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An All-Night Mutual

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An All-Night Mutual
I was just out of college, thrilled with my first paycheck from my first full-time job. I drove back to my Alma Mater looking for some buddies to celebrate my good fortune. Friends invited me to a party near the campus, so I went, a fifth of Jack Daniels in hand.
After an hour or so of the usual chatter and catching up, a girl I had known over the years through another girl wound up on the couch besides me, commenting that I was obviously a gentleman "who knows how to sip his bourbon... nursing it long, slow and easy...." Her pouty smile and a heat from her deep brown eyes hinted that she saw something in my style that stirred her curiosity about other things.... I felt a little muscular twist and a flash of heat in my lower belly that I remember vividly to this day and it caused me to blush and look away for a moment... when I looked back up at her, she was smiling broadly and gently laid her hand on my thigh....She leaned toward me, and in a lowered voice said, "I'm not exactly the girl you remember from a year ago, I learned a lot of things when I went off to New York...I met a wonderful older guy there...." And that was it; she looked intensely into my eyes, sat back, smiled and changed the conversation entirely.
Later, however, as the party broke up, we "drifted back together" and wound up driving up to a park that over-looked the city. By then the bourbon was coursing through both of us and we became deeply entangled; she loved "ear-kissing" and every stroke of her tongue, each heavy, moist breath, her moans, all went straight to my aching pelvis... I fumbled her shirt open, slipped off her front-clasp bra and there were two of the whitest, smallest breasts I have ever seen... they seemed to glow in the dim light... her nipples were tiny points and I greedily went to them, licking, kissing and sucking like a hungry child...
She pulled my shirt out of my pants and up to my neck and fell against my chest, her lips sucking furiously on my left nipple, her fingers playing lightly over my belly... I couldn't handle it anymore! My left hand thrush under her jeans and slipped over soft, cotton panties....I pushed downward and her thighs parted, my fingers sliding into a moist puddle in the cotton, slickening my fingers... a crinkly mat of her pubic hair tickled my palm as I rubbed my hand up and down... I felt the damp,warm cotton sink into her slit and a hot sigh blew into my ear.... I pushed the elastic aside and felt the unbelievably slick silkiness of her most secret place.... a finger touched something just a bit firmer than that which enclosed my fingers; she cried out"AHHH", throwing her head back and I instantly knew what I had touched...
Her hand tore at my belt and I felt my dick swell against the cotton of my underwear. She pushed this restraint away and my erection swung free in her hand. We were both looking down there and she groaned an appreciative "OH! My!" I dropped my head back against the seat when her face went straight down to my lap, her long hair tickling all the skin there. She wrapped the staining head of my penis in her hot, wet mouth and gave it two or three deep sucks; then she raised her head away, kissing along my belly, up my chest and ending at my neck.
By now, dawn was lightening the sky and we could see plainly our sweat-glistened bodies; we both slowed a moment and smiled at what we had before us: her little, engorged nipples, a deep pink, almost purple, crowning nickle-sized, tan aureoles; a thick tangle of dark pubic hair curled from under either side of my hand and my fingers and the insides of her thighs were coated in her own juices.... "Look at your passion..." I gushed.
She took a deep breath; "Look at YOURS..." she sighed. The head of my penis bloomed deep maroon at the top of a veined shaft that was only slightly darker than the belly beneath it. And there, filling the slit at its point was a pearly white bead of semen; she touched her thumb to it and rubbed it around the head and over the underside, down the little, taut seam which runs from my glans to the little knob of flesh about and inch down; she let her thumb toy with this little bit of flesh for a moment, watching the reactions this brought to my belly, face and thighs: little eruptive jumps and twitches that obviously delighted her.
Slowly she began a light fluttering stroke up and down the shaft, over the head with her open hand, the fingers slightly apart, never grasping the head. At the same time, her hips began an earnest thrusting against my hand which was still caressing her slit; my first two fingers curled into a hook and she gasped against my chest. The fluttering of her hand over my dick sped up and suddenly my pelvis jerked forward as little bullets of sperm shot repeatedly in every direction. I have never cum like that before or since: at least twenty spurts showering my chest, her belly, the front seat of the car, everywhere!
She cried out and doubled over, bucking against my hand and fore-arm. When the intensity subsided, she stretched back, her head falling on my shoulder, her hair cascading onto my chest. My hand slid out of her and rested on her left breast. Her heart felt as if it would come out of her chest and she reached there on me as well. "Whoa!" was all either of us could mutter for several minutes as we clung in a sweat-soaked embrace, wrapped in the rich odors of our sex....
We met a few other times after that, never having sex again, but both referring to that long night of passion with deep affection and understanding of a moment of two old friends giving completely over to the joy that sex can bring.



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