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An Appreciative Audience

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An Appreciative Audience
I had moved into a duplex several months after I'd started a relationship with a lady in her thirties named Karen, a tall blonde with long legs, smallish breasts and fantastic, dark protruding nipples. Most of our really uninhibited lovemaking sessions took place there. It had a nice fireplace that I used frequently, but there was more heat produced in front of it than from it! I've always had a strong sex drive and masturbation remains a favorite activity, but until Karen came along it had been a solo one. Having started openly stroking my cock and finding it quite enjoyable during foreplay with her, I decided to "take the next step" and, like the ads say, "just do it" in front of her. We had a lunch date one weekday and she was going to pick me up at my place. I decided this would be a great opportunity for my "premier performance" so I slipped on just a pair of red bikini briefs and watched for her arrival out the back door. I pulled my semiflacid penis and balls out from the side of the briefs and slowly massaged them in anticipation and preparation. The organ soon filled with blood and began pulsating just as Karen pulled up and parked. I quickly forced the now stiff, unwilling member back into the briefs, glad that it would be obiviously "ready for action." As I opened the door Karen's response to my attire, or lack of it, was a smile and appreciative, "Oh, my!..." She entered and took a seat on the couch, at first glancing and then gazing steadily at the swollen bulge in my red briefs. I remained standing and said something like, "Gee, I'm not quite ready yet, I've got some business to take care of" as I started slowly rubbing my bulging crotch. She seemed to know what I had in mind and with the smile still on her lips replied, "Oh, that's okay, go ahead, I've got plenty of time." With that, I slowly slid the bikini briefs down, releasing my throbbing shaft and allowing it to spring upwards and stand proudly. Kicking the briefs aside, I squeezed my pulsating member at the base of the distended shaft and proudly displayed the fully engorged organ to a seemingly appreciative Karen. Large veins bulged the length of the pulsating shaft. My dark, swollen mushroom shaped head moved in a circular motion as I tantalizingly waved the pulsating member. Momentarily I released my grasp and slid my hand over the stiff shaft, and with a light grip began slowly stroking. Karen watched intently and after several minutes I breathlessly urged, "Let's go in the bedroom " While increasing the speed of my hand, but maintaining the light grip, I turned and headed into the bedroom as she eagerly rose and followed. Sitting on the edge of the bed I spread my legs, arched my back and began stroking my fully engorged member at a steadier, more deliberate pace. Karen, still smiling, sat on the same side of the bed and rested against the headboard in obvious anticipation of the rest of the "entertainment." My stiff penis pulsated even harder as I thrust my pelvis up and increased the speed and force of my strokes. Although I'd done this countless times alone before, this was a first with an "audience." Having Karen there watching appreciatively, looking so professional in a business suit while I was totally nude, was the ultimate turn on! Any inhibitions I may have had left disappeared as I began varying the speed of my hand. Stopping occasionally, I'd turn my hand over and use my fingers to lightly rub the soft, extra sensitive bottom of the engorged mushroom head. Watching intently Karen said nothing, the smile on her lips (which she kept licking subconsciously) indicating her enjoyment as my gasps and moans filled the room along with the sounds of flesh frantically rubbing flesh. My frantic stroking continued, the throbbing in my swollen member still increasing as I jerked spastically, my pelvis thrusting wildly. With the pressure in my now darkened and swollen balls building to an almost uncontrollable point, I suddenly stopped the stroking and squeezed my distended and pulsating organ at it's base. We both intently watched the stiff, wavering shaft I was proudly displaying when I breathlessly asked, 'Are you ready for me to cum yet? " Still smiling, Karen swallowed and replied, "Oh baby, anytime you're ready, I'm just enjoying watching!" Hearing that, I thrust my pelvis up and began frantically stroking. My heart was racing, my pelvis jerking spastically. Suddenly my whole body heaved upwards uncontrollably. My head jerked back and as I gasped and moaned loudly the first wad of hot, creamy fluid erupted skyward. Karen let out an audible gasp and my hand moved even faster. Again my head jerked back and I moaned as another large wad of hot cum spurted from the swollen mushroom head. The warm, sticky juices covered my hand and flew off into space as my stroking slowed only slightly and I became aware of a series of appreciative, "Ooooh's... and Aaaaah's..." coming from Karen's smiling lips . The last of my tightened ball's production finally spewed through the distended shaft and ran down my fingers as I gasped for breath and gradually slowed my hand. Finally, I released the now sticky, deflating member and sighed as I fell back onto the soft covers. The "show" was over, but we had a nice lunch that day and several scorching sessions yet to "cum"!
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