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An East Coast Jacks Experiance

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This is a wonderful site. Keep up the good work. Reading the material in this site tells me all of the 'wierd Stuff' that I did as a kid was actually fairly normal. Surprisingly, none of my adult friends ever engaged in the circle jerks, beat offs, strips, and stay overs that I did as a kid.


First of all thanks for having such a fantastic website. It is a pleasure coming here and reading some really super stories and experiences. Having a positive mindset about something as pleasurable as masturbation is really a prerequisite for an enjoyable experience.
As far as stories and adventures are concerned, I am fortunate in that I have many and thanks to this site am going to start writing them down for my own enjoyment and others who peruse this site. If your readers find this acceptable, more will follow. I have a lifetime of great encounters.
One of the most enjoyable experiences that I have enjoyed in adult life was my first visit to a J/O club in the east. The nervousness on my first time at the club was quickly erased upon getting into the undressing area. It was simply like getting undressed in the normal locker room, with the exception that you did not put any clothes on afterwards. Everyone was cordial and helpful about getting around the rooms, explaining the rules and closing times. The thing that was really impressive is that everyone was so cool about his nudity and erectness. There were people of all different shapes and sizes from fat to skinny, to tall to short, Chinese to Africans. Of the approximately 60 males in the place, all were having fun stroking and being stroked.
Talk about the ultimate turn on, there were people in all sorts of conversations and actions. Posted in many different places was the rules of conduct for the establishment. They basically said, Respect others and yourself. Nothing goes in anyplace at anytime. Etc.
The first thing to get my eyes bugging was a threesome that was seriously making out. While two were seriously deep throating each other with their tongues, the third was humping the middleman's back. Note, no penetration is permissible. All three shiny, slippery bodies were generously lubed from the jars that were strategically placed all around the rooms. This trio was being verbally encouraged by a group of five or six people jacking themselves or others in a circle around them. As everyone was getting to the point of no return, the trio broke up and the middle fellow went over to a table and layed down on it lengthwise, put up his knees and everyone around him surrounded the table and shot their wads all over him while his partner slowly brought him to satisfaction, while cumming between his legs. This was my first circle jerk of this type. Next, they massaged his body with the cum for about five minutes. The recovery time for this fellow on the table was almost immediate. No sooner than people had left the side of the table, two others were there and were given quick hand jobs. This fellow had some muscles.
I learned early that my nipples were very sensitive. I have always enjoyed squeezing and pinching them as I have masturbated. As a result my nipples really stand out when I get excited. It is really amazing how few males have learned this about their bodies. At any rate as I was finishing up at the table, a 275, six feet four body comes and stands next to me. By now not being the least bit inhibited, I grab for his nine-inch dick and started stroking it. Turning around to face him, so he to has an easy access to my 7.5 inch uncut pecker. I notice his nipples were standing up just like mine. His comment was that he could tell just by looking at my nipples that we were going to have a really good time. Heading over to a more intimate area that was not occupied, we knew exactly the right moves to bring me to another mind-boggling orgasm. While standing in this area we were kneading, twisting, sucking, stroking and thoroughly enjoying just tit play. Three other guys came over to watch, which just turned us on that much more. My partner decided that it was time to get down to action and as he pinched and sucked on my nubs, his right hand brought me to an orgasm that will not be forgotten. He knew the exact time to suck and pinch to make the electricity surge all over my body resulting in an arched back and AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that could be heard all over the room. The guys watching shot their ropes of cum onto the floor.
It was pay back time. As stated earlier the house rules require no anything in anybody anywhere. Kissing and nipples are fair game though. Turning to his chest, I made light touches on both of his nubs, blowing and licking them lightly as I stroked his flaccid manhood. As the blood started filling the arteries of his cut cock, my motions on his breasts became firmer. They like his cock were responding together and were getting hard as nails. It was so good to feel these clit like structures between my lips and incisors.
He was beginning to make the moans associated with a feeling of satisfaction on the way. Grabbing the base of his cock to cut off the circulation I kept up the jacking on his engorged prick. He was calling to let off so he could cum I held for a few more jacks and let go to have him shoot his two large ropes of cum all over my stomach, pubes and dick.
We got cleaned up with the paper towels that were next to the lube jars. Knowing the energy and force it takes for the third cuming in just a couple of hours, I was wondering if it was going to happen without a break of some sort. The two of us went over and had a cup of coffee and a piece of cherry pie. After twenty minutes of conversation, we decided to leave and have some more fun on our own at his place. I could tell that this was going to be the beginning of a relationship that was going to be worth the time and effort.
For those of you who have never gone to one of the jack off clubs in most of the larger cities, try one they are fun and you never know who you will meet there. There is a good story each and every night you go. I know from experience.



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