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An Awakening

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This happened last January. My dorm roommate Ted and I were spending a weekend snow shoeing and hiking. It was to be a couple of days away from classes and assignments.


It was well below freezing. Ted and I were crossing the ground on snow shoes after a full day out hiking. The cabin we were staying at for the weekend lay just ahead. The place was quite isolated, about an hour's drive from anywhere. Ted's uncle had dropped us off the night before with pickup scheduled for the next afternoon. The hills were too high for our cell phones to work and there was no landline into the place. But there was electricity.

Not far from shore, the ice under Ted gave way and within three seconds he was standing chest deep in icy water. I was a short distance behind him but managed to circle round the ice break and avoid falling in too. After a few anxious minutes, we managed to get him to shore, using a pike pole that was on the dock, and a lot of very hard tugging. My clothes were all wet but Ted was soaked right through. And he was freezing.

Despite the freezing cold, the cabin was within easy reach. It had three electric wall units so it was nice and warm. We stripped right down and hung our clothes around the room to dry. Each of us huddled in front of one of the heaters with a sleeping bag draped around to dry off and warm up. All went well for a few minutes until the power suddenly went down. There was no telling how long the power failure would last. I was already warm enough but Ted had been chilled right through. Very quickly, the cabin temperature started to fall and Ted could not stop shivering. Although he was now dry, his skin was becoming bluish.

We got him into the lower bunk and zipped up his sleeping bag. None of our clothing was dry to wear so there were just the sleeping bags for warmth. But it's hard to get warm when you are freezing cold. I found a storm candle and lit it but there was no other heat or light in the cabin. Ted continued to shiver and his teeth were chattering. I was afraid he would go into shock from hypothermia. I was okay because I was wrapped in my own sleeping bag but Ted's situation seemed to be getting worse.

I bit the bullet and told Ted that there was only me to warm him up. He did not object. I folded my sleeping bag over his for more insulation from the cold. Then I climbed in beside Ted, spooning him. There we were both naked; I was warm enough at first but Ted was still freezing. I pressed myself right up against his back and legs. Man, he was like an icicle - a shivering, chattering icicle. I read somewhere that in case of hypothermia, your kidneys have to be kept warm so that was the way to do it - keep the back warm. I rubbed his legs, his chest and belly, his arms, to get the blood circulating and warmth back into them. They were cold. Like really cold. Problem was, I cooled down pretty quickly too, giving off most of my body heat to him. So after a few minutes, I had to turn my back to him so I could recover some warmth of my own. He instinctively turned my way to try to warm up his chest.

This turning back and around continued on for quite a long time - a few minutes this way then a few minutes the other way. Eventually, Ted stopped chattering and after a couple of hours, he actually began to warm up some. I guess it was well after midnight before he was approaching normal body warmth. By this time we were both exhausted from the ordeal and fell asleep, still side by side in his sleeping bag. I didn't wake up until dawn. The power had come back on some time early in the morning and the cabin was warming up.

Odd how your mind works. All the time that I was close up to Ted, I never thought of anything except Ted's condition. But by morning, with the 'crisis' over, my own body functions returned to normal. I have always considered myself super straight. Now I was stark naked, lying close up and personal against my roommate, who was also naked. When I awoke, my cock was pressed against Ted's ass and hard as a rock. I was embarrassed and afraid to move for fear of waking him. I tried to convince myself that it was a piss hard-on. But I realized that being in contact with Ted was turning me on whether I wanted to admit it or not. There was no way I could get out of the sleeping bag without waking him so I just unzipped and climbed out in search of my long-johns, pants and shirt.

Ted woke up and saw my raging hard-on. Like how could he miss it? He ignored my boner. Rather he was just very, very grateful that I had helped him through a really tight and dangerous situation. We both ate breakfast and talked about what had happened. He and I felt it might be hard to explain sleeping naked together all night long. So it was decided to drop that particular detail from our weekend experience.

Later that afternoon, we were picked up by Ted's uncle for the return trip back to the dorms. We told him all about going through the ice incident but left out the part that we had spent the night 'body against body'. When we got back to the college dorm, the same thing. Neither Ted nor I wanted to give explicit details about our 'up close and personal' night.

This sort of experience changes things between two guys. Ted said he really owed me. Unknown to him, I was bothered by the horniness I felt that morning in the sleeping bag. I couldn't believe that a male body would excite me sexually. So this has been a wake-up call of sorts for me. I don't think my preferences have changed. It's just that in our culture we do not get physically close to other males. Maybe that is why - like we're afraid of being turned on by them.

Once thing did change between us. Ted has been my roommate since last fall. We both jerk off regularly but usually sort of secretly. We knew what the other was up to; we just didn't talk about it or admit to it. After that weekend both Ted and I jerk off openly when we go to bed. I mean after you are skin-to-skin with someone, what is there left to hide? I hate doing it under the blankets so now I just off the sheet and blanket and stroke away. And I don't hold back on the heavy breathing as I approach orgasm. Ted is just as open.



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