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An Afternoon for Donna and Jason

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Today was a typical afternoon filled with delight!


With Jason and I sex is very playful and exciting, just the way it should be between two lovers...everything just flows. He touches me and I cum...which excites him, and then I make him cum...of course, I cum a LOT more than him, but that is just a fact of nature. If I could make him orgasm as much or more than me I certainly would!

A typical afternoon-of-fun starts when I show-up at his house. The garage door is open, and there are [computer made] signs directing me to shut and lock the doors and follow the arrows for a bliss-filled afternoon! Of course I'm wet n' ready before I even get out of my car, but those signs make my clit tingle, and my pussy gush! As I follow the signs towards his bedroom, they direct me to get ready to have 'hours of orgasms' and to start stripping off my clothes! The last one today told me if I wasn't naked when I entered he would simply cut the clothes off me! I don't doubt that he just might so I shed what's left and walk in.

I always find him laying on top of the bed stroking his erection invitingly! It is such a lovely sight that I'm already on the verge of cumming as I slide next to him! Today he touched me lightly repeatedly...but stopped short of pushing me over the edge into a needed orgasm. I was going crazy with lust!! God that man can nearly make me insane with desire! I love it [and him] so much!

Then he did something that he hasn't done in quite a while and he pulled the neckties he had hidden under the mattress and tied me 'spread-eagle' to his bed while he covered me with kisses. The excitement of it all was giving me little orgasms, but NOT the gut-wrenching ones I needed. My pussy was leaking juice like crazy. He raised my ass and slid under a couple of beach towels to catch the coming cum juice!

Then he did something new...he slid a black eye-mask over my face [the kind folks wear to block-out the light so they can sleep]. I couldn't see a thing! Every new move he made was a mystery to me, what a tease he is! He was now leaning over me and kissing me frantically. In an afternoon I don't doubt we kiss 300-400 times! His mouth is rarely far from mine! It's constant foreplay! Intercourse is occasional, but masturbation is like the kisses, is nearly constant. He simply loves to touch me in ways that drive me crazy!

He had is left arm around my shoulders telling me how I was going to cum so hard in just a minute that I would feel like I was exploding...while in the next breath he reassured me that he would hold me tight as I came & came so I wouldn't have to worry about flying to pieces with orgasmic joy! [boy-oh-boy can he ever crank-up the excitement with that talk!]

Suddenly his fingers are inside my vagina and he's rubbing EVERYTHING in a way that sends me to orbit...BUT, just before I explode, he yanks his fingers out of me and I push my pelvis up to find his hand! He's such a tease! All-the-while he's kissing me and telling me I'm gonna REALLY love this one...when he does the same thing again...and again...! I'm really turned-on, and quite mad at him now because I'm so sexually frustrated I'm about ready to kill him for teasing me! But, the necktie restraints are preventing me from grabbing him! God I love that man!

This time he does not let-up and I cum in mere seconds after he enters me-with the hardest and longest orgasm I've ever had! I have no idea how many minutes I'm cumming so hard, but I'm pulling at the restraints, moaning, screaming, and squirting pussy juice like no one ever has before. OMG-is it heavenly! It goes on and on...I'm certain that if he didn't stop I would have gone insane! Eventually he slowly takes his fingers out and cradles my pulsating pussy with his whole hand as he tells me how much he loves me as he continues to smother me in kisses!

Jason then slowly unties the neckties, and removes the mask as I wind-down from nirvana! He talks gently to me about how much he loves me...and then attacks my body with his mouth and hands again and again...refusing to let me up until he gives me at least three more lovely orgasms! All the time I'm trying to concentrate on his cock, but it's all a blur as he masturbates me over and over again.

When I come back to earth finally, I make him cum on my breasts and we both rub his juice into my skin as if it's the cream of life! All-the-while he kisses me and touches me everywhere continually! He loves to overwhelm my senses! He then changes the soaked towels under my butt to prepare me for the next several hours of continual orgasmic bliss! Where most men quit...Jason is only getting started!

God, I love this man! Jason is the only lover I've ever had that never tires...never stops kissing me...never stops making me cum! He'll cum three or four times in an afternoon [sometimes a bit more], and I'll cum countless times. That fact doesn't bother him in the least. He says that it is my birthright, as a woman, to have hours of orgasms...and he does a GREAT job of seeing that I do! He is so unselfish, so wonderful!

God, I love this man!



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