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An Awesome Massage

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What a terrific site!! I just had to share this story with your readers!!


My friend Toby (also 18) stayed over last night (as he often does) and instead of the usual mutual jerking we often did when we were together, we decided to first give each other a massage to get really turned on.

We both have athletic-looking bodies and are fair-haired, but neither of us has much other body hair, except for small patches of wispy curls in our pubic areas. We are not especially well-endowed, but have always enjoyed masturbating each other and watching the come shoot all over ourselves at orgasm.

We both took a really hot shower together to loosen up our muscles, and after drying up went to lie beside each other on my bed. We were both semi-hard by now, but agreed not to touch each other's penises during the massage.

Toby massaged my body from head to toe, paying special attention to my groin area, ass and balls, but never once brushed against my swollen cock. The feeling I had was amazing as he knelt between my spread legs and massaged my inner thighs and balls. After a few more minutes of this, my cock started gyrating as the muscles tightened into what I knew was the beginning of orgasm. Pre-cum was running like tap from my engorged cock head, and I knew the time was near. Toby now focussed only on my balls, playing with them and squeezing them, until I was moaning with intense pleasure. I instinctively tried to raise my hips in response, and to force an orgasm, but he held me down with his forearms while my cock continued to thrash back and forth with wild abandon. My cock muscles suddenly contracted, and as my penis started another upward arc, a huge fan of cum spewed out, spraying Toby's chest and face. I was almost delirious with pleasure as the next jet of hot cum hit me under the chin, splattering sideways onto my pillow. I was seeing bright flashes as two more ropes of cum shot out of my swollen cock head as it flopped back and forth from my stomach to my groin.

I just lay there afterwards, unable to speak as Toby let out a loud moan as his rigid cock started shooting its own load all over my chest, stomach and groin. I couldn't believe my eyes, but he hadn't touched his cock to make himself come!! It just started spasming on its own and the cum shot out like a jet.

Toby then laid down on top of me in the squishy mess, and we stayed like that until we were both breathing normally again, and could go and take another shower.

It was going to be Toby's turn next week when he comes to stay over. I hope I do as good a job!!



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