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An Early Problem

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I just read the contribution from the gal who has an urge to be spanked when she masturbates. This was an event I experienced when I was 10 going on 11. I had been masturbating for over a year at the time.


Some background first. My cousin Phil who was 3 years older than I taught me to masturbate early in my ninth year. He did this because I walked in the bathroom while he was masturbating just as he came. A discussion and later supervised work on my own penis resulted in my first orgasm, dry though it was. After this first one, I couldn't live without orgasms. Phil was very helpful giving me lots of advice regarding lube, secrecy, and an opportunity to watch his technique so mine would improve. Our mothers were very social leaving me at Phil's house during their weekly daytime event which we knew would leave us to ourselves for three hours after school. On these days, Phil and I and sometimes his other friends would get in a mutual or circle jerk. So I became alerted to the opportunity to caress my joy stick when I knew my mother would be gone for several hours.
There was a conference scheduled for my mother with my 4th grade teacher on a Wednesday after school, so I knew I would have three hours or so by myself for peter pleasure. That afternoon when I got home, I went straight into my bathroom, stripped, lubed up, and had a good JO. By this time my pecker was 4 inches long when it was hard, sunburned red after a vigorous jacking, and glistening from the vaseline. One was good two would be better, so after I calmed down from the first orgasm, I began a second session. When I was halfway to the second trip to heaven, I heard my mother calling to me in an angry voice demanding to know where I was. I called back that I was in my bathroom. She came into my adjoining bedroom, and angrily told me to come out, and not to bother with my clothes because I was getting spanked. A real problem; she would see my red greasy pecker. I quickly rubbed the vaseline off with tissues, and wrapped a towel around my waist then opened the door. She was angry because my teacher told her that I was a good student, but spent far too much time with another kid whom I had been told not to associate with more than once, finally with the threat that if I didn't keep away from him I'd get a spanking. There she was with the strap in her hand ready to carry out the threat. She reached out, pulled the towel away, dragged me over her lap, and began walloping my behind. The spanking felt like it went on forever but lasted only long enough for her to land 25 or 30 licks to each cheek of my behind. It hurt like hell, but added a great erotic effect that I never had before. Luckily in her rage, my mother didn't notice my red swollen pecker.
The next time my cousin and I got together, I told him about the effect of the spanking after my JO. I got him to experiment by giving me a mild spanking before we jacked off together. It added to the horniness and pleasure of my orgasm.



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