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An "Ear"ie story

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Fetishes are interesting and it's fun to find out just what are actually out there and also realize you aren't the only one with this weird "quirk"

Over the years I've developed an ear fetish, it began more to do with finding an attraction to elven ears and general pointed ears overall and it eventually became an overall fetish. I don't know about the fetish itself that's much just what I like. Much like the overall physical appearance of someone, the ear is much the same with mostly size and shape and the closer to it being more elven like the better.

With that explanation out of the way, on to the story.

About 2003 or 2004 a friend of mine had invited me out to a game of golf with a couple of ladies, one I already knew and she was already taken but this other chick I hadn't met before and according to my friend Tory she was single and looking, though I was pretty certain that he would be the one pulling all the moves but I wasn't fussed so long as we all had a good time.

It was a pretty decent day, clouds off in the distance and forecast was looking good so we all met up after lunch time in the car park. I pull out my old set of clubs that seem to only get used a couple times a year if I'm lucky and they were worn in to say the least.

"How old are those clubs? Were they first used by cavemen to beat their dinner into submission?" I heard someone joke.

I looked over in the direction of the voice and it's a chick two cars over pulling out her caddy and I see Tory over with her.

"Nah I don't think so, that's a little too recent" I said back with a laugh.

"Put them back and I'll loan you my spare set, they should be a lot better than the set of putters you got there" she tells me

So I agree and Tory introduces me to Cara. Our other friend Lisa isn't far behind as she pulls up not long after I get there and everyone is introduced properly, seeing as Lisa has only met Tory once before.

We rent a couple of golf carts and make our way over and it's fairly non eventful for the first couple of holes, well apart from me providing the most entertainment as it had been a long time since I had swung a club.
I noticed Tory was putting the moves on Cara while I went to take my turn and eased off when Lisa was taking hers or if I was close by. Nearing the end of the 3rd hole I overheard Tory and Cara talking about more sexual things, mostly experiences and such, so I don't pay much attention.
That is until I heard my name mentioned, I'm just within earshot so I take a couple of steps back casually, as I'm waiting for Lisa to take her turn.

Tory then mentions to Cara that I have an ear fetish, while I still have my back to them and I hear them laugh a bit and Cara says "Well that's a little bit different". I take my shot hastily and walk back to the other cart but not without flashing a dirty look at Tory before doing so. I was thinking to myself that if he wanted to get into her pants that badly then we really did not need this golf game and I wouldn't need to be insulted or made fun of to achieve it.

I was going to play a couple more holes and then leave early, having the next holes to come up with something to save face. I had only told Tory recently as well after a night out and the beers were flowing and up until Cara knowing, he was the only one I had told so I felt a little betrayed as it wasn't something that needed to be public knowledge as such.
For the next hole I didn't really pay much attention to them and mostly just chatted casually to Lisa.

That's when things took a different turn than what I thought they would. When Tory lined up his shot at the following hole, Cara came over to me and seemingly started to flirt with me all of a sudden.

"I kind of feel bad for laughing about your ear fetish when Tory mentioned it but I didn't mean anything by it, it was just a reaction.
Honestly I think that's kind of sexy" she said to me while pulling hair behind her ear, revealing the side closest to me.

As funny as this sounds, she actually had pretty attractive ears, a little on the smaller side but they had a slight "pinch" towards the top of the ear, going almost elven like and they were angled more towards the back of the head rather than up and down. There wasn't too much of a dangling ear lobe, all pretty tight in appearance wise. She had a couple of earings further up the ear which set it off for me.

She asked about her ears and I told her I liked what I saw and what I liked about them. I was starting to get turned on now and actually glad that he mentioned it. Turns out Cara is a little bit of an ear aficionado as well although not quite to the extent I am but still more than your average person would even care about.

As the holes went on the more she played with my ears, getting me more turned on. In fact I was playing with a semi for the rest of the time we were there. The leather of the gloves from Cara was actually pretty nice over just regular contact and she probably had the softest touch I had felt in a long time.

Tory was actually gunning for me instead of being upset that he was no longer trying to get into Cara's pants, although that didn't stop him trying it on Lisa, which they both played it off in fun.
By the 12th hole we had to call it a day as the weather was making a quick turn for the worse.
Tory got a ride home with Lisa as Cara had invited me over for a drink. I followed her in my car but on the drive over I now had a raging boner. I wanted to whip it out but I drove a small sedan so a lot of people would have been able to look in and see me sporting a boner.

I tucked myself into the waistband of my shorts but that was making things worse. I caught myself in the rear vision mirror and I noticed that my ears were red from Cara playing with them and I felt a little more aroused when I touched them a bit.

After arriving we get inside and she offers coffee or something a little more alcoholic, I stick to the coffee as I don't want things to get too messy. We sit down after coffee is made and chat for a bit but it's obvious we both want to get a little closer and I notice that she now isn't wearing a bra and the high beams are on.
She gulps down what's in her mug and slides on over and starts playing with my left ear. Even with the gloves off she has a nice touch, so I start playing with her left ear as I turn towards her a bit more, fidgeting with her earrings mostly to begin with.

"Is this your first time playing with someone's ears?" She asks.

"No but it has been a while" I tell her.

"Here, I'll sit on your lap, face you and massage your ears. How about that?" she asks me.

"Do you think you could put those gloves back on? That was nice earlier today" I tell her, while agreeing.

She grabs the gloves and I sit back in the couch more while she straddles over me, shifting herself into my crotch as close as possible.
Cara starts at the tops of my ears using just her thumbs and forefingers and I close my eyes. Actually kind of relaxing doing this. She massages up and down my ears while I relax.
Then she starts grinding a little bit as she can feel my penis at full flag.

She leans in and licks my ear a bit on the lobe.
I start to make noises myself not from the ear licking but the fact that if she continues the slow grind I'm going to cum in my pants. She takes this noise as a cue to move one hand down to my pants and somehow wrestles the trouser snake out and she did pretty well while maintaining focus. She was actually softly biting on my left while massaging my right ear and stroking my cock with her free hand. She had shifted back a bit to allow room for the stroking and my god the golf glove was enhancing things further.
I could hear the sound of sucking and well to me sounded like half eating my left ear with her steady, rhythmic breathing. This was all going on for about five minutes now and I was really close to climaxing.

All of a sudden she bites the top of my left ear and pinches hard on my right ear while doing a couple of sudden quick strokes on my cock and in moments I'm feeling some kind of rush of Ecstasy filling my body for what seems like forever that I didn't want to end.

I open my eyes and see Cara grinning from ear to ear and I look down and I see the gloved hand still on my cock half covered in cum. I look back up and all I do is just have some pleased but goofy looking smile (or that's how I feel it is) on my face.
Once we had cleaned up and straightened up, I noticed my left ear is a little sore.

"I think I bit a little hard, there's a few teeth marks" Cara giggled.

"That's going to be fun explaining that one" I said with a laugh.

"Did you want to return the favour?" she asks with a grin on her face.

The smile on my face just gets wider and goofier.



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