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An education

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How my wife lured me into becoming a classroom display for a neighbor girl's education


I thought my wife was being overly adventuresome ... but it turns out she had an ulterior motive. Here's how I became a human classroom for a neighbor girl and how the events were engineered by my wife.

We married young and we're just into our 50s with no kids at home. My wife has been my best friend and lover and I've never even entertained thoughts about anyone else. She's hot and her body continues to turn me on! Saturday mornings are OUR mornings. Sometimes we just stay in bed and have a sexy morning and other mornings we get up and go out for breakfast and just spend the day together. Once in a while she 'kidnaps' me and takes me to a motel on Friday night and we just have an erotic outing together.

About two months ago, on a Saturday morning my wife was nibbling on my nipples and playing with my penis and she said that many years earlier one of my fantasy discussions revolved around being tied, spread-eagle and face-up on the bed and having her lovingly torture me with a prolonged handjob. She had this sexy smile and said, 'Let's do it!' We found some 'love cuffs' online, ordered them and I, being somewhat mechanically competent, made some restraints with the padded cuffs, some climbing webbing and four locking carabineers. When I finished, they were pretty awesome and with velcro closures, would be almost impossible for the 'victim' to remove.

I put the restraints on the headboard and for several weeks, she said nothing about wanting to use them.

Most evenings I shower and come to bed nude. My wife likes to play with my penis and often I am awakened with her hand playing and getting me all erect. She loves to make me ejaculate! I think she has a sperm fetish. Three weeks ago Saturday, I slowly came to consciousness feeling her hand playing with my penis and balls. I thought it would one of those normal sex Saturdays when she said, 'It's time to tie you up.' Apparently she'd been learning how the restraints worked because she quickly had my wrists and ankles secured and the carabineers latched onto the bed's legs. And there I was, face up, spread-eagle, nude and very excited. She slowly stroked me and took about 10 minutes to bring me to orgasm. It was pretty intense.

Now relaxed I expected her to either untie me and let me rest and we'd then have sex, or to release me and we'd go get breakfast or just play around some more. Wrong. She got a towel and cleaned me up and then she got dressed. I asked 'What are you doing? You need to untie me!' She just smiled and said: 'I'm going to McDonalds to get breakfast, you rest and I'll be right back.' I was dumbfounded. I had built the restraints so well that it was impossible for me to undo them.

She covered me with a blanket, kissed me and then started a Harry Potter DVD (my favorite) on the big screen TV we have in the bedroom and then left. I was a little nervous but pretty trusting and before long drifted off into a mini-nap. I don't know now long I was asleep, maybe 30 minutes, but was jolted awake when I heard voices, and it wasn't the DVD sounds. I looked at the bedroom door and there was my wife along with a neighbor girl, Bailee, who had turned 18 a few months ago.

Let me tell you about the neighbor girl. My wife and I had married young and our kids have all moved out on their own. When we first moved into our home, about 20 years ago, we befriended another couple, a lot older than us, because our two kids and their two older daughters were the same age. When their oldest kids were about 10, this couple had another daughter, Bailee (somewhat unexpected). A year later they had another daughter. Because this couple was older, the two younger daughters were somewhat ignored and they gravitated to my wife and I and my wife became not a mother figure but a 'best friend' to the daughters. It was not unusual to have my wife and Bailee spend time shopping, helping with homework, stopping by to visit, etc. It was almost as if my wife was the older and trusted sister and our home was comfortable for both girls and they would often just come by for supper or to have my wife help them with some school project or simply to visit. Bailee is, what I would describe, very attractive and very smart. She's in her senior year at high school and has taken so many advance placement classes she's graduating this month and going to start college in a couple of months. Because she's seen as a geeky smart girl and because she's spent so much time with her classes (I suspect she is a 4.0 student) she's dated very little.

So here I was, naked and tied up on the bed, and my wife and Bailee were now in the room. I asked what they were doing and they just ignored me. Bailee looked very embarrassed. I was confused and very much not aroused. My wife, completely ignoring me, began to point out the male anatomy. She described how I like to have my nipples nibbled and my ears licked and how much it turns me on. She showed Bailee my penis and scrotum and explained the purpose of each. She invited Bailee to feel a flaccid penis and to see how a man's balls felt. I was tied up and could do nothing but be the object for an educational moment.

What came next was unexpected. My wife began to nibble on my nipples and Bailee stuck her tongue in my ear. All the while they treated me as an object or mannequin, talking to each other and completely ignoring me. Now I was becoming embarrassed and yet my penis, with a mind of its own, became erect. (The tongue in the ear does it every time.) My wife now explained to Bailee why the penis was erect and they both examined it. I knew where this was headed and before long, with my wife coaching, Bailee began to stroke my penis. I'd had one orgasm already that morning so this one took a little longer (planned, as it turned out, by my wife).

When I finally reached orgasm, it was absolutely amazing. I'd not had such an intensive orgasm since I was first married. I was figuratively and physically drained. I even thought, straining against the restraints, that I'd be having a heart attack! My wife then showed Bailee how to clean 'the man' off, and they went into the kitchen, to have breakfast! Again, ignoring me. A little while later I heard the front door open and close and my wife came in and untied me. With a big hug and kiss, she thanked me for being willing to let her answer Bailee's questions. It seems that Bailee, soon to go to college, had no idea about how the male is aroused and had no clue what to do. She didn't want to go to college and not know some sexual basics. My wife, ever the 'big sister' decided literally to give her a hands-on demonstration. Reluctantly I smiled and said it was OK but that my affections were solidly with my wife.

And I thought that was the end of it.

Last Saturday, I was shown how wrong I was. Thinking the 'education' was a one-time deal, I allowed my wife to again tie me to the bed. This time she stripped and straddled me and brought me to orgasm with her humping me. She left me tied up, waited about 15 minutes and then brought me to a second orgasm via handjob. It was pretty intense and I thought we were done. I was kind of in a euphoric state, still tied up, and just having very pleasant thoughts. And then the doorbell rang. My wife got her robe on and before I knew it, there was Bailee. I thought, 'This cannot be happening!' My wife and Bailee again ignored me and said to Bailee: 'You asked if a male can have three orgasms in a row, let's find out.'

I thought that two had just about killed me and I don't ever remember having three orgasms in short order. Again the tongues in the ears soon created a raging erection and Bailee began testing her handjob skills. I swear it took her 20 minutes or more. So long, in fact, she had to switch hands several times. For me it was both arousing and painful. Being tied up, my muscles were straining to be released. I could not push her away. I could not move to a more comfortable position. And they ignored my pleadings to stop. It took a while and I could feel an orgasm building with such intensity as I'd never before experienced. I could not believe how much sperm shot from my penis! My heart was pounding and my muscles were in such a state of trembling fatigue, all I could do after I came was to simply collapse in a state of both euphoria and tiredness.

Again, Bailee cleaned me off without even a word to me. She and my wife discussed the whole episode in an almost clinical manner and Bailee left for home. Once untied, I actually slept for most of the morning. It was, in more ways than one, a draining experience.

I'll write more, if you like this account, and tell you my feelings of being used as an educational toy and I believe more is in store for me this coming Saturday. Bailee also made a cryptic comment to my wife when she said: 'My sister turns 18 this summer while I am at college.' This 'education of the neighbor girl' could become interesting. I also noticed another package arrived from the same store that she used to order the 'love cuffs.' I'm having some uneasy thoughts about what I'll be used for next. Stay tuned.



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