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An Afternoon in the Sun

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Based on a true experience


Fiction-based on a true experience

My wife and I had always talked about being adventurous and spending a week at a nude resort, someplace where we would be free to be a little naughty and enjoy letting our exhibitionistic tendencies emerge. We had finally gotten up the nerve to do it.

Our choice was a resort located on the island of St Maarten in the Caribbean. We had been to Orient Beach several times and sunbathed in the nude once, but we were looking forward to spending a week at the resort there. As we arrived and signed in at the desk, we felt slightly out of place being the only couple in the office wearing clothing.

We unloaded our bags and after some hesitancy, gathered the courage to remove our clothes and venture out to explore the grounds. It seemed that most people were veterans to the naturalist lifestyle. You could tell they were comfortable with their bodies, not concerned with our curious looks. I am sure it was obvious to most that we were newcomers. After exploring for a bit we decided to spend a few minutes lying on the beach catching the last few rays of the day.

As we headed out to the beach we passed another couple that were heading back to their room. They were an attractive young couple and there was something wonderfully natural about walking past each other's nude bodies, being able to admire their nakedness and granting them the right to admire ours. We smiled at them and they smiled back. They seemed very nice. We commented that it might be nice if we ran into them again during our stay. I wondered what it would be like to make friends with other people when they were naked. I wondered if the sexuality would get in the way? I knew that it shouldn't, but my first thought as I had seen this woman was how attractive her body was and I could not help but wonder what she was like sexually.

As we continued out onto the beach we found many empty chairs as people had started to leave the beach for the day. We walked down the beach a bit and found two lounge chairs facing the sun. We lifted the chair backs slightly and stretched out in the Caribbean air. As we lay there looking around at the other sunbathers I realized why people came to clothing optional resorts. There was a wonder freedom in the air.

I enjoy lying in the late afternoon sun. I can enjoy the dwindling rays of the sun, and dose off without worrying about a burn. As I closed my eyes, my wife opened her book and continued reading. It was one of those sexy love stories that if it were food, would be an hors d'oeuvre, enough to whet your appetite but leaving you hungry for more.

As she lay there reading, she became aware of the two young men talking nearby. They were close enough to hear but not quite close enough to understand what they were saying. She guessed they were probably in their late twenties or early thirties. They were both attractive and from their all over tans she decided that they had been to this beach often. She could not help admiring their bodies, slim, muscular and well built. She thought how nice this was to be able to see their naked forms, free of the limitations of bathing suits. She could not help taking a moment from her book to visually explore their handsome bodies.

One looked rather tall with dark hair and quite athletic, kind of a Mark Spitz type. Her eyes were drawn to his thick dark pubic hair. His adequate penis extended up slightly before curving down between his legs. The other man was a little smaller, also with dark hair. She could not see his penis because he had one leg raised but it did provide a clear view of the soft rounded pouch holding his testicles. She thought how nice it was, this sunbathing in the nude.

She wondered what they were talking about. They seemed to be good friends as there was a constant give and take to their conversation. She wondered if they had noticed her, if they had checked her out the way she had them. What had they thought of her naked body? She decided that they were enjoying her presence, as they seemed to glance her way every minute or so.

She liked the fact that they were looking at her. It made her feel desirable as a woman. She knew that she was very committed to her husband, but it was nice to be wanted by another man. She wondered whether they found her physically attractive. She knew that she was no longer single, no longer free to pursue men at will, but as she thought about the limitations that her marriage had place upon her, she reassured herself that she had made the right decision.

She knows that I am not bothered by her thoughts of other men so she took the opportunity to enjoy the moment without feeling guilty. She continued to hold her book, as if she was reading, but she allowed her mind to drift, to imagine what might happen if she was able to act upon her desires.

Her dark sunglasses hid the fact that her eyes were now fixed upon her admirers. She watched as they talked and noticed how often they looked at her. She could feel her heart pound a little as she lay there, totally naked, allowing these two strangers to explore her body with their eyes. She was enjoying it and could almost feel their glances, like hands upon her body. She decided to lower her book a little, to allow them a better view of her firm breasts. She lowered it slowly, so they wouldn't notice. She did not want them to know just how much she wanted them to see her breasts.

She watched their reaction as the conversation lulled for a moment as they allowed their eyes to linger. She could feel their eyes as she allowed them to explore her bosom. She imagined their fingers, gently stroking her tender breasts, feeling their roundness, and lightly pinching her erect nipples. She could feel the excitement mounting inside her.

She wanted them to see more. Did she dare continue? She was nervous. Was she scared or was it excitement? Her heart was pounding with anticipation. She decided that if she stopped now, she would always regret giving in to her apprehensions.

Pretending to shift to a more comfortable position, she uncrossed her legs and spread her knees slightly. She did not want to appear deliberate, more like a woman comfortable enough with herself to allow her private parts to become public to anyone wishing to look. She could feel her legs tremble slightly, as if she were trying to decide how much to expose.

She looked away from the two, somewhat afraid to see the consequences of her last action. Like a gambler who cannot bring himself to look at the dice he has just rolled. After a minute or two she summoned the courage to return her eyes to her admirers.

They sat in silence, clearly focused on the sight that had just been revealed to them. Their casual glances had turned into concentration. She had drawn them to her. They had blocked out the rest of the world, choosing instead to surrender to her alone. She could feel the passion build as she allowed their eyes to explore her, as no eyes had done before.

She did not even know the names of these two and yet she was sharing her passion with them. There was a certain safety in the anonymity, a safety that allowed her to discover herself as she revealed that self to them. She wondered how much passion remained hidden beneath her inhibitions. She wanted to know.

The limits of her sexuality had always been unknown to her and to finally let that passion loose was like allowing a tulip bulb, buried beneath the winter turf to finally emerge in the spring and reveal a beautiful flower. As she spread her legs further, it was as though she was revealing a dozen long stem roses that had been hidden deep within her. They were bursting forth from her moisture for these two men to see.

There was an uncomfortable silence between the two men. Neither wanted to speak of what was happening, afraid that acknowledging it might bring it to an end. As if watching a deer in a meadow they sat as silent spectators.

Feeling surprisingly comfortable with the situation, my wife decided to push on in her quest. Her body had developed a hunger to be touched. First, by her admirers' eyes but now she yearned for more. There was now a craving between her legs, a hunger for contact, a physical need. She wanted to touch herself as she sometimes did when she was alone and feeling wonderfully selfish.

She shifted the book into one hand, freeing the other to explore her naked breasts. Her heart pounded as she realized that she was going to stimulate herself in front of two total strangers, something she had only done in front of her husband. She hesitated slightly, afraid to let them know just how good it felt to touch herself.

She gently ran her fingertips over her eager breasts, teasing them to excitement. She lightly pinched her erect nipples, one and then the other, as if she were trying to satisfy them both. She turned her attention back to her onlookers and was surprised by the erections that were emerging from their groins. She felt her excitement surge as if their passion was now added to hers.

The emotion swelling within her was almost overwhelming as she fought to control her gentle moans. She wanted these men. She wanted their hardness. As she stared at their now full erections she wondered what it would be like to have them inside of her. She had had many men over the years, but she had never been with two men at once. She would often fantasize about it when she touched herself, but it had not yet become a reality. She wondered what it would feel like to have them both inside her at once, one man in her mouth and one between her legs.. She wondered if that would fully satisfy this hunger she was feeling.

Her desire continued to build as she stared at their hard penises. It was as if they were begging to be touched, to be held, to be stroked. Her mouth watered at the thought of running her tongue over the soft skin of their throbbing shafts. She longed to take them between her lips, and tasting their salty flavor. She put down her book, no longer wanting to hide behind it and freed her other hand to touch her sensation-starved body.

She wasted no time in moving it to her awaiting pubic hair. It was moist. As she spread her legs further she could feel her wetness running down her legs. She wished her admirers could add their moisture to hers. She imagined them thrusting into her, filling her with their cum. She wanted them to know her hunger.

She could feel her clitoris swell, aching to be massaged, to be relieved. Her fingers pulled back her outer lips, revealing her opening to her onlookers. She wanted them to see all of her. She could feel their looks as they pierced deep within her.

She dipped her fingers into herself lubricating them with the natural liquids within. The gentle touch awakened a new hunger from within her vagina. Reluctantly she moved her glistening fingers to her anxious clit, being careful to hold her lips apart with the other hand. She wanted them to see her fully.

She started slowly, teasing her clitoris to its full firmness. She lightly stroked its tip, feeling it swell as the tension built. She spread her legs further, allowing her feet to drop to the warm sand, wrapping her legs around the chair as if it were a lover. The motion of her hand became faster, more rhythmic. She thrust her hips upward as if to throw her passion across the beach to her observers.

She could feel the tension building within her abdomen. She paused a moment to give herself full permission to complete the task before her with all the passion that lay within her. She thrust her fingers into herself as if to show the two the tightness that she could offer a man. Her muscles gripped them almost preventing their withdrawal.

She knew that the moment was near. Her body now tense and rigid felt like it would soon explode. Her breathing was deep and throaty. Like the animal that was emerging from within her, her moans were not words, but only sounds yet fully understood by her listeners.

Her hand moved from side to side, stimulating her at a pace that could not last. She would lose her mind if she did not orgasm soon. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably and every muscle in her body was filled with her passion. Her stimulations were at that point between pleasure and pain. Wanting to stop because of the pain but unwilling to give up the pleasure she was receiving.

The moment was here. As she thrust her hips upward, as if to draw pleasure from the sky, her onlookers were treated to a magnificent view of her vagina in all it's glory, opened wide as if to welcome their entry. Her passion exploded, filling every corner of her body with her long sought after reward. The feeling of total ecstasy and complete abandon engulfed her entire being. Her orgasm lasted for what seemed like an eternity. The best she had ever experienced.

She lay there for several minutes, her heart continuing to pound, not quite believing what she had just done. She lay there in wonder. Who was this person she had released? Would her life ever be the same? Had she made a mistake? She was reassured as she looked over at her two admirers who smiled as if to say 'Thank you'. Her regrets vanished completely as we gathered our towels and started back to our room.

We felt a special closeness and held each other near as we walked arm in arm across the sand. My wife had a wonderful feeling of contentment about her. I had been reminded once again why I loved and trusted her so. I realized again how happy I was that she was my wife.

As we walked past the two men, she brought a smile to my lips once again, as she turned to the two men and whispered '... see you again tomorrow'.



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