? What did his prick feel like? Did it get hard and erect in the same way as mine? What happened when he came? Did he spurt too? Like me? Etc.
I didn't have the nerve to strip, so I decided to remain clothed and "just be tied to the chair to show you how I did that". I showed him how I tied myself in a sitting position and described how I managed to "free" myself, masturbate, and to alternate these activities until I came. He then tied me to the chair with my hands behind my back and my legs tied to the chair legs. For the first time in my attic career, I was really bound and helpless, and someone was actually watching! My level of excitement was incredible. And the bulge in my pants was embarrassingly noticeable.
He noticed it and pointed it out to me. "What's that?" he said with a giggle. I couldn't respond since I was somewhere between excitement and mortification. "Is it hard?" he said. Still nothing from me. "I'd better see if you're ok" he said and proceeded to fondle my prick through my jeans. I squirmed and struggled against the ropes but, since I was bound and truly helpless, what could I do?
My scariness - and embarrassment - soon wore off as my excitement rose. I gasped as he began to unbutton my jeans and then managed - with my help! - to slip them down to my ankles so that I was nude from the waist down. He, too, was very curious about what a boy with an erection was supposed to look like and took some time checking things out. He looked at my erect prick from all sides and gingerly touched it (to check for hardness I suppose). He then knelt down next to me and put his hand on my prick and began to stroke up/down. I watched in fascination as someone else's hand masturbated me, and while I was bound! By then I was so aroused that I came almost immediately.
We both were startled by the force and amounts of the fluid that blasted out of my prick. He instinctively took his hand away as he bent backwards, from the shock of what he was seeing, but apparently my moans caused him to realize that I needed hard stroking to finish off. He stroked my prick hard for a little while until things settled down. Wow! Cum juice was everywhere -- on my shirt, legs, floor and some on him. He untied me and stood by while I cleaned up.
"Now it's your turn!" I said to him. He was more than ready and offered no resistance at all. It seemed all right to duplicate what had happened to me, including how he was tied and how his pants were slipped down to his ankles. It was fascinating to see, and to have my hand on, someone else's erect prick. He was very excited and aroused, and he came just as soon as I began to stroke him. He also produced strong surges.
A number of curiosities were satisfied in that first time experience. His prick was essentially the same as mine in size and shape (we are both circumcised). It was sensitive in about the same places. He also came the same way I did. It was nice to find out that I wasn't "different". Overall, our fumbling, first-time joint masturbation & bondage session was a great success. For whatever reason, neither of us was feeling awkward or embarrassed afterwards. In fact, we were both kind of giddy over what had happened and we eagerly looked forward to more.
I could hardly wait for our next time so that we could do "it" using my favorite overhead / standing / arms outstretched bondage position. I again went first and was bound fully clothed. He slowly undressed me by pulling my shirt up over my head and my pants and underwear down to my ankles. Being stripped and exposed in this "helpless' position greatly added to my excitement. It was quite a sight to see my prick standing out at attention and being the center of attention of my "captor".
The newness of having a partner who had bound and stripped me and placed me in this totally exposed position was incredibly arousing. As before, I came quickly once he began to stroke me. We reversed operations and he came equally quickly.
Our shyness had decreased by our third time together and now we were interested in exploring our bodies, as well as stretching things out a bit. He soon discovered that I responded more intensely to his on again / off again manipulations than to constant stroking. In other words, I liked to be teased. He would proceed to tease me mercilessly. Since I was bound, there was nothing I could do to "stop" him from teasing me in this condition. He kept it up until he finally made me cum. By then I was so aroused that I spurted cum in all directions, including getting some on him. We both thought that was great fun.
I was determined to return the favor, so I teased him until he was begging me to allow him to cum. While my prick's head is my most sensitive area, his prick was about equally sensitive throughout its length. Consequently, slow strokes along its entire length really got to him. I finally allowed him to cum and held his throbbing prick so that I could aim where his spurting cum fell. It was fun to get him highly aroused, and then to tease and finally make him cum. I especially liked the moaning and squirming leading up to climax, and then the noises and body muscular twitches that accompanied orgasm. It was really neat to be able to cause such an intense reaction in another person! It was also fun to be the one deciding when his orgasm was to occur.
A number of things were very revealing from this session: we both liked to be teased and responded well to it, and it was obvious that this was the preferred method to reach climax.
We spent every week day together that summer for at least a little while. Occasional sleepovers took place. In bed, we used towels for bondage purposes and socks like condoms to catch our cum in. We were both prone to loud orgasms, so we had to restrain ourselves to quiet mmmfffphs. It was great fun. Our mothers were pleased that we were playing so well together. Little did they know!
As time went by, our bondage scenes evolved in interesting ways. The bound person really was out of control and could only offer suggestions - or pleads! - regarding the course of events. We found it was more fun if the active partner took total control of the situation and did whatever he wished to the other (and to himself). In other words, top and bottom roles depended on who was bound (bottom) and who was calling the shots (top).
While bondage was a common erotic theme, we sometimes skipped it and went directly to masturbating. To keep it interesting, we began to make up masturbation games. It turned out we each had very lively imaginations.
Sometimes we would take turns masturbating each other. He would masturbate me in whatever way he chose and, after I came, I would return the favor for him. At other times we would mutually masturbate while watching the other. This had two variations. In one, we would alternate masturbating so that the one watching called out the moves for the other. In the other, we did it together but would alternate calling out the moves that both of us performed simultaneously.
Just like bondage, the games we played evolved in intriguing ways. Some of the games we devised included: who could last the longest, who could cum the soonest, who could spurt his cum the farthest, who could make up the most inventive way to masturbate (which had not been previously tried), etc.
We held "contests" to see how long and hard we could make the other's prick. To do this required learning what really got each other aroused - scenes, talk, ways of penis manipulation, etc. For me, light scratching under my balls and between my legs, and slow manipulation of my prick head, would make my prick as large and hard as possible. (I loved to be played with for a long time after I reached this stage. I still do.) For him, it was essentially the same to get him erect, and then applying and relaxing pressure with my hand along the entire length of his prick achieved the final level. We made length and circumference measurements with a tape measure at the peak of arousal to select the "winner".
One interesting game we created was to stand close and face each other with only the sides of our pricks touching. We took turns masturbating both pricks simultaneously by wrapping one or both hands around them. The objective of the game was for us both to cum at the same time (on the opposite person's belly). Whoever's hand(s) was rubbing both pricks when we came was the winner.
A variation of this game was to slip one or two elastic wrist bands (such as tennis players use) around our pricks and let the bands "hold" them together. Then, by mutual pelvic thrusting, we could stimulate our pricks by rubbing them against each other. As usual, we paced ourselves so that we achieved simultaneous orgasm. This was very arousing and never failed to cause a very intense orgasm for both of us.
Another variation was to stand facing each other and to hold your own prick in one hand down by the base so that its head was exposed. We stood close enough so that our prick heads touched. We then masturbated ourselves while maintaining contact at our prick heads. The objective was to cum simultaneously and mingle our cum juices. This was an incredibly erotic sight!
Yet another variation was to mutually masturbate by holding our pricks at their base and rubbing our prick heads against each other, mainly in a circular motion. It took a little longer this way, but the end result was the same.
Another game was "hands off' masturbation. The objective here was to make your partner cum using only your prick. You could not touch him, or yourself, in any way with your hands or any other part of your body. The "passive" partner was bound in a standing position. The "active" partner would position himself such that both pricks were making as much contact as possible. Making your partner cum this way was tricky and required a lot of concentration and technique. Patience was needed because it took a long time to develop enough friction to arouse him enough to make him cum. It helped to talk during the activity, especially sexy talk about things we were each feeling, would like to feel next, how they could be achieved, girls we liked and what we'd like to do with them, etc.
Another "hands off" game was to see how long we could maintain an erection without any contact on our pricks whatsoever. We would first strip, which produced an instant erection, and do whatever it took to stay hard and aroused as long as possible, with the condition that our pricks were not to be touched either by ourselves or by the other. We started out by staying a good distance apart and "talking dirty", such as our prior sessions that were especially memorable and what we might do in the future. The memories and future anticipations were sufficient to keep us both erect for as long as we wished.
A delightful variation we soon discovered was to "tempt fate" by positioning our pricks as close as possible without touching. That was a lot of fun because we fooled around by positioning our bodies in different ways so that it might seem impossible to keep our pricks from touching, and yet we pulled it off. These "sessions" ended whenever either of us began to lose a hard erection or when we decided that we'd had enough teasing and were consumed with needing relief. We each experienced losing an erection, but only after at least one hour of "play time". As the game wound down, our last discussion was how we would each climax, either by solo or mutual manipulation. The orgasms after this very prolonged teasing session were truly mind boggling.
We discovered the joys of long, silky scarves (the kind found in stores that sell goods from India). These scarves are about six feet long by three feet wide and very soft and sheer. We found that gently rubbing the scarf over / under / around an erect prick produced the most delicious sensations.
One interesting game was to face each other with the wrist bands holding our pricks together side-by-side. We then positioned the scarf under our crotches. By reaching behind we could slide the scarf to/fro and stimulate our balls, crotches, and asses while we thrusted to stimulate our pricks against each other. It didn't take very long to reach a roaring climax and shower each other's belly with cum!
Another use of the scarves was to make a series of small knots in one end for a length of about 12 to 15 inches. One of us would be bound, in a standing overhead position, and the other would slowly stuff the knotted end into the ass of the bound one. This was an incredibly erotic feeling, very arousing, and guaranteed to bring you close to cumming. The captor would then face the "victim" and torment him by tugging on the scarf with just enough pressure so it was felt, but not so much that it would be pulled out. What exquisite teasing -- standing helplessly bound, with your erect prick standing at attention, and feeling these unbelievably erotic sensations in your ass! The idea was to keep this up until the bound person became crazed with needing relief and was pleading to cum. Depending on how "mean" the top felt, this could go on for quite a while. When the top decided it was time, he stroked the victim to start orgasm (which happened almost immediately) and then the scarf was pulled out -- in a quick yanking motion -- at the peak of orgasm. This produced a lunging -- and loud! -- forward thrust accompanied by a very juicy climax.
Our experience together lasted for the entire ten-week summer vacation. That summer, my cousin and I masturbated ourselves silly as we practiced our early sexual experimenting on one another. We did not engage in other facets normally associated with male / male sex - such as hugging, kissing, and oral or ass fucking. It never occurred to us to do so. We attended different schools and, once school began, we drifted apart. We never repeated any sexual activity together after that and hardly even discussed what had happened that fateful summer.
I was in a total erotic whirlpool that summer and alive to sensation after sensation. I enjoyed - and was good at - devising sexual games for us to play. I masturbated every day, at least once. During the week, it was with my cousin and, sometimes, alone in addition. And solo on the weekends. Occasionally I tested myself to see how many times I could cum in one day. Four was my limit, and the last two required lots of visual and manual stimulation. I tried a number of times to get to five or more, but no luck.
It was fun trying, though.



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