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An Asian Doctor

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Always a horn dog.


When I was in my thirties I liked to get a massage, and of course was always on the look out for a happy ending.

I tried an Asian doctor's office. Here it's called TCM, for traditional Chinese medicine. They call themselves doctors but the closest they get to being a real doctor is getting a Ph.D. I doubt they really even have a Ph.D. in anything.

This particular time I went in complaining of a back ache. I lay down naked on a table and the masseuse comes in.

She starts on my back and then asks me to turn over. She glances at my cock and makes no effort to hide it.

I'm thinking to myself wondering if could get a handjob from her. Normally what I do is just get my cock hard and see what they say. For some reason I'm nervous around this lady. She's about 30 years also, wearing a white lab coat over her slim frame. Just a hint of breasts.

She turns away for a minute and I quickly reach down and give my dick a squeeze to get it going.

She comes back with more oil or something and I'm absolutely willing my dick to full hardness. Finally I achieve a full erection, she's touching me all over and close to my cock but she won't touch it. I grab grab her right hand and place it on my cock. She says, 'But...I'm a doctor.'

'Go ahead and stroke it.' I say.

Again she says, 'I'm a doctor.'

Well, she can think all she wants that she's a doctor in China but here she's a masseuse. I say, 'If you're a doctor, then you must be good at it.'

She keeps pulling her hand away after I place it on my cock. I then take her left hand and place it cupping my balls. That did it. She's feeling those balls and puts her right hand on my erection and strokes it. All the time never taking her left hand off my scrotum or her eyes off the head of my cock. I could see a clear change in the look on her face, it changed to clear delight.

It starts getting a bit dry and she pours more oil on her hands. She's rubbing her pubic bone against the edge of the table, still her hands in the same position. I start to moan a little and she hushes me. She then leans in close to me and whispers, 'Tell me when you're going to shoot.'

That's about all it took. I shot a creamy load over her right hand and on my stomach. She says something that sounded like, 'Ooh!'

She gets some paper towels and cleans me up. As I get dressed she says to make a follow up appointment with her receptionist and come back in a week.

I come back at the specified time and this time she says that her nurse, Rose will take care of me. I take one look at her nurse and she's not nearly as pretty as herself. She states that she doesn't have time for me, Rose will do just fine for what I need.

I'm horny so I go along with it. Only this time I want more than just a hand job. I start to pull down Rose's slacks. She asks, 'What are you doing?'

I say, 'I'm going to fuck you.'

She looks at me in complete amazement. Then she asks, 'You fuck doctor?' English was not her first language, obviously.

I reply, 'Yes.'

Again she asked, 'You, fuck doctor?'

'Yes, I fucked her.'

'Doctor fucks?'

'Yes, the doctor fucks. I fucked her last week.'

Rose looks at me. She then lowers her slacks and bends over the table with her ass out to me.

That's as far as I can go with this story on this board. All absolutely true. No exaggerations.

After I went back a third time, the Doctor went back to China, I was told. I never got much more from Rose as now she was working for another much older lady. I tried to get at least another hand job and she said she'd tell the doctor what I said. She didn't do that here. It was all a good show for her new boss.



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