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An Affair To Stroke To

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These fond memories never get old. I never get tired of fantasizing about them.


She and I had a very complex relationship, mostly because we were next door neighbors. Actually, she lived just upstairs from me, one apartment over. The wall nearest my head when laying down was just below her bathroom, and the secret to that layout was that her bathroom window opened in such a way so that any sounds from her apartment reflected out and down and into my bedroom if I opened the window at the proper angle. On my very first trip to that apartment along the Los Angeles coast, as I was leaving my friend and future roommate around 11:00pm, I heard sounds that stopped me dead in my tracks. Sure enough, the wonderful sounds of a woman having an orgasm. Her voice and the sounds she was making were quite beautiful. On and on her pleasure lasted, a sound dear to my heart from having experienced moments like that with women a few times before. I was trying to determine if she was alone or with another. I must have listened for ten or so minutes before snapping out of my voyeuristic sex fantasy fog and driving away.

Not long after I moved in to that apartment, I would again hear her moans of pleasure from above, this time while in my bed and discovering for the first time how her apartment sounds reflected so perfectly into my bedroom. It was such a turn on listening to how long lasting and beautiful her cumming was. I masturbated that night and many other nights as she groaned and moaned her evenings away. I also figured out that she wasn't alone during those moments, as I could hear another voice, that of a man. I later learned it was her boyfriend. Whoever he was, I liked him already since he knew how to pleasure a woman.

It would take almost a month until I saw her in person. Persian born, mid 40's, short dark hair, medium height, elegant sensual face, slim figure with full breasts. Because of our busy and conflicting schedules, it would be long stretches between seeing one another. Always cordial and reserved, never more than a passing smile and hello. Months passed and I noticed that I hadn't heard her having sex in a long while. It was now summer and she had taken up the chore of watering the plants around her walkway and steps. One evening as I was leaving I had to pass her as she wielded a hose. Walking past she kiddingly asked, 'Would you like a shower?' I answered, 'Perhaps later...I'll let you know.' She responded with a flirtatious, 'Hmmmm, alright, see you then.' That little ice breaker was the beginning of a very intense affair between the two of us. She had broken up with her boyfriend some months before, so there was no need for avoiding any interest in each other.

Our coming together as lovers was marked with passionate intensity. It felt so wonderful to be hearing those incredible sounds of pleasure up close and personal. Everything about her was sensual, feminine and passionate. And the fact that she was in her 40's, married once before and having intimately known a number of men, she knew very well how to make love, fuck, give and receive pleasure.

At ten years younger than she, I was delirious with excitement and overwhelmed by passion and longing for her. Oh my god her breasts were beautiful! She was quite fond of her breasts too, often dressing in a way to reveal a perfect sloping cleavage. She had the same physical attraction for me. She loved how I kissed and touched her, and she really loved my cock. 'Leaning' on the large side of average, I too like my cock a lot. I've been stroking and teasing it ever since I could figure out how to 'work' it. I love the reaction many women have had when they first see me naked and erect, my want for them on full display.

For a time we both put a lot into our affair, but despite the passion, there were differences, and our schedules made it difficult to get together at convenient times. Adding to the mix was her college age son, who had moved in with her for his final quarter. Then her mother would be visiting from Iran shortly after he graduated. All during that time we'd see one another, smile and sigh at the memories. Our last time together as lovers had been a late night, 'I noticed your door was open and thought I'd stop in and say hi...' standing hump in my living room.

Then one morning I walked into my living room naked and saw her just outside my window pulling weeds along the planter. I knew from experience that she couldn't see me through the glass since the lights inside were dim. Yet I also knew that if she moved in close and peered in that she could see. I stopped and watched her working away, her breasts straining against her t-shirt. I could see the outline of a black low cut bra, and if she bent in such a way I could also see her plunging cleavage.

Images of those steamy nights flashed through my head and the memory of her gorgeous tits swaying. It wasn't long until I was hard and wanting her badly. It would have been so easy to walk over to the door and pull her inside like we had done many times before, but not this time, not with her mother upstairs and my roomate outside on foot somewhere and due back any second.

Instead I stroked it while looking at her, looking down at how full and hard I was for her. I wanted her to see it one more time too. She always loved how I boldly showed it off for her. I walked over to the coffee table and lifted my leg and jutted my cock out towards her. I began mouthing her name ever so quietly, saying nasty sexy things about her gorgeous hot tits and hungry wet pussy, and how I loved opening and filling and pumping her with my big dick from behind until my cum gushed deep inside as she moaned her approval. She knew I often thought about her as I masturbated. If only she'd peer into the window to see me now! She did look up a few times, but I knew the only thing she saw was herself, perhaps looking at her breasts.

Exquisite aching for release, my cock jerked up a nice hot load of cum, shooting up and then landing with a wet splat on the coffee table surface. I nearly blacked out from the intensity of the moment, the last few spasms and oozing of cum as I caught my breath and shook the dizziness away. I could still see her moving outside as I looked down to see the beautiful mess 'she' made. Thank you baby! Thank you!

Then I heard the voice of my roommate! They were speaking to one another outside the door! Damn! With no time to clean up my mess, I took an old Travel magazine from the stack and plopped it down on top of my cum puddle, then sprinted to my room just as I heard the door open. Just in time.



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